Ultimate List of SEO Tools for Content Marketing Strategies

Growing a website is getting harder these days.

You need to make sure your content is great, your keywords aren’t too competitive, your website is mobile-friendly, and your website is free of errors.

Here is a list of SEO tools that we currently use, or have used in the past, for our growing our website and creating a foundation for our content marketing strategies.

Best Free Keyword Tools

A list of free keyword research tools for your content marketing strategies.

Keywords Everywhere

A Chrome extension for finding long tail keywords. If you put a keyword in Google Search, you’ll get the keyword search volume, average CPC, and keyword difficulty. Additionally, you will get alternative keywords suggestions.

Go to Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Shitter

This is a simple free tool for finding keyword suggestions. Simply enter your base keyword and the tool will spew out hundreds of keyword suggestions based on your keyword.

Go to Keyword Shitter

Best Paid Keyword Tools

A list of the paid keyword research tools for your content marketing strategies.


This is simply the best SEO & SEM tool to use for beginners and professionals. We use this tool and we often recommend this tool for anyone looking for a premium keyword finder that does keyword auditing, SERP rank tracking, competition spy, and other SEO tools.

Go to SEMrush

Mangools KWFinder

This KWFinder is simple to use and a great keyword research tool for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to SEMrush and Ahrefs. This tool works well and isn’t bloated… it has an accurate keyword finding tool, SERP research tool, and a competition spy tool.

Go to Mangools KWFinder

Best Paid Outreach Tools

A list of paid SEO tools for content marketing outreach.


This outreach tool for automating the ability to find relevant influencers and bloggers in your niche.

Go to AuthoritySpy

SERP Insights

This outreach tool allows you to enter a keyword for any niche and receive a report containing information about all the competitors ranking high within a vertical. With this report, you can see what metrics you need to outrank your competition.

Go to SERP Insights

Majestic SEO

Quickly find relevant domains linking to your content. Majestic SEO is a powerful tool that is great for learning about domain trust flow, referring IPs, referring domains, and more. A great outreach and professional SEO tool to have for your content marketing strategy. This tool is often used with SEMrush to get a complete overview of a domain name, especially if you buy expired domains.

Go to Majestic SEO

Guest Post Tracker

Join a community of guest posters as this website provides access to a database of over 1500+ websites that accept paid and free guest posts.

Go to Guest Post Tracker

Best Free Website Crawlers

A list of free SEO tools for website crawling to help with your content marketing strategy.

Check My Links

A Chrome extension that allows you to quickly scan a web page for broken links.

Go to Check My Links

Domain Hunter Plus

A tool similar to the Check My Links extension, Domain Hunter Plus will scan a web page to see if the domains mentioned are available for purchase.

Go to Domain Hunter Plus

Screaming Frog

This website crawler has a useful free tool that can crawl a website to learn about website links, scripts, word count, header tags, and broken links. This tool is great for finding broken links as a way to do some backlink outreach.

Go to Screaming Frog

Best Paid Website Crawlers

A list of the best paid SEO tools for website crawling.

URL Profiler

A powerful SEO tool to quickly audit thousands of URLs at once. You can audit full domains, individual web pages, and even social media data.

Go to URL Profiler

Best Free Analytics Tools

A list of free SEO and analytic tools for analyzing your web pages to ensure you being penalized.

GT Metrix

This analytics tool allows you to do various speed tests on your website. You’ll get information on how to speed up your website if it’s a slow loading website.

Go to GT Metrix

Google Analytics & Search Console

This is a must-have if you want to do any kind of SEO. Google provides you with all the tools and data about your website. The only problem is that it may be hard for beginners to decipher.

Go to Google Analytics

You need to use Google Search Console so you can see how your website is doing in the searches. The Search Console will allow you to submit your sitemap, disavow bad links, check on website errors, and more.

Best Paid Analytics Tools

A list of the best paid analytics tools for SEO for the people that need more than the data from Google.

Bright Local

A tool focused on dominating local SEO. Bright Local is perfect for lead generation, citation management, and reputation management.

Go to Bright Local


Accuranker is simply a professional grade keyword tracking tool. This paid tool will track everything from local keywords to global keywords. The main advantage of this tool is the ability to dive deep and see data based on addresses, postcodes, cities, or even regions within Google and Bing.

Go to Accuranker


This is a tool that does one thing extremely well, Copyscape will scan the web for duplicate content you may have on your website.

