Should I Buy A Desktop or Not?

You are probably asking yourself if you should buy a desktop computer. Probably not!

Many years ago a desktop computer was the best option available before we were hit by the gigantic wave of technological evolution. This tech explosion changed the computer industry for all of us… thankfully, stuff got cheaper.

Today, as millennials, when we look back, those days don’t seem far off when we had to sit down in one location, often at school or in a library just to gain access to a desktop computer shared multiple times each day.

Seriously, a laptop will most likely be the best option for you. With a laptop, you never have to deal with being stuck to one location again. Convenience and portability are the best reasons for any user to buy a laptop instead of a desktop.

Should I Buy A Desktop?

Unless you are some kind of power user, then you don’t need a desktop. So in our opinion, the answer to the question of “should I buy a desktop” would be… NO.

The best choice at the moment is Microsoft Surface or Apple MacBook Pro.

In this article, we will provide you with a few reasons why we believe you do not want or need a desktop computer.

Desktop Computers Have Less Availability

First things first, with the swift emergence of laptops and their overwhelming demand, the number of companies and dealers who sell desktops are very less in number which in turn makes it difficult for computers to get one that is simply amazing, without relying on a custom build.

Another factor that stems out of this one is that the amount of money that you have to invest such as HD monitors, power supplies, comfortable computer desk, and a few other things that add to the cost of a desktop setup.

Desktop Computers Are Inconvenient

Gone are days when users had to deal with sitting in uncomfortable seating or unfavorable computer setups. With the nature of jobs that most people are assigned to, sitting for long hours in front of a desktop doesn’t seem to be a wise decision at all.

The lack of mobility further establishes the fact that they may not be the best choice for some users as they will require some effort when it comes to changing locations.

Desktop Computers Bulky Design

Finally, their design seems to be out of date and lacking innovation. The laptops are getting more powerful and small but desktop computers haven’t made any major changes in years.

Computer monitors are often not supported with optimum light and the big bezel screens are wasteful. The large size of many desktop computers require a lot of space and all the wires are annoying to deal with for some users.


The reason many young adults are buying desktops is because of the online streaming wave. However, most users don’t need a desktop computer these days and can benefit from the portability of a laptop. So unless you have to process a lot of data, plan to do online streaming or heavy video editing, you won’t need a desktop computer.


Should I Buy MacBook Pro or Not?

Apple has launched many amazing gadgets with lots of advanced features.

Buyers may even get confused to make the best purchase decision among this huge collection.

Should I Buy A MacBook Pro?

In our opinion, if you are a casual user or a creative looking to invest in a reliable laptop that will last for several years then a MacBook Pro is a great investment.

These laptops are highly powerful and will provide the fast performance you need for school, office work, simple gaming, and most creative projects.

However, if you are still asking the question, “Should I Buy Macbook Pro or Not”, it is a good idea to check out our feature list below.

We hope we can help you with your purchasing decision.

Improved Keyboard

The new keyboard for the MacBook Pro is great now, the earlier models had some serious issues 🤷🏽‍♀️. Users report seamless experience while typing on Apple’s third-generation butterfly keyboard. The slim and elegant typing surface gives an amazing feeling. The best thing about this latest keyboard is how quiet it is when typing. Other than this, Apple has added a silicone membrane under the keyboard to prevent debris from getting trapped under each key.

Touch Bar Customization

Now the MacBook Pro keyboard changes based on the app you are currently using. One of the most interesting additions is its customized touch bar. The Touch Bar is a great addition to the keyboard as it allows dynamic keys on the static keyboard. Apple has allowed third-party developers to get access to this feature to create a more user-friendly experience for most users.

Fast Processors

Apple does a better job of future-proofing their laptops now since they do not allow users to switch out the hardware. Apple has a trend of jumping to the next advancement of processors as soon as they feel it meets their standards.

Many users hate this but most casual users won’t notice anything with Apple being a few months behind since most laptop users will never hit max processing with their processors. At the moment, the current models of MacBook Pro available are probably their best, it’s definitely worth buying if you are a young adult.


How can we forget to talk about the latest Bluetooth 5 specs? It comes with several advancements over the previous version, i.e. Bluetooth 4.2.

