What are the Best Wired Computer Keyboards for Gamers?

These are a few of the best gaming keyboards for people to use for their gaming. These gamers know that quality gaming keyboards can make the difference between reaching 1st place or 2nd place. These are the best wired computer keyboards for gamers, these gaming keyboards are available on Amazon.

Corsair Gaming K55

There is a world of a difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular computer keyboard. When this product is designed for gaming, it needs to be able to provide programmable macro keys and it needs to have dynamic lighting that allows the players to get proper lighting regardless of the room lighting available. The keys are also very quiet and this allows for an extra level of gameplay immersion while your fingers take care of the controls. This is a high-quality keyboard for an affordable cost and it’s also quite comfortable and durable. This is the best wired computer keyboard for gamers based on the positive reviews and high rating.

Razer DeathStalker

Some gamers love to use keyboards that provide a very specific set of features and the Razer DeathStalker is definitely a model that provides a performance edge. It features a large number of software functions that allows for recording and mapping to be done quite easily. The build was properly created so that your hand can have easy access to every single key without any effort and this makes it both durable and extremely attractive. You won’t find a level of quality this high on any keyboard for this price range. The same goes for the wide number of features.

Redragon INDRAH

When a company like Redragon comes up with a keyboard for gaming, you know they are going to deliver something very special and powerful. The INDRAH mechanical gaming keyboard comes with the most amazing set of led lights with different colors in all sections to ensure the most intuitive gaming experience. You can get amazing light modes that will be customizable depending on your controller layout and this takes the keyboard to a whole new level. The keys are smooth and conflict-free and that is one of the most appealing aspects so this product aside from all of the standard features a gaming keyboard offers.

Logitech Orion Spark

Logitech knows how to make good hardware, this is the 2nd best wired computer keyboard for gamers. The dedicated media controls and the highly programmable button layout of the keyboard make it a gamer’s dream in every possible way. This is not the most affordable gaming keyboard you can find, but it is quite accessible for a large number of features that it provides. The G910 Orion Spark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard takes things to levels that most people have never seen before, and it features programmable buttons for a complete gaming experience. Media controls are very important for gaming keyboards and the Orion does this smoothly without any issues.

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What are the Best Wired Computer Mouse for Gamers?

These are a few of the best gaming mouse for people to use for their gaming. These real gamers are a unique group of geeks that know all about good gadgets. These are the best wired computer mouse for gamers available online.

Logitech G300s

Being able to take gaming to the most efficient levels is essential for professional gamers and enthusiasts. The Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is an incredible piece of hardware that will take your gaming skills to new heights. It comes with 9 buttons that you can set to anything you want and it has 3 memory profiles onboard so that you can take your mouse to a competition and use it in a different computer without losing your configuration. This is a mouse made for gamers by gamers and it provides everything you could ever need for maximum performance. Yes, this is the best wired computer mouse for gamers based on the reviews.

Roccat Tri-Button

Gaming is always more fun when you are able to do it with the best equipment. All PC gamers agree that the mouse has to be the most accurate and comfortable piece of equipment in their rig. This is the reason why models like the ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse is such an excellent choice. It features a pro optic sensor with artic blue led lighting and an incredibly precise 2D wheel that has a lock feature for incremental steps. This really takes it to a whole new level of performance. High-quality components also make this a very durable purchase.

Redragon M601

The ergonomic comfort of the Redragon M601 gaming mouse is more than enough to enhance the gaming performance of anyone that plays games competitively on their computers. The 5 programmable buttons allow memory profiles to be used. This means that you can map an entire set of functions for a game and take that mouse to another computer without losing your configuration. The fiber cable is durable and very responsive and it also looks very stylish. This is one of the best choices for any serious gamer as well as casual players that like professional accuracy for an incredibly affordable cost. This is the 2nd best wired computer mouse for gamers.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer is gaining a lot of popularity for all the stylish and very durable gaming accessories that they are releasing. The DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse is enough to make anyone video game player using a computer feels confident in the accuracy and precision it provides. This is a very compact mouse that fits in your hand and allows maximum control. The sensor is able to track motion smoothly even when your movement is hardly noticeable. This is the kind of precision that makes a huge difference in fast-paced FPS games, and strategy games that require quick use of controls with point a click features.

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6 Best Wi-Fi Security Cameras for Home

NetGear Arlo Pro

This is the best wi-fi security camera system on the list but it comes at a premium price. The one camera kit starts at around $220 and has over 8,000 reviews with a 95% positive rating. The wire-free NetGear Arlo Pro is simple to install and use. With a 12-hour rechargeable battery, customer reviews show that battery life isn’t much of a concern. The Arlo Pro has a 100+ decibel siren, wide-angle lens, night vision, 2-way audio, live streaming, and cloud uploading. And the Arlo Pro is Amazon Alexa compatible.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is an Amazon Alexa compatible security cam that is easy to use and setup. This wi-fi security camera has about an 85-90% positive rating with over 6,000 customer reviews. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to mount the camera, plug it in, download the Nest app and have a live stream. The Nest Cam Indoor can stream 1080P video to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This security camera has a wide a wide-angle view that is great in the daytime and nighttime. Additionally, it has night vision, a built-in speaker, and microphone. And for an additional fee, it has Nest Aware. With the Nest Aware feature, you’ll be able to get intelligent alerts, cloud recording, and other cool security features.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera has all of the great features as the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera but is totally waterproof and can be outdoors 24/7. This wi-fi security camera has about a 95% positive rating with almost 3,000 customer reviews. And from the customer reviews, there are no worries of the Outdoor Security Camera being stolen as it doesn’t unplug at the base. Additionally, there are cable clips to help secure it at points. The main concern is someone actually taking heavy duty scissors and cutting the cord. Other than that concern, this outdoor security camera is extremely popular online.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Wireless Security Camera

This wi-fi security camera has over 8,000 customer reviews and around an 85% positive rating. Armcrest and their ProHD 1080P Wireless Security Camera is a great security camera for indoor usage. When my daughter was younger, this was a great camera for monitoring her when she refused to take naps. Now it is being used as a way to monitor the living room at night. Sadly, this wireless security camera doesn’t connect to my Amazon Echo Dot or any voice-controlled smart speakers.

Logitech Circle Wireless

The Logitech Circle is a small security camera with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours per charge. This camera software has a unique feature that creates a 30-second time-lapse video of the day. Additionally, the Logitech Circle has unlimited 1080P streaming, smart alerts, night vision, cloud recording, and 2-way audio.

Belkin NetCam

A budget security camera that gets the job done for under $70. The Belkin NetCam records in 640×480 pixels but it can be connected via Ethernet and wi-fi. Some of the features include email alerts, night vision, and live stream to iOS or Android.