How Do People Find My New Blog?

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Your current blog has excellent content but no traffic. You really want people to see your high-quality content. Let’s speed up this process and get your content to an audience!

Hopefully, you’ve been using great SEO practices when writing your blog posts. If you have at least 30 blog posts then consider driving traffic to your blog using social media. To avoid burnout, only focus on one platform. You’ll get better results mastering one social media platform than trying to be a jack of all trades. Here are a few tips to help you new bloggers drive traffic to your blogs. Before you get started, make sure you have share buttons on your blog.

Drive Traffic from Facebook

  • Tip #1. Create a Facebook page for your blog posts. You’ll be able to share your blog posts on your Facebook page.
  • Tip #2. Join different Facebook Groups related to your niche. Post often to these Facebook Groups, answering questions, etc. After being active for a few weeks, you’ll get opportunities to post your blog URL.
  • Tip #3. Use scheduling tools such as HootSuite and Buffer to schedule posts in advance. Try to schedule posts that will spark engagement such as questions. Engagement is what will keep your posts in people’s stream.
  • Tip #4. Post a few lines of text from your blog post along with a blog post URL. You can try adding a relevant short video clip or high-quality images.
  • Tip #5. After building your Facebook page with content, you’ll want to test those $5 pages boosts to small audiences to drive traffic to specific posts.

Facebook is big on engagement these days, if you have any likes or comments, engage with your audience. Try to achieve around 1-2 Facebook page posts per day.

Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Each blog post should have at least one big shareable image somewhere into the post, so when you Pin your posts, your big image will be a selectable option. The size of my big shareable images is usually 682px by 1024px.

  • Tip #1. Convert your existing account to a Pinterest business account or create a Pinterest Business account for access to analytics. Also enable Rich Pins, to add extra details to Pins from your website. For now, you’ll want to create a board for your blog posts and add all your current posts to this board.
  • Tip #2. Request to join different group boards in your niche. You can manually search for group boards or you can use PinGroupie. After joining a group, your Pins will be seen by thousands of followers on each board. When pinning to these group boards, use the 80/20 rule to be safe. The 80/20 rule for social media means that 80% of your social media posts should entertain or educate your audience, while the remaining 20% should promote your business.
  • Tip #3. Pinterest is currently okay with simple automation tools. I use BoardBooster, this is a scheduling/automation tool that I have been using for months. With this tool, I save Pins to a secret board and then it’ll Pin to a public board on a set schedule.

Pinterest is fine with bloggers repinning. Aim for at least 13+ Pins per day.

Drive Traffic from YouTube (or Vimeo)

  • Tip #1. You can post videos that compliment your blog posts. Remember to add the specific blog post URL in the video or description box.
  • Tip #2. Be consistent with your YouTube uploading (stick to a day or specific dates) as subscribers will expect this.
  • Tip #3. If you don’t want to upload videos, you can engage with users on relevant videos. If users are asking questions that your blog answers, then reply with some information and a link to your blog post. This method works best if the admin isn’t strict, so try it on older videos.

Drive Traffic from Quora

  • Tip #1. Search for current questions related to your specific niche. Write the most meaningful responses you’ve ever written. After you have provided a great response, only then can you include your blog URL.
  • Tip #2. Share your Quora answer link to other social media platforms (especially Google Plus, Facebook, & Twitter) to increase visibility.
  • Tip #3. Don’t waste time answering really old questions. I’m sure this is a good way to get banned.

Quora is great for bloggers but your answers must be relevant and provide great value.

Drive Traffic from LinkedIn

  • Tip #1. Complete your profile and create a brand for your LinkedIn profile. First, you’ll have to build up your network.
  • Tip #2. Try to post updates at least 2 days each week to get your brand seen without spamming your connections.
  • Tip #3. Following the 80/20 rule, post articles to other relevant articles and you’ll have opportunities to post your blog.
  • Tip #4. Join relevant LinkedIn groups that are active.

Drive Traffic from Instagram

  • Tip #1. Use Instagram’s search and find #hashtags that are relevant to your niche and save them. Save at least 50 hashtags to use for your future posts. You’ll want to use 10-15 of those hashtags with some of your posts.
  • Tip #2. Avoid Instagram automation tools if you aren’t sure of the safe tools. After researching with other bloggers, the community believes that Instagram’s new algorithm punishes accounts using certain tools.
  • Tip #3. Convert your account to an Instagram Business account and take advantage of Instagram Stories. This will allow you to see analytics and add your blog URL to your Instagram Stories.
  • Tip #4. Put your blog URL or specific blog post URL in your bio.
  • Tip #5. You can use your Pinterest shareable images for your Instagram posts (if they are high-quality images).
  • Tip #6. If you have unused video content, try using an app to edit those videos and post them on Instagram.
  • Tip #7. Create an original hashtag to use in your posts if you think it will gain momentum over time.

Instagram is also big on engagement so if your pictures have any likes or comments, respond and try to keep the conversation going. Try to post 3 Instagram pictures per day.

Drive Traffic from Twitter

  • Tip #1. Use Twitter’s search and find #hashtags that are relevant to your niche and save them. Save at least 10 hashtags to use for your future posts. You’ll want to use 1-2 of those hashtags with some of your tweets.
  • Tip #2.Tweet a few lines of text from your blog post along with the URL and 1-2 hashtags.
  • Tip #3. Follow the 80/20 rule when tweeting content on Twitter. Also, like and retweet other people content if it is relevant to your niche.
  • Tip #4. Create Twitter Lists to keep tabs on your favorite blogger accounts. Subscribe to other Twitter Lists as well to keep tabs on other bloggers or trends.
  • Tip #5. Tweetdeck is awesome for managing Twitter. This dashboard tool has many that allow you to monitor lists, mentions, users, phrases, and #hashtags all on one screen.
  • Tip #6. Similar to Facebook, use scheduling tools such as HootSuite and Buffer to schedule posts. Schedule tweets that will spark engagement.
  • Tip #7. Create an original hashtag to use in some of your tweets, someone may search for something similar one day.

Try to Tweet or Retweet at least 7 times throughout the day.

Drive Traffic from Medium (or Tumblr)

  • Tip #1. You can use the import tool on Medium to import a few of your blogs to their site. As this is another platform where others can see your work, you’ll want to have your name and a URL back to your blog added whenever you do an import.
  • Tip #2. If you don’t want to use the same content, you can always repurpose your content and post solid snippets there (some bloggers believe having duplicate content on Medium doesn’t hurt your site).
  • Tip #3. Provide Medium with some original or experimental topics you aren’t sure about adding to your main blog.
  • Tip #4. Use eye-catching high-quality images in your posts.

Drive Traffic from Snapchat

  • Tip #1. Post content daily and URL to the specific blog article.
  • Tip #2. You can try using Geofilters if you’re at relevant events related to your blog. An example of using geofilters would be to submit one at a music concert if you have a music blog.

Drive Traffic from Google Plus

  • Tip #1. Pick a day each week and share a few of your blog posts to the public. Post a few lines of text from your blog post along with the URL. If you notice traffic coming from Google Plus then share more often.
  • Tip #2. Share your Quora answers and URL to your other social media pages once a month.

Drive Traffic from StumbleUpon

  • Tip #1. Take a day each month to share a blog post. If you notice traffic coming from StumbleUpon then share more often.

Drive Traffic from Ello

  • Tip #1. Take a day each month to share a high-quality landscape image with a line of text from your blog post along with the URL.

That’s all of the social media advice I have for now. Writing high-quality content and practicing great SEO will always be the best and cheapest method in the long run. However, these tips will jump starts your blog traffic while you wait for Google and that organic traffic.

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