The updated Bluetooth 5 is capable enough to sacrifice data rate during low-energy communications over longer ranges. The updated Bluetooth can ensure communication up to super long distances while consuming lesser bandwidth, up to 800 feet. You will love how fast you can transfer movies, songs, and more between your tech gadgets.

Powerful Speakers

Young adults are always interested in getting powerful speakers so that they can enjoy their music. You will get great clear sounds from the new MacBook Pro as it is loaded with powerful dynamic speakers.

Enhanced RAM capacity:

The latest MacBook Pro comes with more RAM capacity, finally. You can enjoy up to 32GB of RAM instead of the limited 16GB. Apple has also added DDR4 over the previously used LPDDR3… Basically, it is much faster than the older version and has a better battery life because of the change.

Touch ID User

This was a nice security feature added to their MacBook Pro laptops. It simply allows multiple users to log-in using a fingerprint sensor. The Touch ID is very secure and allows users to enter passwords to their favorite websites with a quick fingerprint scan.


With all of these amazing laptop features, it is definitely a great choice for most shoppers out there. If you are trying to do heavy video editing, intense gaming, or programming with machine learning… then you’ll want to get a powerful Mac desktop or a Windows PC!


Which Mac Should I Buy?

You are searching for a new Mac computer and this is why you are here.

There is definitely a Mac that is right for you. And the great news is that Apple has launched several versions of Mac within the past few years, and they are loaded with many amazing features.

We hope this quick article should help you answer the question of “Which Mac Should I Buy” today.

Should I Buy A Mac Laptop?

For the laptop lovers out there, which Mac laptop should you buy? Here is a simplified overview of the best Mac laptops available in the market.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air prices are as low as $999!

It is the most affordable laptop from Apple that is available as a great choice for anyone looking for a new 13-inch laptop. MacBook Air is the best choice for budget-conscious buyers, and at the same time, it is a versatile choice as well.

This laptop from Apple comes with a 1.6 GHz dual-core i5 processor where RAM is extended up to 8GB. Also, it has integrated Intel UHD Graphics 617 technology. You will be glad to know that Apple has stated that you’ll get at least 12 hours of battery life with their MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro prices are as low as $1,199!

The new models of MacBook Pro were released last summer and are loaded with some new technology that many casual users love. Users of the new MacBook Pro can ensure a seamless experience with its Touch Bar interface that is located on the top of the keyboard. There are four different models in the 13-inch version and two models in the 15-inch version. You can ensure enhanced experience with its third-party app supports.

Our Mac laptop opinion: For all the new streamers and gamers out there, you can do almost anything on these laptops but do not think you can play the big and new online games on these laptops. These laptops are amazing machines but gaming is just not a priority at the moment.

Should I Buy A Mac Desktop?

For the desktop lovers out there, which Mac desktop should you buy? Here is a simplified overview of the best Mac desktops available in the market.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini prices are as low as $799!

Manufacturers have finally updated Mac Mini and launched a new version recently in the year 2018. It comes with 8th Gen Intel Core i3 – Core i7. This modern age unit comes with 128 GB – 2 TB PCIe-based SSD and the RAM capacity can be 8 GB to 32 GB. It is one of the fastest Mac systems designed by Apple.

If you are planning to buy a powerful computer to handle your routine projects, it is good to choose one of these above discussed Mac systems. Make sure you compare the specs as per your requirement and pick the one that fits your budget.


iMac prices are as low as $1,299!

The new iMac comes in two screen models: 27-inch and 21.5-inch. The iMac is a powerful all-in-one solution from Apple, but it is not portable. This Mac is more suitable for video editors, designers, and programmers. The latest versions of iMac are released with amazing RAM improvements, better graphics, and faster processors. Users often find it more attractive with its small bezels and large screen. Apple has designed the new iMac with an awesome 5K retina display for the 27-inch version and 4K retina display for the 21.5-inch version.

iMac Pro

iMac Pro pricing starts at $4,999!

Here is another model from Apple with a 27-inch screen but it is usually much expensive. However, you can get more features with the more expensive model. Experts recommend this system for video editors, professional designers, and all those who need higher processing power for rendering jobs. If you are a college student working in some creative field that demands powerful computers to complete projects, the iMac Pro may be a good choice.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro pricing starts at $5,999!

