What are Creative Ways to Make Money Online?

Creative Ways to Make Money Online
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This guide has creative ways to make money online. This isn’t another list of time-consuming tasks that only pay about $5 a week. This is a collection of popular ways to make money in 2018. Most of the money making ideas come from following the side hustle influencers on Facebook Groups, Reddit, and Quora. These are the top creative ways that people are making a few extra thousands each month.

I currently make additional money with print on demand. I have mentioned Amazon’s MBA several times throughout my blog posts as it is currently bringing in about $2,000 each month on autopilot (I have over 1,500 unique designs uploaded)… My wife is doing the Youtube and Instagram game to make some money. So yes, below are several creative ways to make money online.

You won’t make money overnight, it takes time. Eventually, your online income will grow. One day you’ll be at $0, then you’ll get a few $32 checks, and eventually, you’ll get those $1200 checks if you have patience.

People Making Money Online

Creative Ways to Make Money Online
Table of Content

How to Make Money with Print on Demand
How to Make Money on Instagram
How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad
How to Make Money on YouTube
How to Make Money Selling Art
How to Make Money Selling on Etsy
How to Make Money Blogging
How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Making Money with Print on Demand

Every day we see people wearing t-shirts; plain, designed, single colored. They come in different shapes and sizes we literally see them every single day. The odds of the first person you see the moment you step out wearing a t-shirt is very high. It is obvious that t-shirt is a booming business right now. However many people are unaware that they can tap into this business and make money off it. This article is meant to show just how you can tap into the t-shirt business by taking advantage of POD service.

POD which means Print On Demand is a system that allows you to tap into the t-shirt business without being involved in the production process. In most cases companies that offer the print on demand service cover the costs of printing, packaging, handling, and shipping. It requires very little capital and known for its simplicity. Literally, anyone can get involved in it. There are a lot of sites that offer POD service which includes Amazon MBA, spreadsheet.

Print on demand is something that I love as I can create and make money extra money. I will go over the steps of using these POD sites so that you can start making money with this massive opportunity.

Creating Designs

The first step to getting your t-shirt made is creating your design. It could be anything; emoji, clip arts, abstract, or funny sayings. If you have a flair for designing you should design them yourself but if you just want to get started then there are thousands of websites and graphic designers ready to create art for t-shirts.


If you want to have a designer on call 24/7 then check out Design Pickle to get unlimited designs from one of their professional graphic designers.

Design Uploading

What comes next is your picking a print on demand provider which will allow you to upload your design so that they can print your t-shirt as an order comes in. The top print on demand providers at the moment: Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Teespring, Society6, Teepublic, or Printful + Shopify.

Create Online Store

All of these print on demand providers can provide you with a URL so that you can advertise your t-shirts to friends, family, and social media to get sales. After you get a few sales, you’ll probably want to create your own website to display all of your print on demand t-shirts so that you can have more control over the process. When using these print on demand providers URL without your own website, you lose out on some cool conversion tricks such as email collecting (most POD won’t let you talk directly to the customer) and ad retargeting (no Google tag or Facebook pixel installed).

Once you have set up the price for your t-shirts. The print on demand provider will take a commission on each sale so try to set your prices high so that you can make a decent profit on each t-shirt sell.


Print on Demand Pays

At the end of the month, your print on demand provider will send you any earning that you received within the previous month.

Making Money on Instagram

You have heard of the people who make money from the content they put on Instagram. For instance, high-quality promotional pictures. Just like the bloggers or YouTubers, Some Instagrammers have the same equal impact and influence. Instagram is a stream of revenue which developed from a simple photo-exchanging app to a source of reliable income. The beauty behind Instagram is that it is actually gaining in popularity. Statistics ranks Instagram as the 2nd largest social media website, worth over $100 billion, with over eight hundred million active members. Securing a few thousand quality followers is the way to start making money on Instagram.

Build Instagram Loyalty

Serious Instagrammers should have a somewhat professional looking account (an account that connects to the audience). The bio should be enticing, far-reaching and real; nothing should look fake in your bio or else you’ll miss the point. Provide your contact information and spice it up with the better keyword such as food reviewer from Texas, contact us to schedule reviews or makeup blogger from California, email for business inquiry… Develop the habit of posting on a daily basis, post quality photos with all sorts of attraction; at least three photos at a day. After a few posts, you’ll know when your followers are most active.

Use good relevant hashtags to make your photos reach a larger audience. Take time to come up with superb one that will drive traffic into your account. Try to do four big hashtags (hashtag with > 1,000,000 posts), six medium hashtags (hashtag with 250,000 to 750,000 posts), and eight small hashtags (hashtag with < 50,000 posts). Also, ensure every comment in your content authentic and will bring back a handful of loyal followers.

