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How to Get Free Gift Cards for Amazon in 2019?

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Are you a fan of using Amazon gift cards on a regular basis?  If you really want to figure out how to get your very own set of Amazon gift cards, it is important that you read this article right away. We will give you some effective tips regarding the procurement Amazon gift cards legally by doing a variety of simple and easy tasks along the way.

Hopefully, after learning all these simple steps, you will be able to pay for products easily even if you don’t have too much money in your pocket. By getting Amazon gift cards, you will also be able to get gifts for special occasions and people in your life.

Amazon Gift Cards

Before going any further, you have to find out all that you can about Amazon gift cards first. What exactly are these gift certificates all about? How can they help you get the products that you need without additional fees? Continue reading to find out the answers.

Amazon gift cards often refer to promotional gift certificates from the website which can allow customers to purchase products without additional fees through the gift card balance. It may only be redeemed as part of overall purchases of certain products available on Amazon. Some of the popular products to get with an Amazon gift card includes Amazon Echo devices.

This means that depending on the promotional code, a customer can only buy certain products with a specific gift card at certain points in time. This is why getting a gift card could be advantageous especially if you’re going to use it for special occasions.

Whether it be Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Amazon gift cards will be able to help you make someone else happy for sure. So if I were you, I will definitely go ahead and study these particular steps in getting Amazon gift cards for various occasions.

Below are the 10 steps that you can take to get Amazon gift cards as follows:

1. Free Surveys

Answering survey questions via official websites like Swagbucks or American Opinion can help you gain points to have Amazon gift cards eventually. These websites pay participants depending on how many surveys they complete. The payments could be procured through PayPal or through checks in the mail.

2. Various Surveys Companies

You can also sign up for accounts with various survey companies. Just like the previous method. You will get to earn points by answering various survey type questions pertaining to a single company.

If you answer the survey questions on a regular basis, you will get to earn points and eventually get Amazon gift cards as part of your prize. Sometimes, people can even get gift cards by just registering and creating an account prior to answering the survey. And if you have a chance to do open responses, give great responses and you may get invited to secret survey groups with better gift card rewards.

Amazon Gift Card Proof

3. Free Rebates and Rewards

Similarly, you can also register for websites that will offer free rebates and rewards for online shopping. These work in such a way that as soon as you register, they may give you points or a gift certificate just by virtue of registering.

You may also get free Amazon gift cards if you earn a certain number of points by shopping using the account that you created for the website.

4. Playing Online Games

Sometimes, official gaming websites can also offer you free gift certificates for regularly patronizing the website itself. For example, if you have already played a certain number of games on the website for the day, you will get to learn a free gift certificate from Amazon as a reward.

Just be careful about participating in these games online, there are legitimate websites available such as Inbox Dollars, but most of these other online sites are just out to get your money. So you have to be extremely vigilant before participating.

5. Online Promotions

Certain affiliated companies with Amazon offer online promotions for valued customers which can allow them to release gift cards during special occasions.

As mentioned earlier for example, on Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day, certain establishments like Target, Starbucks or McDonald’s may offer Amazon gift cards for a number of customers during the day.

On Black Friday/Cyber Monday, some online retailers will give away Amazon gift cards when purchasing certain products. Remember to set up those Google Alerts weeks in advance.

6. Social Media

For those who are fans of social media, you can definitely use these portals to get free Amazon gift cards as well. Sometimes, those who comment or tweet first can get a chance to earn free gift cards as a prize. The secret to finding these opportunities online is using advanced searches. One example of the advanced search technique on Twitter is using the “+” in your searches such as “Amazon gift card” + win (or “gift card” + win) and you’ll see all tweets with these words mentioned.

7. Pharmacy Memberships

It would also help you to sign up for memberships from various pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacy coupons from company circulars can offer free gift cards as a prize for membership.

8. Credit Card Points

Getting credit card points can also earn you free Amazon gift cards. Some card companies can offer these gift certificates as rewards for shopping points using the credit card itself.  Cashing in on these points can earn you certificates especially during certain marked calendar dates.

9. Sweepstakes

Sometimes, winning the jackpot in a lottery draw isn’t everything. There are consolation prizes that could be even better than the monetary prize. Getting a bunch of Amazon gift cards could be a consolation prize. It will allow you to save money while getting that most coveted product on sale.

10. Apps

Mobile apps, this is how I get most of my Amazon gift cards. Some of the reliable apps include Google Opinions, AppBounty, and Cash Karma, just to name a few. I decided to download the Tmobile Tuesday app after hearing about it from a Tmobile rep. I entered one of the contests within the app and won a $500 gift card. (other people won $5-20 gift cards).


This is the reason why you should not hesitate to cash in on every opportunity to get free Amazon gift cards.  It will give you a chance to buy products at a discount or even for free.  You just have to know where to look to get everything that you want without even spending a dime.

Free Amazon Gift Cards

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