Design Pickle 2019 Review for Content Creators

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We are still using Design Pickle in 2019 to get graphics created for our business projects. If you’re a small business owner or graphic designer needing some help, you should learn about this company.

Before using Design Pickle, I’d spent thousands of dollars dealing with random freelancers only to be satisfied 25% of the time. After complaining about these freelance websites, I was told about Design Pickle.

Best Design Pickle Deal

This is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry! Small businesses are using companies like Design Pickle to get high-quality designs for cheap.

This is how some businesses are crushing it when it comes to content marketing!

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Did you know?

Decent freelance graphic designers will charge you around $100 per design.
Part-time graphic designers will cost you around $24,000 per year.
Full-time graphic designers will cost you around $48,000 per year.
Design Pickle will cost you $399 per month for unlimited designs.

Design Pickle Information

If you care about your blog or business then you’ll definitely want to work with this team. You know that building a brand is everything these days and brand awareness is important for growth. I have used Design Pickle to help with quick promotional content for content marketing, Facebook ads, and social media headers.

It doesn’t matter how well written your content is, the audience simply loves big beautiful graphics to stand with your content and this is why a service like Design Pickle is awesome.

A popular social media management platform, Hootsuite, shows that on Twitter, tweets with images receive at least 150% more retweets than tweets without images. And on Facebook, posts with images get at least 2.2x more engagement than posts without images. Sadly, as people move away from simpler content, these numbers will only increase each year.

It’s getting harder to compete with other businesses. If you have a big budget, going with an experienced graphic designer is probably the best option. However, if you are like us (small and making less than $200,000 per year) and the thousands of small businesses trying to make it, then Design Pickle is your best option. This service is like having a part-time graphic designer on your team for less than $5,000 a year.

Design Pickle FAQ

Design Pickle is a design agency based in the US that has simplified the world for marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking to have great affordable designs.

How does Design Pickle work?

Once you’ve signed up for Design Pickle, all you have to do is send them a request, the image request can be for a logo design, blog feature image design, design for an advertisement, infographic design, or anything else that you clearly describe to your designer. Take the time to describe what you need and the Design Pickle designers will create it.

Want an example of one of their designs? Well when I first signed up in 2017, I wanted a unique POW! design to compete with all of the KAPOW! and BAM! designs (remember that I still do print on demand t-shirts), so my assigned designer created this graphic for one of my best selling Amazon t-shirts

This one design has paid for many months of Design Pickle so I’m satisfied. I wanted to scale faster so I needed a graphic designer to help me.

How unlimited is Design Pickle?

All my assigned graphic designer needed from me was a detailed description of the desired design. You can make all of the requests you want with Design Pickle and they’ll get to your design in the order received. On average, your graphic designer turn around time will be around 24-36 hours. Additionally, you have unlimited revisions too… no questions, no egos, check out our simple Design Pickle review.

Design Pickle is $399 a month, which is less than $5,000 a year. This graphic design service is the best deal you can get right now.

Why is Design Pickle a great deal for content creators?

  • Extremely fast delivery, basically a personal graphic designer on call
  • Affordable price, great for people that can provide their Design Pickle graphic designer with ideas daily
  • Great customer service, the team and graphic designers are friendly
  • Adobe source files included
  • A 14-day trial to use their graphic design services risk-free
  • No contracts – no commitment – cancel at anytime


Want to learn more about what Design Pickle can do for your business, such as how to use Design Pickle to create digital products?

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