The joy of sifting through hundreds of WordPress themes and templates for your new blog.

Every company is different, a reflection of your personality and style, and what kind of audience and customer base you wish to attract. And in this modern age, it is essential to have a website that mirrors this. WordPress is a gateway to assist you in building a perfect website, one that will attract visitors and customers alike.

Your website should act as a platform for your company’s message and have the proper themes, plugins, and functionality will help you achieve this. For newcomers to WordPress, this can seem overwhelming—where do you begin? WordPress themes and plugins are made available through large marketplaces. If you find a theme or plugin that will make your website shine, you, in turn, can purchase the product directly from the developer website. Easy enough, right?

Finding That Cool WordPress Theme Takes Time

First, take a look at where to download, subscribe, and purchase themes. There are many different marketplaces, all with their own pros and cons. The right marketplace to hunt for plugins and themes will not only be a hosting site for these things but also assist in guiding you in selecting the right one to drive traffic. Next, you will need to purchase a specific theme that tailors to your need and reflects the message you want your company and website to send. As you begin your search for the perfect template, look for certain categories and descriptions to help guide you on which theme is the best fit.

So Many WordPress Themes and Templates

This compiled list will help you break down where you can find great WordPress themes and templates, plugins, and other goodies.


One of the largest sites dedicated to WordPress themes and templates, this site truly has it all. Hosted by Envato Market, ThemeForest offers users a way to sort and navigate by most popular themes, which is beneficial to learn what themes attract traffic and audiences to your site. The site allows you to sort not only by the popularity of each category but also by reviews from other users as well. However, because many of these themes and templates are customized by other users or are specifically crafted to appeal to trends, many third-party plugins are installed and tend to bog down the final product. This could make your website clunky and overwhelmed by unnecessary features, something to be wary of when browsing ThemeForest. When looking for a great theme, always check out the reviews and do your research. A few of the best selling themes on ThemeForest includes:

  • Avada, the best selling multi-purpose WordPress theme
  • The7, a popular WordPress theme for quick creations thanks to an extension design wizard
  • BeTheme, a fast loading WordPress theme that has is perfect for beginners


Another marketplace chalk full of WordPress plugins, themes and templates, and more. The benefits of using Themify are actually in the support section of their website, filled with dozens of tutorials, how-tos, and starter guides that can be used by beginners, designers, or master developers. With Themify, however, you literally get what you pay for. A tiered pricing structure offers free themes with the customer paying nothing but receiving no support or updates, to single themes (buy one, get one free) for $49.00 with one year support and updates, and finally the “Themify Club” which boasts all current and new themes but still the same one year support and updates. Despite this heavy pricing and club membership, Themify’s themes are organized in a way that allows for easy navigations and understanding which themes may be the most appropriate for your use. A few of the best selling themes on Themify includes:

  • Shoppe, a popular WordPress theme great for WooCommerce users
  • Ultra, a fast, lightweight WordPress theme great for multi-purpose blogs

Creative Market

Although not as large as ThemeForest, Creative Market has a cozy community with themes and templates that are well designed, almost a handcrafted feel. Creative Market also encourages their independent shops set up by developers, so the whole site and marketplace really feel like a good support system for unique designs. The only real downfall in Creative Market is that the members, products, and shops are a little out of balance, meaning there are about 25,000 shops, 4 million members, and 2 million products, not a whole lot of interchange going on, so your site may not be as customized as you’d like it to be. Here are a few of the top themes and templates on Creative Market.


For high-quality themes and templates, ThemeFuse is certainly the way to go. ThemeFuse is a single developer marketplace with little to no third-party plugins. You can’t escape the subscription-based theme sites and ThemeFuse is no exception, however, a membership to ThemeFuse will guarantee you access to all of their products, either yearly or for a lifetime. ThemeFuse has a large database of templates and themes, much more diverse than most other WordPress developer sites. On the flip side of this is the fact that a lot of the templates do look similar but make up for this by offering a plentiful array of design options.