The most powerful Mac computer available is the Mac Pro. This is a powerful and customizable beast of a computer that is pretty much only recommended for the total power users out there. The base model has an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, Radeon Pro 580X graphics, 256GB solid-state drive for storage, and 32GB of memory. The Mac Pro will easily be able to handle any task that you throw at it. And at this price point, you are most likely already aware and knowledgeable of what you need to buy for your perfect setup.

Our Mac desktop opinion: These desktops are able to have fun and keep up with some of the streaming and gaming requirements. However, if your main priority is gaming or streaming, you may still want to invest in a Windows PC because most of the simple to use software aren’t Mac-friendly.


Should I Buy Mac or Not?

The most common dilemma amongst the buyers today is whether or not purchasing a Mac would be a good option.

To answer your question, we cannot help but consider a few factors which according to us are inevitable when procuring an electronic that is usually accompanied by a high price range.

Should I Buy Mac

There is one thing that we cannot help but accept that Apple as a company has always considered the needs of their customers and lived up to their expectations.

The range when it comes to Mac products is almost unbeaten and proof enough that the company keeps updating their products as and when available and strives their best to fabricate innovations that have so long been unknown to the world.

Owing to the variable requirements and conditions in which one would be using a Mac, we have tried to furnish a few advantages and drawbacks that almost perform equally irrespective of these changes in characteristics.

Multiple OS Support

Every Macbook has been designed to host two different platforms of the operating system; one of them is the OS X itself, and the other can be anything amongst Linux, Windows and all the other OS commonly used.

The BootCamp program will allow you to install these operating systems faster and the process is much easier when compared to the other devices. Additionally, altering your usage between these two systems is hassle-free too.

Mac Are Convenient

If you have installed your Mac within the i-network, getting tasks done within it is invariably simple and fast. If you have earlier been a user of Windows, the initial days might seem troublesome, but once you are past that phase, getting acquainted with your Macbook would be the easiest thing ever.

Moreover, if you have always experienced stress about the periodic appearance of viruses in your computer, using the Mac will reduce this anxiety by a huge margin even though we are not completely denying its possibility to develop malware.

Mac Has Genuine Customer Support

Mac is known for its genuine customer support, their customer support professionals will lend out their hands of assistance whenever the need arises. This is the reason why today, Mac has been regarded as the leading brand that attains the maximum number of positive feedbacks from their customers. Besides, their unique delineation and eccentric patterns of software are a clear winner.

Mac Has Long-Lasting Appeal

Lastly, when it comes to electronic gadgets, every aspect of its construction matters; starting from their outlines to the memory it supports. Mac has always been on the highest point when it came to designing; their sleek and sheer design that is inordinately lightweight and is available in intriguing colors fascinates most of the customers and is a ruling contributor in the increase of market demand.

Therefore, if you have been thinking about, ‘should I buy a Mac?’, we would suggest you take the plunge, but only if you have the money to support your Mac.

Finally, the speed and agility that comes along with the Mac makes your approach to a task more simplified and integrated and justifies every penny that has been spent in obtaining it.


Should I Buy PC or Not?

Even though PCs technically refers to both Windows and Mac computers, most people refer to PCs as the computer running Windows computer and Macs as Apple’s macOS computer.

Personal computers, or PCs, are often seen as powerful computers running the Windows operating system. These PCs are capable of all types of exciting tasks such as simple word processing to advanced tasks such as video processing.

Should I Buy PC

We will not fail to admit the fact that with the inception of laptops and Mac, the world of computers has changed forever and whenever a company wishes to come with innovation, they are first implemented in the laptops and then taken forward.

We cannot completely exclude laptops from this comparison given the pointer that they too become subjects of experimentation when it comes to screen size, sound utilities, and operating systems. Therefore, if you want an answer to your question of ‘should I buy PC?’ when on a budget and we would pass a green signal for the following causes.

PCs Are Better For Gaming

Nothing can beat the performance of a PC when it comes to gaming, not even Macs; the huge screen and the accompanying ambiance is something that cannot be matched. From furnishing the machines with high-quality graphics cards and hardware to designing them to stand the test of agility, PCs work as the absolute best.

A Variety of PC Makers

Unlike Mac, PCs provide a wide array of options for the customers to choose from. As they are designed by almost all companies, the influence of the market competition has only helped them to perform better. Not only will you have options in case of their hardware and software; there is a design for every budget thus bringing them into the reach of the common.

