What is OmiseGO Cryptocurrency?


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Interested in OmiseGO and the OMG token as well?

Well, great because OmiseGO was one of the top technologies last year.

The OmiseGO team is working on great things for the financial side of blockchain development. Hopefully, OmiseGO can accomplish their goal.

The OMG Cryptocurrency

OmiseGO, or OMG,  wants to enable financial inclusion and interoperability. OmiseGO is here to support Ethereum scaling and to provide users with a decentralized exchange.

Buy OMG - What Is OmiseGO

What is OmiseGO?

OmiseGO will enable transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time. Some of the benefits of using OmiseGO’s OMG network includes:

  • Easy access – everything is open-source, from crypto to fiat currencies
  • Security – ultra-secure transaction validation on the decentralized exchange
  • Scalability – architecture allows for unlimited scalability with blazing fast transaction speed with the potential of billions of transactions per second
  • Interoperability – wallets will be able to interact seamlessly and users can trade with other assets on different blockchains
  • Decentralized – no central authorities, everything is controlled by users and validators

OmiseGO is a perfect solution for solving finance issues on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the OMG token?

The OMG token will secure their public permissionless Proof of Stake network. OMG token holders can use their OMG to validate the network. The primary use for the OMG token will be to host a decentralized exchange for digital fiat currency and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Additionally, holders of the OMG token will benefit from transactions occurring on the block, as long as you follow the rules.

For more information about OmiseGO and the OMG token, check out the official OMG website.

How to Buy OMG?

This is one of the easiest methods for buying the OMG token. You can start by getting some ETH on Coinbase. 

Step 1 Coinbase – How to Buy OMG

Use the Coinbase app and buy some Ethereum (ETH).

Coinbase App to Buy NEO, Buy POE, Buy Nano, and to Buy WTC

Step 2 GDAX – How to Buy OMG

Go to GDAX and sign in using your Coinbase information. In GDAX, deposit ETH from your Coinbase account.

To do this, select ETH/USD from the drop-down and select DEPOSIT, like the example below.

GDAX Deposit Bitcoin or Withdraw Bitcoin

In the DEPOSIT FUNDS window, select the COINBASE ACCOUNT tab. Select the ETH wallet source and enter the amount.

Select the blue Deposit funds button to finish the process.

GDAX Deposits

After you have the ETH in GDAX, you can send it to Binance after getting the Binance Deposit Address for your account.

Step 3 Binance – How to Buy OMG

Go to Binance (my referral link) and REGISTER for a new account. In Binance, select FUNDS and then DEPOSITS. Binance Funds What is NEO Blockchain

Select ETH – Ethereum and then you’ll see your Ethereum Deposit Address. Copy the ETH Deposit Address and head back to GDAX.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Deposit Address

Step 4 – How to Buy OMG

On GDAX, select ETH/USD and select WITHDRAW, like the example below.


GDAX Deposit Bitcoin or Withdraw Bitcoin

In the WITHDRAW FUNDS window, click the ETH Address tab. Paste your copied Deposit Address from Binance and then enter your Amount. Click on the blue Get Code button to get your verification code.

Select the blue Withdraw funds button to finish the process.

GDAX Withdraw

Remember to send only ETH – Ethereum to the Ethereum Deposit Address.

Step 5 – How to Buy OMG

Now, wait for a Deposit Success email from Binance.

Binance Deposit Success

Once you receive the Deposit Success email, go back to Binance and buy your OMG tokens!


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