How to Start a Home Decor Blog

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Are you looking for how to start a home decor blog? Then, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll take you through all the necessities of starting a new home decor blog.

Home decor is never going away, so creating a home decor blog is an excellent decision. No one wants to live in a home devoid of decorations. People love reading about home decoration tips and tricks.

And as a popular low-risk side hustle, blogging is very easy to do. So let’s get started!

Home Decor Blogs

Below are the steps involved in starting a successful home decor blog.

The first thing you need to do to start a home decor blog is to get a domain name through a registrar. Owning your own domain name is an important step in starting your home decor blog. Choose wisely when selecting a domain name. Your domain name is your blog’s identity and may eventually become the brand. With your domain name, be creative as it can help you stand out from other bloggers in your niche.

You can think about a domain name and check to see if it’s available using the Bluehost Domain Availability Checker below.

Other great domain registrars include HostGator and Namecheap. There are many more however to keep it simple, we’re only listing the domain registrar that has reliable web hosting packages included.

Now that you have an idea for your domain name, you’ll also need web hosting. Web hosting is the place where you will save your blog content. Keeping it simple, the domain name is how people will find your blog. The web host is like an online dashboard that allows you to control your blog and many other things.

Always do your research when it comes to finding a domain registrar or web host. This is a very important step in the process of starting a new home decor blog. If you need more information, we have an article listing the best web hosting companies for content creators.

Start Home Decor Blogging Now

Buying a domain name, web hosting, and installing WordPress are very easy these days thanks to web hosting companies having a 1-click option to install WordPress blogging software. Customer support from our suggested web hosting companies will usually get your blog up and running within a few hours.

However, some people do not want to wait for customer support to install their WordPress blog. If you don’t want to wait, our in-depth guide can help you start a new blog with Bluehost within an hour. Please read our article Learn How to Start a Blog for instructions.

Easy Home Decor Blog Tips

After you’ve started your blog, you will need to work on planning out your next steps to be successful. Below are the most important blogging tips you need to make your blog a successful one:

Tip #1 – Be Familiar With Your Audience

This is important if you want a successful home decor blog. You’ll eventually learn more about your audience. Take in everything you learn and apply it to your blog. Remember, this blog is for them and it’s impossible to satisfy their needs if you aren’t writing for them. If you can successfully create a relationship with your audience, you’re one step closer to your goal of success.

Tip #2 – Write About Interesting Topics

This is how to keep your audience interested in your home decor blog. Change things up and write about various topics within the home decor niche. It’ll keep your blog dynamic, making your articles interesting and a bit unpredictable.

Research and check out other home decor blogs, other blogs usually have a subtopic. If you want to have a successful blog, never be afraid to write about a wider range of topics. For example, you can write about home and garden decor, home exterior decor, or even dinner party decor themes.

Tip #3 – Always Engage

This is one of the most important tips when trying to grow your home decor blog. Most successful blogs are extremely interactive. The constant interactions give your readers a sense of belonging, making feel valued. Knowing their voice and opinion is heard goes a long way in keeping them as a constant reader of your blog. Let them know that their opinions matter.

Top Home Decor Blogs for Inspiration

  • COCOCOZY: A blog from a Los Angeles native focused on all things design.
  • City Farmhouse: A blog from a New York native focused on DIY projects.
  • Design*Sponge: A community-focused blog focused on all things home decor, created by writer Grace Bonney.


If you love home decor and love to write, it should be easy for you to create a successful blog. For some of us, success isn’t always about profit. Figure out your goal and define your business model for your blog. Just like travel blogging and lifestyle blogging, home decor blogging will have ups and downs, remember to stay consistent and persevere.

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