Several Weird Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays
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A list of many weird tech gift ideas for that good friend looking for something strange to purchase. Most of these weird gifts are quite useful when you think about it but many are not. As usual, I only picked the really popular products because the crappy ones were really bad.

This is a good gift to get for a very simple reason. It’s a nice looking beanie hat with a hidden microphone. The Wireless Beanie Hat will allow your friend to have convenient talks on the go. This beanie hat provides excellent sound quality for calls and music. You can also remove the speakers if you need to wash the beanie. Also, this wireless beanie hat comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge with a basic USB cable. A wireless beanie hat that acts as a speaker and microphone is kind of cool.

Take a picture on the go with this instant photo printer that works for iPhones. This iPhone printer is going to make it possible to create quality physical photos on the go. The Instant Photo Printer is simple to use and prints on a unique sticker paper. The best thing about this photo printer is that you can also turn any photo into a sticker.

Yes… another weird tech gift! This camera grip is going to make a world of a difference when you decide that you want to start taking photos on the go. This camera grip provides a rotating zoom grip that will unleash the full power of your phone’s camera. This camera grip has a shutter button and controls for the lighting that is going to make your cell phone feel like a reliable mirrorless camera. You are going to be surprised to see how good it is and how much it works when you need to take optimal pictures.

The Wireless Mini Keyboard is the best mini keyboard for people that are tired of using the terrible basic remote for their entertainment devices. The Wireless Mini Keyboard is a keyboard that can work with newer video game consoles, smart TV’s, and newer entertainment systems. With this cool gadget, you’ll be able to control multiple devices without having to search for remotes.

That best friend that sucks at backing up is going to love this weird tech car gift. This license plate camera is great for helping drivers backup, parallel park, or drive backward? Drivers are able to maneuver their vehicle into reverse without fear of bumping into anything. Strangely, this license plate camera has the ability to do live streaming. A weird gift such as this license plate camera is useful and will make your friend laugh.

Now you can have a walkie-talkie and flashlight all in one. This clip walkie talkie flashlight is perfect because it provides great sound and hours of usage, thanks to the 1500 Li-ion battery. So if you’re looking for a reliable walkie-talkie that has great range then check out this walkie talkie flashlight.

What could be better than a turntable with built-in speakers and high-quality sound? Well, if you add the feature of recording vinyl to mp3, you have yourself a true winner with this bad boy. The Mini Stereo Turntable is compact and has a headphone jack. This thing even has a pitch control system that can play the records at 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Be a DJ on the go!

This is an IP camera that comes with excellent 2-way audio technology and night vision. This camera has an 80-degree rotation angle and 10 infrared lights with built-in motion detection. This affordable camera is easy to setup and use.

Look another portable speaker! This cheap mini portable speaker will reduce the background noise during playback. There is a built-in battery that lasts about 5 hours per charge. This speaker has FM radio and micro SD card support.

There are many gadgets and items that we use in modern times for all kinds of purposes. One of the best ways to showcase work and presentations is to use a projector and this is one of the most compact portable models that you can find with such a great number of features. This is perfect for watching movies and sports. The resolution can be scaled up to 1920×1080.

This is the perfect game capturing device that is going to allow you to get the best results from your game recording sessions. You can capture anything you want with this cloner box and the quality is going to be high. Serious online gamers love good game capturing devices.

The system acts as a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver at once. The Wireless Portable Adapter delivers high-quality sound with a very low latency. This device is compatible with many devices and will play audio from your stereo, TV or smartphone. This makes the Portable Adapter an excellent purchase to add to your weird tech gift collection.

A fancy new camera backpack is the perfect gift for that friend with that old, smelly camera bag that smells like peppermints. This backpack is going to be ideal for their needs because it will provide an easy and powerful advantage for storage with the front and side compartments. A rain cover is also included in case you have to deal with bad weather conditions. There is also a compartment for laptops for photographers who need to have their computers with them at all times.

A lightweight HD Camcorder that is extremely easy to use! That is the sole reason why this camcorder is so popular on Amazon. With this camcorder, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a camcorder remote. And thanks to the great battery life on this thing, you’ll get hours of video.

A weird tech gift for your friend and their big ass television. The Sound Bar Subwoofer is ideal for any TV that is 40 inches or larger as it has amazing sound quality. The Bluetooth connectivity is great however if your friend wants to go old school then a wired connection is available. The subwoofer has inputs for optical and coaxial connections. And yes, a remote control is included with this subwoofer.

Being able to take excellent footage of the strangest situations is going to require a great camera. This is that great camera, and it has fantastic battery life. Outgoing friends will enjoy this lightweight action camera as it can record all of your extreme activities. It has micro SD support and a large display for previewing your videos. This is definitely the cheapest and highest rated action camera you will find.

If your Android-loving friend is always talking about their plumbing issues then give them this weird tech gift and wait for the friendship to blossom. The Android Endoscope Camera will allow your friend to get some quick video clips. There are only a few endoscope cameras better than this one, but you’ll probably have to pay hundreds of dollars for it so check out this one instead. This endoscope camera is waterproof, of course, and has an adjustable LED light. And it records at 640×380 at 30 fps, which is good for this type of footage. Also, don’t put the Endoscope Camera in your butt like some of the weird Amazon customers (read the reviews).

This Digital USB Lighter Watch is one of the most innovative, weird tech gift ideas on this list. Perfect for anyone that wear watches and often needs a lighter. Anyway, this package comes with a USB lighter watch and charging cable. This lighter watch allows your friend to leave the old school lighters behind while providing them with a nice looking watch.

There is nothing more important than being able to keep your gadgets charged at all times. Now imagine your friend being in a situation where they are unable to charge their precious iPhone—this is a big problem! Your friend cannot afford to stay offline, they’ll miss all of your tweets and food posts! This charging keychain is the answer to their forgetfulness. It’s available in several different colors such as light white. Get this for your friend so they’ll never have to worry about having a charging cable again. And from customer reviews, this weird tech gift is quite reliable and has fast charging.

Having a comfortable stand for your laptop while on the go is very useful. The Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand is ideal for anyone that wants a laptop stand with great ventilation. The stand is made out of natural bamboo so it’s extremely durable and lightweight. Skip the boring Walmart laptop stand this time and make your friend feel special by ordering a bamboo laptop stand.

Below are a few more weird tech gift ideas for your friend.

An expensive but cool gift for your friend, an electric scooter that folds.

This smart rear-view mirror seems like a total distraction but some customers love it.

A car license plate flipper just screams, Give Me A Ticket!

These stickers move based on the loudness of your music. Your friend kids will probably love these stickers.

Protect your friends by giving them a keychain stun gun that has 6,000,000 volts.

Some people have friends that are stalkers.

For the geeky friend that wants to stay in shape.

Perfect for the friend that wants to play guitar in hard mode.

An awesome smartphone controlled airplane that has live streaming.

A great gift for that friend that has many SNES cartridges and has never heard of an emulator.

Friends wanting a new umbrella will love this blue LED umbrella that looks like a lightsaber.

This desktop 3D printer is great for that friend that wants to create things.

Check out this page, cheap gadgets for geeks, if you are looking for regular gift ideas.


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