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Last time I wrote about how I’ve been using Design Pickle for over a year now.

This time I am writing to talk about my new project.

My graphic designer at Design Pickle has been given the task to create new social media branding for my other websites such as Appdore and Black Merchandise.

After that project is completed, I plan to get the graphic designer to help me create a package of 50 social media templates to start my journey of creating digital products for people in need of some original social media posts, banners, pins, etc.

This is going to be my first official digital product. I’m done wasting time creating so much content for these print on demand websites!

Design Pickle for Digital Content

I’ve been creating digital content for years… but realized that I’ve never bothered creating my own products. Months ago, I was going to create a product with all of my old t-shirt designs but talked myself out of it… especially with how unpredictable the Merch by Amazon t-shirt hustle has been lately.

The other reason I’m making the move to create digital products is the fact that I’m using Design Pickle. I’m like hell… I don’t have anything to create for my blog at the moment so I’ll get this graphic designer to work on something different. The graphic designer will start creating stuff for social media for the next 25 days (two specific niches).

You can use Design Pickle for all sorts of crazy ideas for less than $400 a month so do like me and test them out for a month before you commit to a long-term relationship. I’m no longer a Design Pickle virgin! Even though their graphic designers are in another country, their work is high quality and you get the original file to manipulate more if you need to make small tweaks.

If you have a small budget then Design Pickle is for you. This is our simple Design Pickle review.

If you’re on an extremely tight budget… first figure out what you really need for your project, sign up, get your stuff created, and then cancel (if you can’t afford the month to month).

Design Pickle is cheaper than any other graphic design services. More competition is coming but right now their competition sucks!


Design Pickle Competitors

  • Company A graphic designers charge $5 – $30 for one image + an additional $20 for the copyrights (really expensive if you want your own digital products like me)
  • Company B graphic designers can sometimes take several days for one image
  • Company C graphic designers may resell your created image to another buyer
  • Company D graphic designers can be very expensive for one image
  • Company E graphic designers may not understand your image request (usually communication on both sides suck though)
  • Company A, D, & E graphic designers may fail to deliver your work on time

Please note the comparison above is based on similar tiers. Additionally, I removed the names of the other websites as I prefer not to name drop on negative comments.

Why Use Design Pickle?

  • Extremely fast daily delivery
  • Under $400 a month for unlimited images
  • You can create your digital products faster
  • Great customer service
  • A 14-day¬†trial period
  • Cancel at any time – no contracts