Learn How to Start a Blog in 2020 – Step by Step Guide

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Blogging is a very rewarding side hustle that can quickly turn into a full-time business.

You can succeed by researching keywords, creating great content, and waiting for Google to find your great content.

Before creating Blackandise, I was selling t-shirts on Amazon. But I got tired of playing the damn Amazon game (rat race to the bottom with undercutting prices), so I decided to start a blog about topics that I love.

This article will go through the process of creating a new blog on Bluehost.

Start a Blog in 2020

Your blog will need web hosting services and I like Bluehost web hosting.

Bluehost is a great web host and I have had a great experience with them personally and while helping clients get online. Last year I decided to start a blog as well. It was the best decision I made because I feel like I’m no longer being bullied by Amazon.

We Use Bluehost

Bluehost is affordable and reliable. The company has been around for many years while maintaining great customer service.

Even though you should always do your own research, there are several reasons why I believe you should use Bluehost for your WordPress blog. With Bluehost you will get:

  • A free domain name
  • Great customer & technical support
  • Freedom to install any plugin or theme
  • Freedom to work with any ad company or sponsor
  • Reliable & fast servers for your blogs
  • 1-click installations to simply create multiple blogs or websites
  • Bluehost backend system uses cPanel, which is very user-friendly

These are only a few of the reasons why many bloggers use Bluehost for their web hosting needs. Hopefully, you are ready to start a blog now!

Easy Steps to Create A Blog

The first step to getting started is heading over to Bluehost to get your domain name and web hosting.

Learn How To Start A Blog

Register Domain Name

Now while you’re at Bluehost, you can purchase a domain name and hosting for your new WordPress blog, then continue to follow the easy steps below.

The very first thing you will need to do to get started is to think about what you want your domain name to be. This is quite important as you won’t have the option to rename the free one.

You can get your domain name directly through and make the whole process very easy. Remember to sign up for at least 12-months of hosting to get the FREE domain name.

Run a WordPress blog on Bluehost today!

The Basic package is most likely all you will need… However, the Plus package is a good choice if you plan to buy other domain names in the near future.

I came up with this blog title Blackandise by combining the words Black and Merchandise, as I was going to create a store with only black products but decided not to go with such a bad idea.

At first, I was against it since it’s not a real word but many brands are just made up words.

My only advice is to not date your domain name with the year (so please no or

How To Start A Blog - Think of Your Next Domain Name

Select A Hosting Plan

To get the lowest price of $3.95 per month, you have to sign up for the 36-months plan, which is a great price. But if you sign up for a 12-month plan, then the price is $5.95 per month.

If you are unsure about starting your blog, then test it out with a 12-month plan or go with a month-to-month plan.

How To Start A Blog - The Bluehost 36 Months Plan Is The Best Plan

I know you want to learn how to start a blog but you’ll want to take your time with this section. There are a few options under the Package Information area that you may or may not want to add.


  • Domain Privacy Protection
    • 👍 You may want this domain privacy protection if you are new to buying your own domain. The protection service will hide your domain registration information so it isn’t visible in the domain database.
  • Site Backup Pro
    • 👎 Bluehost already does complimentary backups, this is just an extra charge. You can skip this and find a better solution.
  • Search Engine Jumpstart
    • 👎 Automated services to do basic SEO work for your website. Skip, the jumpstart service is terrible.
  • SiteLock Security
    • 👎 It basically scans your web host files daily for viruses, malware, etc. Skip, there are better security solutions.
  • Comodo PositiveSSL Bundle
    • 👍 You need to get SSL these days (you know that little lock you see in the browser). Having SSL installed means you are doing your part to protect your readers.

Connecting Your Domain Name

❌ GO TO THE NEXT STEP IF YOU BOUGHT A NEW BLUEHOST DOMAIN: Bluehost will automatically connect your new domain to your web hosting, saving you a few hours.

CONTINUE READING IF YOU DID NOT SIGN UP FOR A NEW BLUEHOST DOMAIN: You’ll have to update the nameservers of your previously owned domain name to point to your new Bluehost web hosting. Usually, the nameservers are &

Depending on where you bought your domain name from, you’ll need to get into their domain management system and update the nameservers to; (or whatever your personalized email has for nameservers)

You will need to check with your current domain registrar for detailed instructions on pointing nameservers to another web host.

How to Install WordPress

A few minutes after creating your account. Bluehost will send more information about your cPanel login. This will be how you will install WordPress!

  • Now, log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  • Find the Website section and click Install WordPress.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Choose the domain name to install it to. In the field next to the domain, you can enter a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the website’s main page to be the blog (blank: will look like this instead of this I always leave it blank.
  • If necessary, you can edit the email address, username, and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and you can change those settings.
  • Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes.
  • And finally, click the Install Now button.

Your First Blog

Congratulations, you now know how to start a blog. You now have a WordPress blog. Now that you have a blog, you’ll want to work on designing the look and creating quality content. Good luck!

If you sign up for Bluehost, but you are confused for any reason, please send me an email and I will help you out.

New Blogging Information

And finally, to help you get started, below we have listed a few useful articles to help you get started as a new blogger.

By Cartez Augustus

My name is Cartez and I'm a blogger from Houston, Texas focusing on content marketing strategies and tech gadgets.