Most Famous YouTube Vloggers

Most Famous YouTube Vloggers
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Game, fun, and entertainment are probably the first things you think about every time you hear the word YouTube.

However, the most famous vloggers with millions of subscribers will surely tell you that there is more to it than what meets the eyes. These top vloggers don’t only laugh and have fun as they also make money along the way.

So, who are the most famous vloggers that are taking the vlogging realm by storm at the moment?


PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber and gamer with over 100 million YouTube subscribers. He was involved in a controversy back in 2018 after saying offensive things. However, this didn’t stop him from making over $15 million.

Logan Paul

In 2018, Logan Paul, the humorous and handsome YouTuber experienced a decrease in both subscribers and earnings due to an offensive video. However, his fans remained and most of them didn’t seem like they care at all.

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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a musician and makeup artist with over 12 million subscribers. He already launched his very own cosmetics line and it was reported that he was able to earn $18 million.


While the subscriber count of JackSepticEye cannot compare to that of PewDiePie, he is still considered the top YouTuber in his home country Ireland and was able to earn $15 million for his vlogs on video games.


Vlogger and gamer Markiplier has gained over 23 million subscribers. Aside from his videos on video games, he also uploads comedy animations and sketches. One of his projects was the launch of an athleisure line that targets gamers.

Dude Perfect

A quintet of vloggers makes up Dude Perfect who became famous because of uploading different sports tricks on their YouTube channel. The group already gained 38 million subscribers and was reported to have earned $20 million.

Vanoss Gaming

VanossGaming is one of the most famous vloggers because of his gaming videos featuring creative commentary and original artwork. He already got over 24 million subscribers and even branched out into a merchandise line and music career.



DanTDM is another gamer with over 21 million YouTube subscribers that earned $18.5 million. Minecraft is his primary focus but he also has plenty of videos about Fortnite.

Ryan ToysReview

Now called Ryan’s World, Ryan’s ToysReview features a 9-year old boy who was already able to earn $22 million just in 2018 alone. He has over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel who are all tuning in to know about his opinions on toys.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul, has a comedy music channel with 18 million subscribers. He was able to earn over $21 million primarily because of his merchandise line.



HolaSoyGerman or Germán Garmendia is another popular YouTube vlogger with over 37 million subscribers on his main channel. He also got another channel meant for gaming. His videos feature advice on how to get a job, funny sketches, and even songs performed with his very own band, Ancud.


These are a few of the most famous vloggers ever. Which of these most famous vloggers are you following?