Great Themes and Templates

Now that you have an idea of where to find popular themes and templates, what about which themes are the best for your website? Selecting a specific theme is crucial—maybe you are going for minimalism, or perhaps you are a photographer and need a template that will showcase your work, or you might need a theme with a great eCommerce plugin that will make it easy for customers to purchase your products. Are you looking to host different languages on your site? Then make sure you find a template that will support multilingualism. Whatever the case may be, there is a template designed for it. Even basic templates have features where you can customize based on the aspects you require for your site.

Even if these specific themes do not match your needs, you will have an idea of which templates are the most popular for each category. You will also notice what each of these best selling themes have in common: a simple design and structure with easy installation. As they say, a little bit goes a long way.

Image Rich Themes

Looking to display your photography or highlight images on your website? Two great themes are Lenscap and Composition. Both of these themes will broadcast stock photography, your own personal photography, illustrations, independent designs, or any image you want to be the main focus of your site. Lenscap tends to be for more beginners, with limited customization, but selected so these features are popular, with a simple set up, and easy to use. Composition is a more advanced template, offering countless ways to design and set up your images.

eCommerce Marketplace Themes

If you have a membership-centered site with digital downloads or are looking for something that is WooCommerce friendly, then these themes may be the best fit for you. Cactus is a theme that offers easy navigation, multiple content areas, and even multilingual options. Cactus is a modern theme that leans towards being marketplace oriented, but also diverse enough where it feels like it is more than a membership site. Checkout is another theme designed for membership sites. Checkout is a simple design and meant for more beginners when it comes to choosing templates. It doesn’t have as many features as Cactus, but that may be a blessing in disguise when you are looking for a theme where you don’t have to overcomplicate the customizable aspects. If you’re a more advanced developer, Shoppe may be the best option for you. Shoppe has multiple skins and is extremely flexible when it comes to customizing the template to your needs. Powered by WooCommerce, Shoppe can be tweaked to really reflect the individuality of your online store.

Furniture and Design Themes

Do you want to feature furniture or devote a page to perfect interior designs? Loft and Hive are great minimalist themes that can highlight the best of the best. Hive is multifunctional, featuring a clean, easy to read format. Hive also supports multilingual, translation ready content. The homepage for Hive is a grid layout and this template also boasts multiple archive pages for that perfect balance of content and images. Appropriately named Loft, this template is great for businesses that deal heavily in images for interior design or modern furniture. Loft is perfect for beginners new to designing a website. There is an omnipresent navigation bar, a plentiful surplus of buttons, custom widgets, room for reviews and testimonials.

Magazine and News Themes

Is your site going to be content heavy, filled with articles, reviews, or magazine related work? The Thinker is a theme that brings out the best for bloggers, reporters, and writers alike. The Thinker is minimalist; relying on its gorgeous typography for an excellent, clean design. This is another beginner-friendly template that also supports multilingual content. Another template to consider is Noozbeat, a more modern take on magazine and news content. The homepage is grid-based and has areas that can display ads. You can upload a custom logo, widgets, and your social media connections. Noozbeat is a great template to support viral content and display your best pieces.


These are just a few templates in the vast world of WordPress themes. There are thousands of more categories like music, currency, political, environmental, scientific, and those are just to name a few. If your site is a niche category, you probably aren’t alone (and if you are, generic templates can cater to what you need). Your website, whatever the subject may be, there is a theme that is the perfect fit, and if you can’t find anything in the specific categories you are searching, a generic business theme can be extremely beneficial when customized to your needs.

Now you are armed with the knowledge of where to purchase and download themes and even which specific themes are the most popular for certain categories. After much research on WordPress functionality, the main message is the simpler the better. Bells and whistles are nice, but overloading your site with them can create disarray. Remember this as you begin your relationship with WordPress and developer marketplaces and while you are on the hunt for that perfect template, theme, and plugin for your site.

12+ Cool WordPress Themes and Templates

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