The opinions category features our random opinions regarding certain topics. Our opinion related posts include theories and supported opinions about the industry, with supporting references. We want to share our opinions as a way to better engage with our audience.

Easy Camera Hacks

Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You Into An Expert

When it comes to photography, there is a rabbit hole which leads to a plethora of information requiring decades to fully master. But you...
Are Soundbars Worth It Now?

Are Soundbars Worth It?

Sometimes, all you need is a good soundbar. In recent times, TV sound quality has taken a downturn in productivity. As TVs have gotten...
Bloggers Increase Your Affiliate Income

How to Increase Affiliate Income in 2019?

We all know that affiliate marketing is the process of being rewarded with a commission when promoting a product from another person or company....
What Is A Vlog or Blog

What is a Vlog or Blog?

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen. Thinking about starting a new vlog or blog too? It’s tempting to want to put your voice...
Best Monthly Graphic Design Service

Design Pickle is the Best Monthly Graphic Design Service

You have launched a new business and now you are working on getting yourself all situated online. However, you are at a crossroads: Do...
Blogging Dads Make Money

Should Dads Blog to Make Money?

All you blogging dads out there! Please stop giving away all your great advice for FREE on websites like Facebook and Twitter. It's great to have...
What Is Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen. John Hanke is an unassuming man from a tiny Texas town who learned how to code in...
Design Pickle Unlimited Graphic Designs

Design Pickle Unlimited Graphic Design Ideas

You have seen advertisements for Design Pickle and their unlimited graphic designs.  You might be wondering what they are and what you can do with...
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