What are the Essential iPhone Accessories Under $90?

Do you have an iPhone in good condition? ✅
Are you looking for essential iPhone accessories under $89.99? ✅

If your answer is yes then this is the article for you. We will quickly discuss a few of the essential iPhone accessories designed to increase functionality and keep your iPhone safe.

USB Car Charger

The second most essential iPhone accessory is the car charger (the first is the charger you should already have). A USB car adapter is extremely important for all iPhone users, young and old. If you’re in the car for any amount of time, take advantage of the car trip and charge your iPhone. With a good USB car charger, you can charge an iPhone or another device while traveling. Simply put, you need a car charger if you do not have one already then look into a dual USB charger so you aren’t hogging the car charger.

Support Rings

The support ring has a simple design that changes the way you use your iPhone. The support ring has a sticky adhesive that attaches to your phone allowing you to do 360º rotation and a 180º turns. With this support ring on your iPhone, you can get a better grip on your device with one hand as well as angle it on flat surfaces to watch videos. No longer just a trendy attachment, support rings are essential iPhone accessories for younger users.

Also check out PopSockets, a new accessory similar to support rings. These PopSockets are flat at the top to allow designers to create some outrageous tile-based designs for customers.

Protective Case

The delicate iPhone needs protection. The most common issues with the iPhone are it being dropped and shattering into millions of pieces. This is one of the most common problems in terms of damage to the iPhone. One of the most important things you should do is acquire a protective case. Although the design of the iPhone is quite characteristic, you need to get a good case and not worry about the appearance. In our opinion, Spigen and Otterbox make the best iPhone cases for keeping your iPhone damage-free.

Screen Protector

The screen of your iPhone is precious, it is definitely your main focus area so it must be protected at all times. You spend hours looking at it and any bumps can scratch it, sometimes even crack it. For this reason, it is important that you get a screen protector to prevent your device.

Solar Powered Charger

Tired of running out of battery when you’re away from home? Well thanks to this innovative accessory, you’ll not have this problem anymore. Charges are essential iPhone accessories, and if you’re expected to be on the go then try looking at these cool solar chargers for your iPhone. With these charges, you will not have to remember to pack your iPhone charger.

Solar batteries are great essential iPhone accessories.

AirPod Alternatives

The AirPods are awesome (we won’t lie if you have an extra $200 get some AirPods) but most people aren’t ready to pay so much for those headphones. The style of those AirPods really took off (as usual with Apple products). And yes, AirPods are one of the best iPhone accessories available as they are a great alternative to traditional wireless headphones.

Luckily, there are many alternatives that are just as good and under $90! The following AirPod alternatives are essential iPhone accessories for casual fans of trendy wireless headphones.

Although not as cool as AirPods, these wireless headphone alternatives offer great battery life. In addition, they have microphones that have technology that will filter the background noise and focus on your voice.

Essential iPhone Accessories

Most iPhone users have a MacBook Pro or laptop so if you’re interested in more essential accessories, check out our best mini laptop accessories article.


How to Pick A Projector For Home?

Video projectors have lost a bit of prominence due to the arrival of flat-screen TVs, despite this, video projectors continue to be a good alternative in homes and offices. Picking a projector for home is not an easy task, there are factors that we must take into account, and all of them are equally important if we want to achieve high-quality viewing.

A few years ago, people did not hesitate when it came to purchasing a projector, having a projector created a unique viewing experience that a regular TV cannot create. The feeling is like being at the movies, being able to project a move on a flat wall is an incredible way to watch movies (and show off a little for your friend).

Strangely, the market started getting flooded with TVs, bigger and wider TVs, with full HD resolution and huge diagonals. Suddenly, video projectors were a bit displaced by them. Due to the growth of the television market, video projectors had a notable decrease in their prices, returning to be a more than recommended alternative for lovers of home theater.

Luckily, video projectors prices have dropped and many of the current models have the option to connect to a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Before purchasing a video projector, you’ll want to know about a few things that matter such as the luminosity and resolution.


While the television can be seen regardless of ambient light, with a projector we must keep our projection room as dark as possible. The more brightness our projector has, the better we will see the content in environments with light, and the larger we can project the image. The brightness of the projectors is measured in lumens, and for dark environments, it is sufficient between 1,000 and 1,500. If we do not have the option of totally avoiding ambient light, or simply prefer not to do so, we should choose a projector with 2,500 or more lumens to achieve the best image quality.


