What is Waltonchain Cryptocurrency?


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Shilled on the forums and now you want to buy Waltonchain!

The Waltonchain team is looking to do great things for the supply chain industry with its unique RFID chips.

Buy WTC - What Is Waltonchain

What is Waltonchain?

Waltonchain is a decentralized platform combining blockchain with the Internet of Things via RFID technology. Waltonchain has a blockchain that is implemented in the foundational layer, using its unique, patented RFID chips. Their RFID chips are able to read/write directly to the blockchain, creating a trustworthy, immutable business ecosystem. Waltonchain will provide complete data sharing and absolute transparency.

The Waltonchain technology is capable of implementation in smart cities, smart waste management systems, and other similar operations. That’s certainly beyond the supply chain. Walton isn’t so much a “supply chain” coin as it is a Big Data coin. The RFIDs are used to gather data, which is very useful in supply chain management. But it can also be used to combine with smart devices and make an Internet of things network.

What is WTC?

Waltonchain is a smart contract platform that will have ICOs and dApps, similar to Ethereum, NEO, and Waves. WTC is the coin that will be utilized by the Waltonchain blockchain. In the Waltonchain ecosystem, if you buy the WTC coin then you will have multiple functions such as:

  • privilege to issue sub chains
  • dividend interest earnings
  • access credit and mortgage systems
  • distributed asset exchange
  • rights to voting and system governance

For more information about the WTC coin, check out the official site.

How to Buy WTC Cryptocurrency?

This is one of the easiest methods for buying WTC. In this method, we will use Coinbase, GDAX, and Binance. It is possible to skip Step 1 if you already have a verified GDAX account.

Step 1 Coinbase – How to Buy WTC

Use the Coinbase app to buy some Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

Coinbase App to Buy NEO, Buy POE, Buy Nano, and to Buy WTC

Step 2 GDAX – How to Buy WTC

Go to GDAX and sign in using your Coinbase information.
You’ll have to verify if this is your first time using GDAX.

In your GDAX account, deposit BTC or ETH from your Coinbase account. To do this, select either BTC/USD or ETH/USD from the drop-down, and then select DEPOSIT.

GDAX Deposit Bitcoin or Withdraw Bitcoin

In the DEPOSIT FUNDS window, select the COINBASE ACCOUNT tab. Enter the source (either ETH or BTC wallet) and then enter the amount.

Select the blue Deposit funds button to finish this process.

GDAX Deposits

This process is fast! After you have the Bitcoin or Ethereum in your GDAX account, you can send it to Binance after getting the Binance Deposit Address for your account.

Step 3 Binance – How to Buy WTC

Go to Binance (my referral link) and REGISTER for a new account.
You’ll need to verify if you plan to do big orders.

In your Binance account, select FUNDS and then DEPOSITS. Binance Funds What is NEO Blockchain

Select either Bitcoin or Ethereum (whatever you bought on Coinbase) and then you’ll see the Bitcoin Deposit Address or Ethereum Deposit Address. Copy the address and head back to GDAX.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Deposit Address

Step 4 – How to Buy WTC

On GDAX, select either BTC/USD or ETH/USD and then select WITHDRAW.


GDAX Deposit Bitcoin or Withdraw Bitcoin

In the WITHDRAW FUNDS window, click the BTC Address or ETH Address tab. Paste your copied Deposit Address from Binance. Make sure the address for BTC or ETH on GDAX matches with Binance. Enter your Amount. Click on the blue Get Code button to get your verification code.

Select the blue Withdraw funds button to finish this process.

GDAX Withdraw

Remember to send BTC to BTC only, ETH to ETH only.

Step 5 – How to Buy WTC

Wait for an email from Binance (Deposit Success). Once you receive the email, you are ready to go buy some WTC.

Binance Deposit Success

Step 6 – How to Buy WTC

Now you can go invest in the WTC blockchain! Go to the Binance exchange and buy WTC.


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