How Safe is Free Web Hosting?

Should You Trust Free Web Hosting Companies?
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Free web hosting is not safe or reliable.

The free web hosting providers are usually limited in some way. And you should never be cheap when it comes to web hosting. Choosing a reliable web hosting company like Bluehost or HostGator is better and more professional.

Note: If you’re a student simply trying to do a simple school project, then free web hosting is a great short-term solution.

Issues With Free Web Hosting

Even though free web hosting can save money, a big downside of going with this option is the fact that these companies may use a freemium model. The freemium model will always promote their premium offers and may even sell your email address to a 3rd party company. Additionally, many free web hosting companies will insert their ads on some of your pages. There are many other things that are out of your control when using a free web host.

Below are some of the other disadvantages of using free web hosting.

Free Services Aren’t Reliable

The power to discontinue free hosting services lies with the hosting providers. This means that your blog can be shut down without any warning. Although, many free web hosting will give you a warning of the imminent shutdown.

The best option is to transfer all of your content to a premium web hosting company such as Bluehost or HostGator. However, there is no guarantee that you or a premium web hosting company will have the capabilities to do a perfect transfer. In most cases, a transfer will be easy but some of the free web hosting companies have really bad filesystems that can complicate things.

Free Web Hosted Blogs Aren’t Sellable

A free hosted blog is the property of the free web hosting company. This means, all the information on their servers is their property. Many of these free web-hosted companies will state that you cannot sell, share, or transfer your blog to another individual. While you may ignore this warning, if you are caught then your account will be closed immediately.

Bad Web Hosting Security

This one is very simple. Your security is going to suck. You will have no control over the security. The security will not be prioritized since the service is free. And it’s usually not worth it for the company to offer reliable security when hundreds of users are getting a free service.

No Control Over Server Resources

You have absolutely no control over your web hosting resources.

You can do everything correctly and your blog can randomly go offline. For example, in a situation where your blog gets popular and is mentioned on Reddit or Buzzfeed, the massive traffic boost can bring down your blog (and sometimes every website on that free server). And since free web hosting usually has non-prioritized customer server, it could be hours or days before the issue is fixed.


False Advertising

That free domain is not a domain to trust.

Forget the compelling advertisement, nothing is ever free when it comes to these free web hosting platforms. For example, when you subscribe to a free hosting service on any platform, what you get most times is a subdomain section of an existing domain. You have no control over this subdomain and can lose it without warning.

A domain you own will be something like this [] or []. The free domain is usually [] or []. You don’t actually own the free-domain, so watch out for these tricks.

If you’re serious about having your own domain, always trust reputable domain registrar companies such as BluehostHostGator, or GoDaddy. And when buying the domain, try to get a “.com” or at least “.net” domain name. Never overpay for a domain name. You can get most domain names for less than $15/year. Some companies will even allow you to get a domain name and web hosting for less than $70/year.



While it may be a bit difficult decision, it is best to build your business on something that you can control. These free web hosting companies can shut down and screw up your business overnight.

Bottom line, your blog (or website) should never be built on a free web hosting platform.

Should You Trust Free Web Hosting Companies?