Sponsored Content

A sponsored post is a photo or a video that conveys a particular product or a brand into a light. Occasionally, such images or videos are accompanied by customized captions with mentions, hashtags, and links. If you have followed the above steps carefully, over time you’ll start to get offers for sponsored posts (my wife is currently at this stage after a few months of posting makeup reviews, tips, and videos). After a few sponsored posts, you may get the opportunity to be a brand ambassador. Take caution that every product you promote will show your account image, so make sure you are actually testing and using the product. Lying to your followers can ruin your reputation overnight. And always remember to let your followers know if a post is sponsored.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

If sponsorships aren’t happening then you can try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means referring people to purchase a product, after the purchase you’ll get paid a commission. There are several popular affiliate marketing companies available: Amazon, Rakuten, Walmart, eBay, Awin, and many more. Take time and find an affiliate provider that has products that will resonate with your followers. After that, start posting quality photos of their products or photos of you using their products. You can have your affiliate URL in your caption or in your bio (best method).

Instagram Relationship Building

When starting out, posting high-quality photos and posting on a schedule will take your account to the next level. However, to become a true influencer, you’ll want to build a relationship with other Instagrammers with relatable audiences (similar to bloggers and YouTubers that do collaborations).

Digital Nomads Making Money

Hey, wanderer where are you off to?

Off to the internet to make some money…

The tech-savvy travelers, always on the go… how do digital nomads make money? Digital nomads make money by having an extremely proficient set of skills. A lot of us would love to be unhinged. Not strapped by the chains of reality. You simply need to figure out what you want to do.

Our laptop and phones are our visas to the limitless world of the internet. It is a liberating feeling. Can you make money out of this feeling? The answer is that you actually can. If you have the right skills then nothing is stopping you from being a digital nomad.

You can work alone or you can roam the internet making money since your physical presence is never required. The beauty of making money off the internet is that it grants you the unbridled flexibility to work on a schedule that suits you without the worry of inconvenience.

This is probably not enough to convince anyone to be a digital nomad because what is flexibility if you aren’t making enough money to pay your bills. Although the risks are attached to trying to make money as a digital nomad, failure usually comes to people who do not know the sources from which they could generate revenue from the internet. If you are one of those do not worry because below stated are ways you could make money as a digital nomad. It is actually good to pay off as many bills as possible before trying to be a digital nomad making money from various sources.

Book Publishing

So many digital nomads are writers these days. Amazon is a great tool that has made it easier to be a successful digital nomad. How? Books… Damn books… Thanks to Amazon and their Kindle publishing, you have the power to reach a huge audience of readers waiting for the next Noir Space Vampire Romance. The ebook option is fast and popular for most readers but if you want to provide hard copies, you can easily add a hard copy option using Amazon book print on demand option.


Another way to make money as a digital nomad is by blogging. With an understanding of online marketing and a dedicated niche, you could be on your way to making loads of money soon. Your blog could be about anything; entertainment, food, sports, tech. As long as you are creating quality content, your audience will support you and keep the money rolling in. Blogging is a long game though, so you probably wouldn’t want blogging to be the main source of income until it grows. Once you have enough consistent traffic, you’ll definitely be able to make more money through sponsorships, products, or affiliate marketing.


Do you offer a professional skill? Skills like graphic design, programming, marketing, and writing are always in demand. You can make money off your skills on popular freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can always provide your services for people in need of your skillset.

Social Media Marketing

With the boom of social media, people have come to see the need for great social media marketing. You can provide social media marketing services for small businesses, influencers, or big companies that may want to grow their following or constant promote their products in engaging ways.


Programmers are like the gods of the digital nomad lifestyle. Being able to create computer programs or mobile apps is a great way to make money. All you need is a computer and stable internet connection. Knowing a thing or two about Swift, Java, or JavaScript can allow you to do programming from anywhere in the world.


Similar to blogging and book publishing, podcasting is the new trend that is allowing people to make money as a digital nomad. Podcasting alone is usually not enough. Successful podcasting digital nomads usually combine their love for podcasting with affiliate marketing, print on demand, and blogging. Once you have a few hundred episodes available, you’ll start to get sponsorship offers if you have been consistent. Until then, create the content and work on growing an audience.

Making Money on YouTube

I presume you have heard people say they earn thousands of dollars from the YouTube channels. Well, it’s true, you can also make such money too. Day in day out, celebrities and stars are sprouting to clinch on the million opportunities emerging on YouTube. The pretty thing about YouTube is that you can earn right amount even without million subscribers provided you develop content equal to entertaining, reviewing, and teaching and add knowledge about internet. Trust me; you will have the whole mass behind you.

