Samsung SmartThings & 3 Compatible Smart Devices

Samsung Smart Devices
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This article was inspired by a frustrating house hunt. After finding a decent house and wondering about house security, I saw the Samsung SmartThings. The SmartThings kit seems to be great for a starter smart house setup so I decided to write about some of the products I’m interested. The best thing about all of these products is that it will also work with my underused Echo Dot.

Samsung SmartThings Monitoring Kit

From reading the reviews, the Samsung SmartThings kit seems to be a great way to test home automation. It has a SmartThings hub, two multi purpose sensors, a smart power outlet, and a motion sensor. This kit can be used to automate, control and monitor your home from anywhere. It is compatible with other big smart device brands such as Amazon, Bose, Honeywell, and more.

Other Smart Devices for the SmartThings

These are a few of the compatible smart devices for this security kit. I’m only going to talk about the highly rated ones that caught my attention, as usual.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

First up is this awesome looking video doorbell from a company called Ring. The reviews show this doorbell is a best seller, with a simple design and easy installation. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro app will allow you to see and talk to visitors at the door, from anywhere. As a security method, you can also record HD video and even store the videos in the cloud. This is a great option for people that have created a personal cloud using some NAS devices. The device comes with four interchangeable face plates. The only negative is that it must be hardwired like a regular bell.

Sengled Dimmable Smart LED Bulb

The Sengled Smart Bulb is an affordable smart LED bulb that will connect with other smart devices, including the SmartThings Hub. Nothing fancy here, as it will simply allow you to control the light bulb from your smartphone or add it to the SmartThings automation. This bulb uses 80% less energy and should give up to 25,000 hours of use.

Netgear Arlo Pro Security System

The Netgear Arlo Pro is a simple wireless home security system. The Arlo Pro is weatherproof, has rechargeable batteries, and a built-in mic and speaker. The base even has a 100+ decibel siren! The camera is able to detect motion and alert you immediately via the app or base, thanks to the siren. This kit comes with 2 HD security cameras that allow HD video, live streaming, night vision, local and cloud backup options. The Arlo Pro is compatible with IFTTT and Amazon’s Alexa. The latest customer reviews state that the rechargeable batteries are lasting for weeks. And looks like a recent update fixed some of the detection issues.

Yale Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

Finally, the Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt is another one of the smart devices that work for Alexa and SmartThings. This touchscreen deadbolt is totally key free. This deadbolt is easy to install and was voted #1 Smart Door Lock brand by CEPRO. With this deadbolt, you can enter up to 25 unique 4-8 digit PIN codes. It can be programmed to lock after a certain amount of time. And looks like the Yale deadbolt can alert users for every entry, tempering, and even a low battery.

After more reviewing, I’ll probably pick up all of these compatible smart devices except for the Arlo Pro. The Arlo Pro has great ratings but I have my lazy moments and I know for sure that I’ll forget to keep the cameras charged for those unexpected moments in life. Time to research the best wireless security cameras for home & office.