Another simple rule is that the more resolution, more resolution means clear and high definition images and movies. While many video projectors usually present a resolution of 1024×768, you’ll want something that is at least full HD (1080p) if you want a great home projector theater experience. The resolution of 1024×768 is usually okay for office projectors. For the ultimate home projector theater experience, you’ll definitely want 1080p or even Ultra HD (4K).


As in televisions, contrast is the difference between color and luminosity between the parts of an image. The blacker the blacks and the whiter the whites, the better contrast ratio we will have.

Other Factors

It is important to also take into account the different type of connections supported by the video projector. There are many projectors with a single VGA connection for computers or models with several HDMI connections or component video. If your setup is new then you’ll probably be using HDMI, if your setup is old then you’ll likely be using VGA.

Additionally, you can look at reviews for things such as fan noise or projector shot. The projector shot is simply the ability for a project to reach large projection dimensions only two or three meters away from the screen. Below are the top home and office video projectors that won’t cost over $500. These are the best video projectors available with around 95% positive user rating.

How to Pick a Projector for Home


Are Smart TVs Worth It?

The basic definition of a smart TV is that it is a television set with integrated Internet capabilities. The latest smart TVs offer enhanced computing capabilities and connectivity than a traditional television set. This means that a smart TV can provide internet TV online interactive media, on-demand streaming media as well as home networking in addition to broadcasting services.

Smart TVs Pros

The operating system and software application can be preloaded, updated or installed in the device through an app store comparable to how apps work in smartphones. There are services that remind the owner of preferred programs such as sports just as smart TVs makes organizing various programs simple by bringing together information from the Internet with content from TV providers.

Some device features additional interactive natural user interface technologies for navigation control and other human interaction with a smart TV such as second screen companion devices, spatial gestures inputs, and speech recognition for a natural language user interface.

Smart TVs Cons

There has been an indication that the security concerns linked to smart TVs are real. It is known that it is quite easy to gain access to these TVs’ cameras and microphones. Some smart TVs are known to be vulnerable to hackers who are able to remotely turn on cameras to spy on people and microphones to listen in on private conversations. To add to that, they can also have access to files in the system and install and open apps at their wills. Other security risks such as malware also exist with some smart TVs.

The idea of a smart TV sounds great until you realize that everything that it has to offer, you can get it on the go with your mobile devices. Services such as surfing the internet and listening to online music are part of the difference between a traditional TV and a smart TV but people rarely use these services with a TV. Streaming services are available on mobile devices which are carried around and smart TV is just an addition to the bill for services that are seldom used.

App providers for smart TVs rarely upgrade their apps. There are cases where an app does not support older versions of smart TVs with new updates, an example is Netflix. Years ago, there were reports from The Guardian that some Samsung Smart TV owners complained about the lack of support for older smart TVs. It was reported that after a software upgrade their devices stopped working for days.


The selling point of smart TVs is that they can use internet services unlike the traditional TV sets, some TV networks, and Internet providers have made that difficult. Internet providers can adjust the contents to be received by each TV platform or even block access altogether. Hell back in 2010, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Hulu blocked Google TV-enabled devices from accessing their content.

The best advice is to never get a cheap smart TV or else you’ll have many issues.

Are Smart TVs Worth It


Why Buy a Smart TV?

Is a smart TV for you?
Find out in our take on smart TVs.

Your old TV set is just not cutting it anymore. Now is the time to upgrade to a smart TV. Get ready to shell out some cash for a brand new TV set to go with all that awesome content in your queue – TV series, movies, and even games! But wait! Should you spend your money on the best hardware available or go with a smart TV – the current rage in the market? Read our take to find out if going the smart TV way is really the best option for you!

Real Smart TVs

Thought that idiot box label was going to stick forever? Think again. A smart TV is literally a marketing term invented to cover any TV capable of Internet access to stream media services. These smart TVs are also capable of running apps (mostly entertainment) just like your phone does, with the advantage of fantastic sound and picture quality of a TV set! Not only can a smart TV connect you to the all the fantastic new content available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, smart TVs usually have built-in apps that have access to other forms of on-demand entertainment such as on-demand video, games, podcasts, internet music stations, and web browsers. If you’re big on entertainment then you may want to consider getting a 4K smart TV.