However, the level of your earning to some point is subject to the number of subscribers but by the level of engagement you generate, the niche you have vested interest in and the revenue channels. But, that is not to say, subscribers contributions are insignificant. The necessary steps to making money take this format;

Set Up Your Channel

Most people don’t know the worth of their Google accounts. Having a Google account is equal to having a YouTube channel. When designing your YouTube channel, consider having a short, enticing name to help drive traffic to your channel. Remember to make your content have catchy thumbnails, use good descriptions for your videos, and test out many keywords. Avoid suggestive topics like war, terrorism, violence, drugs, etc. as they will make monetizing your YouTube extremely difficult in the future.

Develop & Understand Your Audience

Successful YouTubers know their audience. To win the trust of viewers, YouTubers must stick to their niche and show some passion. The genuine enthusiasm of pouring your heart out is a powerful arsenal in attracting your loyal viewers. Never be obsessed with the idea of simply making money. Focus on making good original content to grow your community. Your loyal viewers will help you grow.

Invest In Other Channels

When marketing your content, don’t rely on one channel alone but try to maximize on other avenues such as emails and social media. Upon release of a new video, share your YouTube link to your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Making Money Selling Art

Making money from art could be difficult. There is the perpetual fear of not being able to make enough money to cover your expenses. There is the fear of not being able to enter the scene properly and carve a name for one’s self. Unlike in the past where young artistes apprenticed under established artists. The modern system is totally different; you go to school to study art where you are taught the trade without quite getting to know enough about how to make money from the trade. The old system not only gave their students knowledge of the art but also an insight on how to make a successful business of art. A good example is Leonardo Da Vinci being taught by Andrea Del Verrocchio, Verrochio not only help nurture Leonardo’s talent but also gave Leonardo the education he needed to be a successful artist. We cannot bring back the old system, the world has moved to forward to look backward but that does not mean you cannot make money form your art. Below stated are ways you can make money from your art as an artist.


Visit other artist’s shows and share their work online. Simply supporting other artists can sometimes allow you to receive support from other artists. So take time to familiarize yourself with other artists.

Art Internships

This helps build experience in the art business. By interning you get to understand how to handle art as a business and not a hobby.

Open Galleries

Having a ton of art at home isn’t going to help you financially. The best thing you can do is to open a gallery. This is basically every artist’s move but in reality opening, a gallery does not translate to instant success at all. To make your gallery a success, you must treat it like a business, be able to think with the market in a way that will be able to drive income, sales, and customers.

Sell Online

The internet has made things a whole lot easier for everyone including artists. There are many artists making money selling art on Instagram and Etsy. Open an online store and promote it. The internet offers you a pool of limitless potential clients. Anyone and everyone can get access to your work. By opening an online gallery you put your business on a scale that is not limited geographically.

Making Money Selling on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon

Today there are a lot of online marketplaces where anyone could buy and sell what they want. However, Amazon, eBay, and Esty are three of the world’s biggest online marketplaces where we could get anything we want. They all serve as a great opportunity for you to make money; all that is required is that you know how to go about it.

These three marketplaces are quite different from the other with each of them appealing to a particular set of buyers. As a seller, you should know where to sell your goods and how to sell them. This article serves as a guide in helping you know the right place to set shop, how to set up and start making money from these services.

Amazon (FBA)

This is the largest online retailer with over 350 million active users. Amazon has worked extremely hard to earn the trust of their customers. More and more people feel comfortable buying from Amazon. Amazon FBA offers everyone the opportunity to be a seller. Its service lets seller sell goods without having to take care of storage, sales of products, delivery, and logistics because the services covers provide you with that service. Sometimes people don’t even get to see their product that they sell because of the luxury the Amazon FBA offers.

On Amazon, You can literally sell anything ranging from electronics such as cell phones, laptops to t-shirts, umbrellas, hammocks Amazon allows you to sell anything and everything without having to worry about its shipping.


Like Amazon, eBay has a large customer base with over 20o million active users. With eBay’s global shipping program you can easily become a global seller. It is a program that permits shipping within the US while shipping overseas is taken care for you. Its auction format exposes your product to millions of people looking for it. It has a great Paypal integration that makes online payment easy.

Like on Amazon you can sell practically anything on eBay but it is easily the best place to sell rare things and antiques.


Without any knowledge of HTML, anyone can easily set up shop on Etsy. The service provides easy payment options and ease in advertising. It has an active forum for sellers to help each other be successful. Selling on Etsy is really as easy as setting up your shop and putting up your products for sale.

Etsy is a great place to sell handcrafted items and other goods. Knowing where to sell your products goes a long way to affect your revenue, the above information should help you in picking out what market is great for you.

Making Money with Blogging

Do your friends come to you whenever they need fashion advice or when they need a particular food recipe? Are you expressive and have a lot of opinions about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle?

Do you have dreams of leaving your day job to one permit your passion and lifestyle but you are afraid that you might never find what you are looking for?

Then blogging could be just what’s right for you? If you don’t have a blog yet, read our article that will easily teach you how to start a blog.

