Is Namecheap Legit?

Is Namecheap Legit
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If you have been thinking about whether to use Namecheap or another company for web hosting or domain name management, well let’s keep it simple and straight to the point.

Yes, Namecheap is legit and one of the best domain name registrars and web hosting companies available.

We use Namecheap to safely manage several of our other websites.

About Namecheap

One of the leading domain name registrars accredited by ICANN, Namecheap has a strong market share in the industry as it provides over 4 million domain names to customers.

Namecheap’s core business focuses on domain registry, web hosting, email hosting, cloud-based services, and security (seems to be mostly SSL).

Namecheap Support

5/5 – Overall we will give Namecheap support a perfect rating because they are fast and knowledgable. The Namecheap support team will explain what happened or what stupid WordPress plugin caused a 500 error, aka the dreaded internal server error. Namecheap’s support deserves a 5 out of 5.

Like we said before, we’ve had Namecheap for years and the issues we’ve had were not their fault… but during those moments, the customer is always right haha.

Storytime – One issue was a botched WordPress plugin installation (we used some questionable plugins… dumb idea, we learned the hard way). Another issue was having too many devices constantly fetching for email addresses and killing the processes for our server. 

Namecheap Pricing

Their web hosting pricing is good and priced lower than the competition for very good service. You shouldn’t experience any downtimes that’s THEIR fault.

Now the issue with their pricing is the jump from less than $30 for the 1st year to around $60 – 80 afterward. This is the typical web hosting tactic… the 1st year is always cheap but we just wished they did a better job displaying that. The big jump sometimes causes confusion when dealing with clients. Namecheap pricing deserves a 4 out of 5.


Their web hosting prices do vary as they have so many great sales. Their domain registry fees are around $12.98 each year to renew a .com domain and $8.88 for new domain name registrations.

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

Namecheap Pros and Cons

There are no perfect domain name registrars… Seriously don’t expect perfection at these prices.

And with that said, here are some pros and cons of Namecheap hosting.

Namecheap Pros

  • ICANN Accreditation (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Easy to transfer domains
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Low competitive prices
  • Minimal upsell tactics during checkout

Namecheap Cons

  • The straight to the point customer service attitude may bother people wanting more information and prevention tips
  • Some domains and alternative domain extensions are expensive
  • Security tokens for getting into the account for customer service is sometimes slow


Namecheap has been in this business for years. Namecheap is a legit company providing us small-time business owners and bloggers with quality domain management and web hosting. They are a great company to use if you’re small with less than 500,000 visitors per month.

Eventually, you should be able to move on to their expensive stuff or find a company focused on larger projects. Namecheap is good and that’s our opinion.


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