Enhanced Features of Smart TVs

Did you think smart TVs just offered you the same services as that little phone in your pocket – only with a bigger and better screen?

Guess again. The newest smart TVs in the market not only come with built-in apps but cutting-edge features or add-ons like voice recognition and control and the ability to seamlessly integrate with most, if not all of your electronic devices and even communicate with the sensors in the lights and locks in your home – with the breathtaking capabilities of integrated smart home features!

Do You Need a Smart TV

Despite the impressive features and functions of smart TVs, you should be the judge of what provides the most value to you. Smart TVs generally come with an impressive hardware spec sheet, but if you’re in the market ONLY for highest picture quality in your budget range, smart TV may not be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for the best bang-for-bucks entertainment package with internet, TV, voice commands, and smart home functionalities all rolled into one – smart TV may just be the cool nerdy replacement for that old idiot box on your wall or shelf!

Word to the wise, don’t go only by price tags or brands when buying a smart TV. Look for features, functions and of course, hardware specifications and reliability. Below are 4 of the best value smart TVs. Click on a smart TV below and read some of the user reviews from real customers.

Why Buy A Smart TV


Best Fitness Tech Device for Workouts

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus.

With the recent occurrence of New Year’s, everyone has been jumping on the fitness train and recommitting to resolutions that they always make but never quite stick to. Fitness-related resolutions are especially difficult to stick with, especially if you’re not naturally inclined to go to the gym on a regular basis (which makes up the majority of people who resolve to go to the gym more or at all).

Data Heavy Fitness Tech Devices

Although there’s no magical cure-all to keep you going to the gym and sticking to your resolutions, one big incentive is having tangible, measurable goals. Just think about the last time you lost weight – you probably felt a rush of excitement and pride, along with the increased motivation to keep doing whatever lost you the weight in the first place.

The more metrics you track, the better idea you have of your progress and the easier it is to set goals and measure when you’ve achieved them. That’s why investing in a fitness tech device is a great idea to spur along your resolutions and incentivize you to keep going way past the two-month period you normally last. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of the best fitness tech devices on the market so you can make an informed decision about which one suits your needs best.


Apple Watch (Series 3)

Obviously, the Apple Watch (around $329) is more than just a fitness tech device – it’s also a smartwatch and is marketed as such. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do a great job tracking your fitness metrics! This high-tech smartwatch is waterproof and features GPS and its own 4G connectivity. With recording capabilities for a ton of relevant metrics plus expanded functionality, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a great option for people who want more than just a fitness tracker.

Tomtom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker

For those who don’t want to fork out the exorbitant cost of an Apple Watch, the Tomtom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker (around $79) is a great alternative. Not only does this fitness tech device feature all of the relevant stats, but it also offers up to 4MB of storage for songs and Bluetooth connectivity for headphones, so you don’t need to carry your phone with you during workouts. If you do choose to keep your phone handy, however, the Tomtom will display your notifications so you don’t have to be out of the loop. Note that the Tomtom is water resistant but not suitable for swimming.

Fitbit Alta HR

That latest from the renowned fitness tech device company Fitbit, the Alta HR (around $150) reminds you why Fitbit was before and still remains at the forefront of fitness tracking companies. Slimmer and with more functionality than ever, this latest model features sleep tracking sensors and accompanying software since your health isn’t just about your activity level. Tracking calories, activity level, and types of activity, the Alta HR is a great middle-of-the-road fitness tech device that will keep you dedicated to your resolutions well into the year. Note that the Alta HR is water resistant but not suitable for swimming.



Looking for something that doesn’t have you looking at your wrist every 10 minutes. Maybe you don’t like how wrist-borne fitness devices look or feel, or maybe you’re worried about losing them. Let’s show you some alternative wearable fitness tech devices that will help take your workouts to the next level.