You might have heard about stories about people who make a lot of money from blogging that they had to quit their day job and face it full time. Well, you can be one of those with the right steps, dedication, and attitude. You could gain financial security by doing everything you love and want.

At this point you might be thinking “How do I get a blog and how do I get money form it?”

No, you don’t need to fill in a form and wait for approval. I will show you just how to get into blogging and make money out of it.

Blog Research

The first step to becoming a blogger is to know just what you intend to blog about, the topics you want to write about. Write about something you like to stay interested. There are tons of niches in blogging ranging from fashion to lifestyle to sports. The list is practically endless. Figure out what excites you. Research the popular existing blogs and see how they craft their content. Watch out for their blog designs and styles and keep them in mind while creating yours. Additionally, you’ll want to do some keyword research using a good keyword tool (Google Keyword Planner is free), you’ll want to find good keywords for your blog. It is best to know what your niche is before you put too much work into your blog.

Blog Name

Once you know just what your blog is about you can go ahead to name it. Naming your blog is not just an act that can be neglected and not taken seriously, you have to brainstorm ideas and pick out a name that suits your niche and your blog. Note that the name you pick must be short and easy to spell. Anything to cumbersome might have adverse effects on the blog. Make sure your name is available if it isn’t then to brainstorm until you find a name.

Once you have a name, just start and create the blog. Once you have gotten your blog up and running, you are absolutely good to go. A blog cannot run on its own. It will need content so start writing. You’ll improve as time goes on so don’t worry about everything being perfect. You simply need to create some content so that Google can scan your blog and know that it exists. Eventually, you’ll get traffic but remember that blogger is more of a long-term game that greatly pays off with patience. Your goal is to post content consistently and you’ll create more gateways to drive organic traffic to your blog. Once you have been able to do that you can then take the next step.

Blog Monetization

Once you have been able to build a decent audience you can start to reap the fruits of your hard work by monetizing your blog. You can monetize your blog through ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or by selling your own products.

It’s important to know that you will not build a following in a day. It is a slow process, so when you start blogging and some things aren’t working, be patient for a while to see what you are doing wrong, otherwise be patient and watch things grow.

Making Money with Cryptocurrency [High Risk]

None of this stuff is financial advice. However, you should know that cryptocurrency exists and has potential to disrupt a few industries. Cryptocurrency is definitely high risk, high reward. Last year, there were hundreds of stories of someone who met immense profit by investing in cryptocurrency. These people decided to invest in Bitcoin back in 2012-2014 and were rewarded in 2017 as Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies prices increased over 500%. Patience and research are important with cryptocurrency.

With cryptocurrencies, we have a shot at making money. If we know our way around it, invest rightly investment. We soon could turn out to be those stories ourselves.

The sphere of cryptocurrencies offers various ways to people of different knowledge scale to make money from cryptocurrency. You do not need to have in-depth knowledge about the history of cryptocurrencies, the inception of Blockchains before you can start making money form it. While it is good to know everything there is to possibly know about Cryptocurrency, it is really not a prerequisite to making money from cryptocurrency.

You can learn about the cryptocurrency while you make some money, here are the ways you can start making money;

Trading Cryptocurrencies

The very first option of making money from cryptocurrency is to first purchase cryptocurrency. To be able to trade cryptocurrency you must have a wallet to help store your coins, these are done via exchanges. There are a lot of exchanges that permit trading of cryptocurrencies and storing them, such as Coinbase and Binance. Coinbase is one of the best options for those with no prior experience of cryptocurrency. Coinbase has an easy interface to allow you to create an account and buy coins within minutes. Once you buy you can decide to hold your coin to sell at a time when its value its much higher. Binance is more of an auction platform that allows those with some computer savviness to buy Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. You can read our article that explains how to use Binance (a popular cryptocurrency exchange website) to buy popular cryptocurrencies.

Accept Transactions in Cryptocurrency

One other way to make money with cryptocurrency is by using them in transactions. If you are a business owner you can choose to receive payment in cryptocurrency. As long as you already have a digital wallet set up you would have no problem at all. How this helps you is that by receiving the equivalent value of a service in Bitcoin, when the cryptocurrency value goes up you gain.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Another way to make money; a method that is not that popular is mining. The world has moved forward from the days when you could use just any computer to mine cryptocurrencies. To earn money from mining effectively you need a cheap access to electricity and a well-built computer. However some coins are easier to mine than others, coins like Litecoin and Monero are way easier to mine than coins like Bitcoin. Once you are able to mine some coins you can make money selling the mined coins. Once again, thorough research is important to avoid wasting time and money.

At the end of the day, however, you choose to make money, print on demand, eBay, cryptocurrency, it’s entirely up to you. The first step, however, is simply getting started and not procrastinating for months.

And when you get started, don’t change your damn process every week.

Creative Ways to Make Money Online