Step by Step Guide on Converting MTS Software Demo Video for Mobile

Converting MTS Software
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Have you just prepared a software demo for the latest program from your company? A winning software demo will be much needed when you will be launching the software in the market for your customers. Is it an HD video? That’s great! And, you must have chosen the MTS format which is best for storing HD videos on Blu-ray and AVCHD discs.

However, there is a catch. MTS videos are too big for mobile phones. It’s a “smart” world today where your potential customers are always glued to their mobile phones.  Thus, when you are looking to target them, you have to send a mobile-friendly demo video.

So, how to do that? Well, in this case, you will have to convert your MTS video into a mobile-friendly version. And you will need a video converter program here. Movavi Video Converter is a highly recommended suggestion. The software is compatible with almost any video format and is a breeze to use. You can go through for more information.

This post here will show you how to convert your MTS video with the help of a video converter program.

Download & install

It all starts with the download and installation of the converter software in your system. You will get installation instructions with the software.

Add your MTS video

The next step is to add your MTS file to the video converter program. Find the button that enables users to add media. It would be easily accessible from the converter program window. When you find,  click on it. It will further open up a list where you will see an option to add a video. Just click on it to reach and bring your MTS file to the converter program window.

Select file format

This is where you will have to select the format in which you wish to convert your MTS file. As you want to convert the video into a mobile-friendly version, MP4 will be a great option. If you want the conversion for a specific mobile device, just click on the “Devices” tab. It will allow you to choose the mobile device model for your video.

Convert your file

Now, we have reached the final stage of our conversion process. This is where you will have to send the video for conversion. But before that, you should select the output folder for the converted file. When you will convert the file, it will be automatically saved in the library of the converter software. But if you choose the output folder beforehand, the file will be sent to that folder after conversion. To do that, go to the Folder tab and click on it to specify the output folder.


Then, you will send the file for conversion. Look for the “Convert” tab. As you find it, click on it. Immediately, the converter program will convert the file into your chosen format. Wait for a short while. After conversion, the file will open up in your selected output folder.

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