UA SpeedForm Gemini 3

This fitness tech device is so subtle that you won’t even notice you’re tracking your activity level! These smart shoes from Under Armour are excellent sneakers on their own, but they up the ante by including excellent fitness trackers right in the soles of the shoes. The Gemini 3’s (around $70 – $150) feature a built-in accelerometer and a groundbreaking “jump test” to determine where your body is before each workout and help you decide how intense the workout should be. With Bluetooth connectivity and options in both black and white, these smart sneakers will help you meet your fitness goals and keep you looking stylish at the same time!

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

The H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor (around $70 – $150) is a popular waterproof activity tracker that actually wraps around your body in order to get super-accurate and detailed information about your activity. The built-in heart rate monitor electrodes track your BPM more accurately than many popular smartwatches. This activity tracker features 100+ sports profiles with real-time voice guidance to help you train. The GPS allows you to track your distance and plan routes. Another large component of this device is the accompanying software and social experience as you compete with friends, family, and strangers. This offers both encouragement and motivation to step up your game and really do your best.

Myontech MBODY AllSport 4 Channel

If you thought the sneakers were a bit much, just check this fitness tech device out. Myontech’s MBODY smart workout shorts are more than just your average fitness tracker. Its EMG (electromyography) sensors detect the electrical activity of your muscles, informing you not only which muscle groups are working, but also how hard. This allows you to target specific muscle groups and balance out your muscles so that they’re all working equally, thereby helping to prevent injury and create a more balanced, well-rounded, fitter you. These insights (and more) are available to you both post-workout and in real time so that you can adjust your exercise in accordance with immediate biofeedback. The sensors also help detect hidden imbalances and weaknesses in your muscles that you probably weren’t even aware of yourself. In this way, the MBODY smart shorts help you curate a personalized, targeted workout and exercise regimen. All of these features and more make the MBODY suitable for anyone, from pro athlete to average Jane or Joe looking to get in shape to someone recovering from an injury or looking to target specific needs, providing you’re willing to pay the high price tag!


5 Best Smart Doorbells for Smart Homes

The smart doorbells listed below are great to have with or without a smart home hub. All of these smart doorbells have a video camera and the ability to send notifications.

SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

Being able to see who is at your front door is an essential security and safety measure to have. The good news is that you can easily set up a very professional system for an incredibly low cost. The Skybell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell provides everything you need for proper front door monitoring. It will even alert you if a person doesn’t press the button. This is ideal to let you know if someone is at your front door acting suspiciously. This is a full-color HD video camera with great quality even at night.

RemoBell Smart Doorbell

The Remobell WiFi Wireless Video Smart Doorbell is revolutionizing the way security is used at homes all over the world. This is one of best smart doorbells available for people who want to be able to see who is at the front door at any hour of the day. It features full HD video with a clear quality and it will let you know if someone has approached the door even if they don’t press the button. It also features audio communication so you can talk to your visitor. This gives it an extra layer of functionality that is also going to increase your safety.

VueBell WiFi HD Camera

Ensuring proper safety measures for your front door at home is essential in modern times. You need to see who is on the other side of the door even if they are not knocking on it or ringing the bell. This is going to help you keep things under control and it will alert you of any suspicious activity at your front door. The HD quality of the video and the included hard wired version give you extra layers of options in order to ensure the most reliable security. It comes with an 18-month warranty and is very durable, based on the reviews.

Ring Video Doorbell

If you are looking to see, to hear or to speak to anyone who is standing at your front door, you will find the Ring Video smart doorbell to be ideal for your needs. It allows for very clear communication between you and the person at the door. It also comes with infrared night vision so you will be able to see a person even in a very dark area. The alerts will be sent to you when someone approaches the door or when they hit the button on the doorbell. Either way, you will be alerted of a person being at your front door and this is always going to be useful for security reasons.

Zmodo Greet

Having proper security at home is important in order to protect your family and your property, but security used to be a little too expensive for most people to invest in it. Now that the digital age has arrived, we are finding very reliable and affordable solutions and the Zmodo Greet WiFi video doorbell is a perfect example of that. It offers high-quality 720P video, continuous cloud recording, and personalized voice messages for the people at the door.

After researching several smart doorbells, I went with the Ring Video. Sadly, I have not had the chance to get it installed because of the hurricane. All of these smart doorbells are great choices but I went with the one that was compatible with Amazon Alexa.


