4 Ways People are Making Money on the Side

How are People Making Money on the Side
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People on the internet are making money on the side in interesting ways.

We have seen determined people building Shopify shops with unique products. Creative people on YouTube creating mini blockbuster movies. And competitive people on Twitch impressing fans with their 30 game winning streaks. 😀

Start Making Money on the Side

The internet is an unlimited space where you can find or create your own income stream. We will look at a few of the proven ways to make money on the side. These methods are not only proven, but they are also legit and easy to do. And if you put in a decent effort, they are capable of bringing in some good income.

⭐️ You may need to above average skills like great writing and communication skills with some of the methods listed.

Now, let’s look at how our favorite bloggers and content creators are making money!

Article Writing Service

Bloggers and various content creators are always interested in getting fresh and unique content. Based on reports from Upwork, many writers are making money on the side with article writing. If you are good at creating amazing content, you can check out Upwork, Fiverr, or various Facebook Groups for work. If you’re a decent writer, you can get about $10 for a 400-word article. Of course, you can charge much more as you get more experience and referrals. There are experienced writers charging $0.08-$0.12 per word, getting paid around $500 for a 5,000-word article.

Paid Posts and Blog Reviews

You can make some money by running a sponsored review for your blog, although such a blog must be receiving a decent amount of traffic already. You can do the same with a YouTube channel. After creating some content, try joining Famebit to get sponsored offers. To get the best out of this method, you’ll want to review only good businesses, websites, and products. And try to save yourself from those initial startup costs by using free blogging platforms such as Medium.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is really a profitable option on the list. Guest blogging comes with excellent benefits like increased exposure, recognition, credibility, and traffic from search engines. Getting a guest post approved on websites like Blavity or Buzzfeed can fetch you thousands of dollars from clients. However, excellent writing skill is a top requirement to thrive in this niche. All you have to do is look for the newest list of high ranking blogs, reach out to their team, and try to get a guest posting opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing

Anybody can do affiliate marketing these days, it’s another way people are making money on the side these days. To get started, you can use your blog or social media platform to promote products and get paid. A few things have changed for affiliate marketers. You must remember to always disclose you are participating in an affiliate program and that you will be compensated via clicks, purchases, etc.

Affiliate marketing is hard work but scalable, there are many successful bloggers making thousands from the comfort of their home. You can get started by joining affiliate marketplace programs such as Amazon Associates or ShareASale.


Broker for Website Owners

This is a bonus method that was recommended by a coworker.

As a broker, your job is very simple. All you have to do is get clients for webmasters and website owners to earn a commission. This is basically providing leads for an online business.


These are a few of the popular ways bloggers and content creators are making money online. All the methods listed above have great potential, especially, if you don’t get frustrated and quit within the first year.

While you try these methods, ensure that you find a way to balance the time invested in your main job and these side hustles. If your side hustle’s income is not at least 75% of your main job, try not to let your side hustle interfere with your main job. Trying to juggle both can be extremely difficult.


Good luck!

How are People Making Money on the Side