How to Make Extra Money on the Side?

How to Make Extra Money on the Side
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Some people want to make extra money to pay off bills.

Some people want to make extra money to grow their savings account.

Many of us are making money by blogging, however, blogging can be difficult. So let’s completely ignore blogging as there are other reliable methods of making extra money on the side.

Create Niche Online Store

With Shopify, Etsy, Instagram, and similar platforms, you can now open an online store and sell physical products within hours. Interestingly, there is no need for any prior retail experience. You may consider WooCommerce if you already have an active blog, but if you just getting started, the Shopify option would be simpler and easier. In either case, both methods are profitable with low startup costs.

Niche Affiliate Marketing

There are several reliable affiliate marketing platforms available today. You will get the best out of affiliate marketing when you concentrate on a specific niche. Take time to find a niche and become a master of that niche. For example, consider a niche like book reviews. Whenever you publish a review, you can just add an affiliate link and with time people gets to trust you and your verdicts on books. And based on your recommendations, people will buy more things through you.

Away from books, you can do the same for business software services and consumer goods, or almost anything. You can start small with beginner programs such as Amazon Associates or ShareASale.

Use Website for Customer Leads

All that good SEO can really pay off here. If you have a website that presents much of your work and what you can provide for others, they will contact you if they want something similar for their brands. That way, you get to add value and get paid without necessarily searching for work. This method is great for freelancers, including developers, photographers, designers, writers, and any other creative professional.

If you don’t have a website, the fastest way to use your website for leads is to create a blog and then use paid search to bring targeted traffic to your blog, using relevant keywords. It’s actually more complicated than that, however, there are many resources here and online to better explain the method.

Be a Career Coach

As an individual with knowledge in a certain niche, being a life coach may be perfect the perfect way to make extra money. You may enjoy the direct reward of being a helper and these people get to achieve their goals. This is a win-win situation! And if you are good at it, you will always have work from referrals from your happy clients. The chances of thriving as a coach are increased if you have great customer service skills.

You can start by providing professional and impressive answers to questions on Quora or by guest blogging on other websites. Once a few people take an interest in what you do, you are already on the way!


Review Other Websites & Apps

If you can offer genuine opinions that can accurately portray a product or service, you can make extra money being a reviewer. Platforms like UserTesting pays you for sharing your thoughts when you browse through digital products and websites.

After a few months of doing reviews, you can add the skill, “Product Tester” to your resume and increase your chances of getting work outside the platform. Consider UserTesting the product testing version of Fiverr. It is recommended that you start at relatively affordable rates. After a few months of writing reviews, you can charge more when you start working directly with brands.


While you can make extra money via several options on the internet, the channels listed above are our favorites. We love these methods because they are a bit creative with a higher barrier of entry than most money making methods (sorry print on demand).


When you try any of these, you get to pay your bills while having fun. And interestingly, you don’t need to be a tech guru to thrive in any of these spheres. All you need is determination and commitment.

Good luck!

How to Make Extra Money on the Side