5 Best Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhones

Wireless charging technology is about to get even better now that Apple has finally decided to use this technology. So as usual, the industry will push out hundreds of Qi chargers. As an Apple user, I totally understand why Android users always have jokes. Anyway, let’s talk about some of these awesome Qi wireless chargers compatible with the iPhone.

Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad is a great Qi Wireless charging pads available for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Currently priced under $40, this Belkin Qi 1-amp charger is going to provide a reliable although slower charge for your iPhone. Belkin’s Qi wireless charger has a slim profile and includes a LED indicator, wall adapter, USB cable and a soft charging pad to prevent slipping and scratching your iPhone.

Anker Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Anker Qi Wireless Charging Pad is a popular choice for customers as it cost less than $30 and is reliable. The Anker charging pad offers 2x faster charging compared to some of the other Qi wireless charging pads in this price range. Additionally, this charging pad has a non-slip design and some advanced safety features such as surge protection and temperature control. Anker’s Qi wireless charger includes a LED indicator, USB cable, and a great warranty.

Satechi Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Satechi Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad is another popular wireless charger, based on the mostly positive reviews. The Satechi charging pad is tested to be about 1.4x faster than most wireless charging pads in the sub $30 price range. This charging pad is available in several metallic colors. With a slim profile as well, this charging pad generates less heat and should fit anywhere. Satechi’s Qi wireless charger includes a LED indicator and a USB cable.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Stand has over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon and looks to be a great choice for people looking for a charging stand instead of a charging pad. You can expect the standard features, charging speed and warranty with this charger.

Spigen Essential Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Spigen’s Qi wireless charger has a positive rating over 80% with the customers. Although it is not as portable as the other chargers, it also has the standard features, charging speed and warranty that you can expect from these chargers. If you’re okay with the weird design, then this is likely a good choice to charge your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X.


6 Best Wi-Fi Security Cameras for Home

NetGear Arlo Pro

This is the best wi-fi security camera system on the list but it comes at a premium price. The one camera kit starts at around $220 and has over 8,000 reviews with a 95% positive rating. The wire-free NetGear Arlo Pro is simple to install and use. With a 12-hour rechargeable battery, customer reviews show that battery life isn’t much of a concern. The Arlo Pro has a 100+ decibel siren, wide-angle lens, night vision, 2-way audio, live streaming, and cloud uploading. And the Arlo Pro is Amazon Alexa compatible.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is an Amazon Alexa compatible security cam that is easy to use and setup. This wi-fi security camera has about an 85-90% positive rating with over 6,000 customer reviews. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to mount the camera, plug it in, download the Nest app and have a live stream. The Nest Cam Indoor can stream 1080P video to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This security camera has a wide a wide-angle view that is great in the daytime and nighttime. Additionally, it has night vision, a built-in speaker, and microphone. And for an additional fee, it has Nest Aware. With the Nest Aware feature, you’ll be able to get intelligent alerts, cloud recording, and other cool security features.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera has all of the great features as the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera but is totally waterproof and can be outdoors 24/7. This wi-fi security camera has about a 95% positive rating with almost 3,000 customer reviews. And from the customer reviews, there are no worries of the Outdoor Security Camera being stolen as it doesn’t unplug at the base. Additionally, there are cable clips to help secure it at points. The main concern is someone actually taking heavy duty scissors and cutting the cord. Other than that concern, this outdoor security camera is extremely popular online.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Wireless Security Camera

This wi-fi security camera has over 8,000 customer reviews and around an 85% positive rating. Armcrest and their ProHD 1080P Wireless Security Camera is a great security camera for indoor usage. When my daughter was younger, this was a great camera for monitoring her when she refused to take naps. Now it is being used as a way to monitor the living room at night. Sadly, this wireless security camera doesn’t connect to my Amazon Echo Dot or any voice-controlled smart speakers.

Logitech Circle Wireless

The Logitech Circle is a small security camera with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours per charge. This camera software has a unique feature that creates a 30-second time-lapse video of the day. Additionally, the Logitech Circle has unlimited 1080P streaming, smart alerts, night vision, cloud recording, and 2-way audio.

Belkin NetCam

A budget security camera that gets the job done for under $70. The Belkin NetCam records in 640×480 pixels but it can be connected via Ethernet and wi-fi. Some of the features include email alerts, night vision, and live stream to iOS or Android.