4 Reasons Why My Laptop Is Running Slow?

Why Is My Laptop Running Slow?
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Is your laptop running slow? No issue whether it is new or old, using a slow laptop is not a fun experience.

There are a few things that can slow down a laptop from outdated software to overloaded browsers. If you are still looking for ways to make your laptop run faster, below are a few things that you can do to speed it back up.

Laptop Running Slow

When your laptop is running slow, there are a few simple solutions for some laptop brands. You can try adding more RAM and storage (if you have one of those types of laptops)… Another thing you can try is to remove old files and programs that could be slowing down your laptop. Removing any viruses, malware, and even anti-viruses applications can help speed up your slow running laptop.

We have gathered these laptop performance-related tips that can speed up your slow laptop, or make your new one truly take off. Below are a few things that could have your laptop running slow.

Check for too many startup programs

You might have too many programs starting up when you turn on your computer. Some of these programs will request permission to run when you boot your laptop so that you can use them more often. Then there are some programs that will automatically run every time you turn on your laptop, even without ever requesting permission. These are usually the programs that are slowing down your laptop.

And below we have added a quick way to remove the autostarting programs for:

The current Windows 10 user:

  • Select the Start button
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Choose Startup
  • Disable any unwanted programs auto-starting
  • You’re done!

With Windows, you’ll see the changes after you restart your laptop.

The current macOS user:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to Users & Groups
  • Choose your name on the left
  • Choose Login items tab
  • Check startup programs you want to remove
  • Press the “–” sign to remove any unwanted programs auto-starting
  • You’re done!

With macOS, you’ll see the changes after you restart your laptop.

Check for malware or viruses

It is not shocking that malicious malware and viruses will cause issues to your laptop, such as slowing it down. If you think your laptop is being weird, for example, being unable to shut down the system, website browser locked up with tons of flash ads, everything lagging… most likely you are dealing with some type of malware or virus.

A simple fix for an infected laptop is to run an anti-malware and antivirus scan.

Try to free up laptop disk space

When you’re running out of disk space, a laptop can slow down as the overhead for the OS increases as it tries to work properly while managing limited storage.

This is often a quick fix for a laptop running slow due to limited disk space. A general guideline is to keep a minimum of 10-15% of the free disk space available on your laptop. An even better option is to keep at least 25% or more free so that the OS will never slow down due to disk space.


Your website browser is outdated

Whether you depend on your laptop for play or work, you rely on the internet to get through those long days.

Depending on what browser you are using, it could be slowing down your laptop. Usually, there are three things that happen when your laptop slows down when browsing the Internet.

The problem could be too many tabs open at once or you may be using a website/web app that is draining your resources. The problem could be that you using an outdated version of your browser and it’s not optimized anymore. Or the problem could be that your extensions/plugins are draining your resources.



And these are some of the main reasons why your laptop is running slow and how to fix it. We hope we were able to help you find an answer to your problem.

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