Moreover, the versatility of the PCs also depends on the methods in which they are put to use, and hence, the variety automatically increases.

PCs Are Upgradeable

PCs can be upgraded and configured more readily when compared to its contemporaries, even Mac. The field of configuration covers all the areas of the PC including its processor, hard drive, port, memory, cases, display, and all the other components. Additionally, when it comes to PC, the software recourses available for it in the Windows are larger.

Like in Mac, where each of the programs is individually designed to serve the needs of the distinct mechanism, in PCs too, the software is wide, but not necessarily useful.

Frequent Updates With PCs

When we talk about endowing a PC with the latest update, their age doesn’t matter. If your PC has been in use for the past 6-7 years, it can effortlessly install the most recent version of Windows and successfully run it.

An interesting fact that we think you should know is more than half of the computers used around the world are PCs and for obvious reasons; one of them is the easy availability of accessories that come in fascinating variants and are much cheaper in comparison to Mac.

More Adaptability

Lastly, the easy adaptability of the PCs to new products and innovations is unparalleled. It’s widely supported by developers so getting access to any kind of program or app is usually easy. Sometimes, Mac users have issues finding certain types of programs.


Should I Buy A Laptop or Not?

You should buy a laptop if you aren’t doing any heavy-duty work.

The world of computers and mobile phones are the two aspects of the technological world that have undergone the most changes and we can classify them as good ones.

From being discovered as a huge and heavy machine that had to be fixed at a single place for it to function to be able to carry it around in a tiny bag, the change has been overwhelming.

Should I Buy a Laptop?

If you are still asking the question, “should I buy a laptop” then you should continue reading below. We have highlighted the best reasons why you should buy a laptop instead of a desktop.


Portability is a huge privilege that accompanies a laptop; in this swiftly moving world, we cannot tell for sure when or where the need to perform a technical task would arise and in situations where you have strict deadlines, you cannot wait to get back home and then get started with your assignments, in which case you will be labeled as unprofessional.

Therefore, to be on the safer level of the radar, get your hands on a lightweight laptop that you can carry in your bag every day.

Swift Data Transfer

Gone are those days when you had to perform a series of steps and needed a set of accessories to transfer data from your phone or register to the computer. Today, with a laptop in use, you can transfer information from any device to your laptop in just a blink of the eye which thereby enhances its standard of convenience.

Connecting the device through Bluetooth or simply linking the laptop to it with a USB cable will instantly do the job for you sans the virus that has the highest chance of attacking your computer through a pen drive.

Saves Energy

Using a laptop will inevitably reduce your electricity bill when compared to desktops and PCs and rightly so.

The laptops don’t need to be served with a continuous source of power; once the battery is full, you can use it for prolonged hours and depend upon its remaining life and the situation you are in, turn on the power saver mode that will ensure that the longevity of the battery life is stretched for you to complete the emergency tasks.

High-Quality Screens

In the entire family of computers, laptops are the only kind that has been provided with the highest quality display; you can choose from an entire range of distinct LCD screens that have been remodeled from their ancestors used in the desktops.

The pictures and letters displayed on it are clearer and comes with the latest technology that can adjust the crispness of the objects as per your requirements. As a result of this, the colors are brighter and each of the gradients comes out separately to improve the overall appeal.

Easy Repair

Finally, the laptops provide the easiest platform to repair or replace some of its internal parts without much hassle. The latest laptops would only require to pull out the RAM or hard drive keeping the rest of the portion intact and therefore sparing you the labor of assembling the whole thing.


There are so many reasons to buy a laptop.

Overall, laptops are a great choice for entertainment, educational needs, and simply connecting to the Internet. You can always find laptops to buy from reliable companies such as Apple or Microsoft.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Laptop, Desktop, and Mac?

The face of computers has been making galloping progress for quite some time now and with the range of options available in each of its distinct categories have made it all the more difficult for one to evaluate the functions and value of each.

Thus, in this article, we are going to keep aside the specific characteristics and discuss the overall advantages and disadvantages of investing in a laptop, desktop, and Mac so that you can arrive at a calculated decision and know what to buy and whatnot.

Laptops Pros

The biggest advantage of investing in a laptop is its portability and simplistic and time-effective methods of repair. With the changing needs of the professional world, in order to adapt to the latest terms, one must design ways that come with lesser risks and more convenience, and a laptop works exactly in the same manner.

