There are many free blogging platforms out there for new bloggers to use. There are many great starter platforms to use such as, Medium, Blogger, and Tumblr. However, once you have some momentum, you should definitely consider moving to a self-hosted blog platform. And if you’re blogging with a goal of making money then you should definitely take the leap and use a self-hosted blog, such as WordPress. The only thing you’ll need is a domain name and a web host for your WordPress installation, I recommend using Bluehost because of their reliable services.

If you are new to all of this “blog stuff”, then you probably don’t have your own domain name so signing up for a new Bluehost account is perfect because you’ll get a free domain name if you sign up for their yearly plans (you can cancel at any time). If you’re interested in using Bluehost then check out the blog post, Learn How To Start A Blog to learn more about getting started with Bluehost and installing WordPress.


More Control With a Self-Hosted Blog

The main reason I am stressing about using a self-hosted blog over the free website options such as Tumblr, Medium, or Blogger is that you want to be ready for your moment. Using one of these free options will certainly hurt your chances of earning great online income because advertisers, sponsors, and companies will likely not recognize you as a serious blogger if you’re only using the free options (not sure why it has always been this way). Also, there is a lack of control for people using these free platforms, if you get shutdown then it can be extremely hard to recover.

If you’ve ever had a YouTube video removed or a Facebook page shut down, you’ll understand the fear of relying on these platforms. The traffic from these free platforms can be great but eventually, you’ll want the free platforms to be the backup to the self-hosted blog that you control. With Facebook weekly algorithm tweaks and YouTube’s back to back policy updates hurting the small brands, January has sucked for some of us that rely on these free platforms for growth.

Growth is definitely the biggest challenge for bloggers, especially bloggers with a self-hosted blog. Getting consistent traffic to your blog is going to take time because people won’t just stumble upon your blog anymore. However, bloggers can get traffic slowly with great search engine optimization. Or bloggers can try viral triggering marketing or pay-per-click marketing. Overall, the only higher power to watch out for with a self-hosted blog is Google and Bing, these search engines are quite fair if you aren’t doing anything shady.


Self-Hosted Blog = No Regrets

So to sum it up, a few reasons why you’ll love using a self-hosted blog instead of those free blogging platforms are:

  • More control over your blog, your updates, your appearance, etc.,
  • No more fear of having content blocked or deleted,
  • The ability to give temporary and limited access to guest writers,
  • Creating your own platform to gradually grow your audience,
  • Having access to powerful plugins for growth, marketing, networking, and anything else you can think of to help with your blog/business/brand.

A Self-Hosted Blog is Best

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