How to Become a Hacker?

How to Become A Hacker
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Hacker is one word that is often associated with negative connotations. But hopefully, not everyone who wants to learn how to become a hacker is just interested to do so because of negative purposes or reasons.

To be honest, not all people in this world have the ability or the skill to become a hacker. After months of trying, we came to the conclusion that we do not.

Becoming a computer hacker

Anyway, a hacker is defined as a person with extensive knowledge of programming and handling computers.

The culture of hacking is actually a very popular one right now. Being a hacker these days is not all negative like what most people assume it to be. Ethical hackers are quite respected and are paid a considerable amount of money.

Take a look at the following tips on how to become a hacker:

Learn about computer networking

As you already know, hacking involves networks and computers. This is an activity that requires advanced networking skills and computer knowledge. Needless to say, you cannot expect to hack a computer when you cannot even tell the difference between Windows XP and TCP/IP. If you are really serious about becoming a hacker, you have to know all the basics and fundamentals of computer-related technology.

It can also work to your advantage if you are familiar with the different operating systems used right no. A lot of people are starting to switch to Linux systems so it would be great if you can learn more about this OS.

After you master the basics of networks and computers with these types of books, it would be easier for you to understand how vulnerabilities and exploits work.

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Read the best books on hacking

There are plenty of hacking books on Amazon that you can start reading as early as now. A quick search in Google will give you a long list of helpful materials. But since you are just getting started in the hacking world, it is best to focus first on the basic principles and ideas of hacking.

It can be very tempting to read books on advanced topics like payload selection or Wireshark utilization, for example, but you will never be able to benefit from such a study method.


The best learning strategy for such a complicated concept is to know the basics first then build up on your skills and knowledge little by little.

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Be a master programmer

If your goal is to become a skilled hacker, it is important that you know how you can create your very own programs. Skills in programming are essential for those who are serious about hacking. While it is true that there are plenty of ready-made tools and programs available online, relying on something that others made is not a wise idea.

Honing your own ability to modify existing tools and create programs on your own can help you in your journey to becoming an expert in hacking.


You can choose from a long list of programming languages. But for the complete beginners, it would be best that you study Python before anything else. These are a few of the best Python books for new hackers.

Python is among the simplest languages for programming out there. But, it can be very effective when writing hacking codes. It is the main reason why most hackers choose the Python language instead of Ruby or C++.

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Learning to be a hacker is insanely difficult. Learn more about hacking by following the steps above. And if you have the mindset and everything aligns properly in your favor, you could become a hacker.

But make sure you use it for a good purpose because we probably need more ethical hackers in the world.