There is a wide range of options to choose from and in turn a larger number of companies that manufacture these devices based on the market competition and customer needs. If you are looking for something that will perform all your assignments at once and save a considerable amount of time, then the laptops are the best choice.

Laptops Cons

The only difficulty with laptops is that they are not quite sturdy; one needs to handle them with the utmost care and protect it from every bit that carries chances of exposing its vulnerability. Also, when you are investing a huge sum to procure the computer, your expectations of using it over the years and invariably aren’t fulfilled.

Thanks to it’s lightweight and size, the laptop can accidentally fall and immediately show signs of damage, or sometimes, one can forgetfully leave it back in the vehicle that was riding them back home.

Desktop Pros

The most crucial pro of a desktop computer is its affordable price; if you are someone who has just started his career and initially cannot afford to purchase a high-end laptop or PC, then the desktop is the best choice.

Moreover, desktops are highly customizable, meaning if you wish to add or subtract certain hardware to replace it with something that serves your needs with enhanced efficiency, you can always do that.

Desktop Cons

The list of cons that are associated with a desktop computer seems endless; but on narrowing down to three most glaring ones, we are left with firstly, its LCD screen looking at which for prolonged hours can strain the eyes and lack clarity, secondly, its size which inevitably takes up a huge portion of the room and lastly, the slow and obsolete mechanisms that would run slowly and take up a lot of time of yours to complete a single assignment.

Mac Pros

If you take a survey around the world, you will find that most people are loyal users of Mac and to them, nothing suits their needs any better and justifiably so. Starting from its sleek and feather-weight style to the versatility, from its simple user-interface to its vulnerability to lesser viruses, it all adds up to hail Mac as the most popular version of computers in every corner of the technological spectrum.

Additionally, Mac’s customer service ranks the best and prompt source of assistance when the user faces trouble with his device.

Mac Cons

The number of cons in the case of Mac is arguably small. The only two disadvantages that we think might bother a customer is its lack of variation as they are manufactured single-handedly by Apple and the other one being its high price and lack of efficiency when used in a network outside of Macbook.


Are PCs Better Than Macs for Children?

PCs have ruled the world of computers for the longest time and considering the versatility of the machine, it can be safely said that they are here to stay.

Statistics have proven that children are the highest users of PCs and justifiably so. In the following section we will be discussing the reasons that have led to the firm belief that for a child, PCs are the better option.

In this article, we will justifying why PCs are better than Macs for children.

Easy interface

When we talk about children, we must keep in mind that they are still in their learning phase; irrespective of their degree of experience and comfort when presented with a machine. PCs are the best choice when it comes to learning and practicing their skills because acquaintance with this computer will assist them at familiarizing themselves with its contemporaries which are the desktop and laptop.

The PCs contain features from both the desktop and laptop amalgamated into one. The mechanism of performance is similar and allows children to work under any required condition.

Best for gaming

More than the technical usage, children are fascinated by the privilege of gaming. No other version of computers can beat the performance of a PC when it comes to gaming; from experiencing the whole virtual setting on a huge LED screen to using the best processor and graphics card, it all adds up to procure the user with a life-like feel.

Furthermore, the motherboard is generated with diverse options of chipsets depending upon the user’s interest and frequency of engaging it and gaming along with an enhanced memory up to 16GB and more that ensures that the other programs do not hamper the speed and flexibility of the game and curate the children with the fulfillment they have been looking for.


For a kid who is getting started with his lessons in the computer, PCs are the wisest choice because of their convenience that stems from the portability of a laptop and simple user interface of a desktop.

Starting a personal computer and employing it to perform tasks is as easy and time-effective as a mobile phone. Moreover, the flat display of the PCs play a very crucial role here; firstly, their size makes it easy for the user to read and pay attention to every little detail portrayed on it and creates an even format unlike the desktop to make pictures and graphics appear clearer and better.

Develops healthy practices

Lastly, the PCs are a suitable choice for the young because they help in breeding good computer habits in them. Quite different from laptops that can be used anytime, anywhere, practicing on a PC will bind them to the time limit and keep them off the extra hours of gaming and recreational activities that render their daily routine.

Such a disciplined approach is indispensable when a young person is only starting his journey. Spending long hours with the laptop at the initial stages would otherwise result in addiction and form harmful distractions.