Digital Camera Vs Smartphone Camera Comparison
Photo from Pexels

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus.

Just 10 years ago, digital cameras were the tech to have, especially for teenagers and parents of young children. How else were you going to capture that wonderful vacation, memorable birthday party, or school trip with friends? It was all about how many megapixels your digital camera packed and how many different photo settings you could choose from. Yet in these days of the smartphone boom, there’s no real reason to hold onto that digital camera or buy a new one. Smartphones do everything digital cameras can and more. Here’s why you should pass on the camera and just stick with your phone.

Our simple digital camera versus smartphone camera comparison will quickly explain why smartphones are now better than digital cameras.

Fast Photo Sharing

Digital cameras photo sharing abilities have improved but limitations such as being on the same network or QR code scanning to synch makes the process complicated. For now, with digital cameras, you want to make sure you have an SD card to store the photos on, and then if you want to access them for any reason, you have to go to the trouble of transferring them onto your computer. With a smartphone, you can instantaneously share any photos you’ve captured with friends, social media, and the world. Just snap a photo, and you’re off! With messaging apps like WhatsApp, you can easily share photos without incurring SMS/MMS charges. With photo-based social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, you can update friends and followers in real time. Digital cameras have nowhere near this kind of immediacy.

Quick Photo Editing

An advantage of smartphones is that they can directly edit the photos once you’ve taken them. A digital camera just can’t compete with a smartphone and a photo editor. Often, the camera app itself will have a myriad of effects and filters you can apply either before or after you take the photo. And if that’s not enough for you, there are tons of apps that offer a wide range of editing capabilities, from the playful Line Camera app, where you can apply static or animated stickers and borders, to the more technical Snapseed app.

Synching Across All Devices

And another digital camera versus smartphone camera comparison is benefits of the cloud. Today, many mobile carriers, mobile operating systems, and even cell phone producers themselves offer cloud services that automatically upload and backup your photos. This way, you don’t even have to download the photos onto your computer – you can just access them through the cloud app or website. This saves you a lot of time and effort but is also really great for if you lose or damage your phone. Unlike a digital camera where your data would be lost, smartphones have got your back (trust me, I have lost weeks of baby pictures that I still regret today)!

Simplifying Your Life

At the end of the day, who wants to be juggling a bunch of devices and electronics? That’s one important step that smartphone makers have taken – integrating functions of many different single-function devices into one so that your phone is all you have to carry around with you. The whole point of smartphones (because let’s face it – the point is no longer just making phone calls and texting) is that it does what all of those other devices did before, and it does it a lot better! Smartphones are packed with top-quality cameras that are good enough to justify leaving that digital camera at home (along with your MP3 player, eReader, watch, weekly planner, and about a hundred other things).

Bottom line: If you’re not a professional, a smartphone camera will suit your needs just fine. If you need more input, below are smartphone camera comparison videos from popular tech vloggers.

Videos for Smartphone Camera Comparison

Here are a few smartphones with highly rated cameras. In order to help put things into perspective, below are videos of the top 3 smartphones with excellent cameras.

Apple iPhone X (the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus have great cameras for about $300 less than the new iPhone X)

Google Pixel 2 (the Pixel 2 XL camera is great and the larger screen is a nice bonus)

Galaxy Note 8