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Woman and his wearables such as the Apple Watch

Dressed in Data Wearables, IoT and Privacy Concerns

Wearable technology is gaining in popularity for many different uses and just like any other type of technology being adopted massively, wearables present privacy...
The Best SEO Management Tool is SEMrush

Best SEM & SEO Management Tool – SEMrush Review 2019

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the system that focuses on generating traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search...
Camera Phone vs Digital Camera

The Camera Phone vs Digital Camera

Just 10 years ago, digital cameras were the tech to have, especially for teenagers and parents of young children. How else were you going to...
A Design Pickle Review

Design Pickle Review – Cheap Unlimited Designs

This is our simple design pickle review. Graphic design means a designer who is capable of designing the arts of illustration, typography, and photography....
Should You Start Blogging For Money?

Should You Start Blogging for Money?

Yes, you should! However, blogging for money should not be your main priority as a new blogger. To survive as a blogger, you need...
Bloggers Write Books: Why New Bloggers Should Write A Book Too

Why Do Professional Bloggers Write Books?

Professional bloggers write books for several reasons. We all should write books to speed up the brand growth process. Think about all of those high-quality articles...
Why You Should Use Mangools Suite of Keyword Research Tools

Use Mangools Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Mangools keyword research tools are reliable and affordable. Finding your next set of long tail keywords for SEO will be easy when using Mangools...
Why So Many Blogs Shut Down?

Why Do Most Blogs Shut Down?

Blogging is hard and most blogs shut down too soon. If you think you can make money within a year of blogging, you should quit...


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