Go to Copyscape


We hope you enjoyed reviewing this list of excellent tools to help with your search engine optimization. As a creator, you’ll need to always be on top of your content marketing in order to keep your website on the 1st page of the search engines.

Our ultimate list of SEO tools is always changing as we add better SEO tools, extensions, and apps for content creators. If you can please help up make this list even better by leaving a comment with your SEO tool suggestion. And remember to share this article if you think it may help out a friend.



Best SEO Tools for Content Creators in 2019

In order to be a successful content creator, you need to use the best SEO tools.

While you are using the best SEO tools, you want to create great content.

And finally, you have to keep your pages optimized to rank high in the search engines (mainly Google).

In order to do this without relying on good luck, you’ll want to take advantage of one of the best search engine optimization tools available, SEMrush.

You can use SEMrush to help you find good long tail keywords to generate more traffic to your website. As of today, SEMrush and their premium web apps are the best SEO tools available for us.

How to Use SEMrush for Keywords

Yes, at the moment, SEMrush is still the best search engine optimization tool to analyze the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your competition. You definitely want to use it to gain some traction and improve your rankings.

SEMrush is a great keyword tool package for thorough SEO analysis. It is one of the best tools to integrate into your digital marketing strategy. Additionally, SEMrush can help you build effective social media strategies to create better social media posts.

Getting traffic to your website is all about consistently creating good content. You can enjoy the services of SEMrush for FREE with their 14-day trial. Test it out, use all of their features and take advantage of all of the keyword research data from this tool. Hopefully, you find SEMrush as useful as we did.

What are the SEMrush Benefits

SEMrush has many awesome features wrapped in one tool. There are many benefits for all content creators but we will only focus on the most used SEMrush tools.

First, the Backlink Tool allows people to get additional links back to their website. Additionally, the Backlink Tool will show all of your existing backlinks with an explanation of how it impacts your SEO.

The On-Page Analysis Tool allows you to thoroughly analyze URLs based on the targeted keywords for the page.

The Site Auditing Tool will crawl all of the pages on your website. This audit will point out the issues within your website.

The Keyword Analysis Tool is used to find the right keywords to target relevant traffic to your website.

The SERP Rank Tracking Tool simply tracks the organic rank of your targeted keywords.

The Social Analytics Tool simply allows you to check social mentions and links found via social media.

The Competitive Comparison Tool will allow you to do a direct side by side comparisons of you vs your competitors. You’ll be able to compare domain strength, backlinks, and SERP results.

The Check Local Market Tool will help you manage your local listings. Your listings that are in Google, Bing, and Yelp.

The Brand Alert Tool is here to help you monitor and protect your brand. You’ll get an alert anytime your domain or brand is mentioned or linked.

And that’s only some of the keyword research tools available for subscribers. You’ll have access to PPC management and optimization tools as well such as the Ad Creation Tool, Keyword Optimization Tool, and the Landing Page Scheduling Tool.

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SEMrush Review from Customers

✅ Positive Comments:

1) “I like their keyword tracker and site auditor. It’s really useful to see how my website compares against competitors. The site auditing tool has helped me focus on specific keywords to increase my content relevancy.” – Michael D. @

2) Simple to use. Easy to manage multiple domains. I’m loving the simple user interface of SEMrush. This is a great tool to use even if you’re not an expert. You’ll quickly understand how to take advantage of all the features thanks to the blog articles and videos. This tool covers everything important about SEO from social media, backlinking, tracking rankings, and keyword research.” – Karen N. @

3) “A feature I really like about SEMrush is the ability to spy on our competitors. Finding out what others rank for and use for their paid search strategy is a powerful tool.” – Emily O. @

❎ Negative Comments:

1) “The biggest issue is the interface. If only everything was more streamlined and clean.”

2) “Their stupid embedding widget never works!!! Fix it so I can add it to my site!”

3) SEMrush costs too much for a small company. And there are too many features being added too fast. The documentation has been lacking. Please create a stronger dashboard interface.


SEMrush is a great tool to have if you want your website to grow into a money maker, a real business. It does everything you need to grow and sustain organic growth. Check it out for yourself and take advantage of their trial period.

A SEMrush Alternative

At $99 per month, SEMrush may be too expensive for new content creators. So if SEMrush is too expensive for you, the alternative is Mangools. Their tool costs less than $50 per month and has a Keyword Finder Tool, SERP Analysis Tool, SERP Tracking Tool, and Backlink Analysis Tool.