Best Diverse Books for Preschoolers

After taking a short break from blogging about technology and other authors, I decided to make my children book. Besides writing a story inspired by a 5-year old, this book is also one of those diverse books for preschoolers that we need.

My Book Is Called
Anna, Stay In Bed!

Diverse Books for Preschoolers

Also… it’s frustrating seeing so many fun looking books from other authors only to see a picture book with black characters with a story about their cotton fields dreams.

Diverse Books for Preschoolers

There are so many books from new black authors filled with these difficult-to-read cultural themed books that are extremely inadequate and restrictive. These types of diverse books are usually problematic for young black children wanting new books to read.

Children’s books, especially picture books for black kids, featuring people of color often avoid all the fun imagination and creativity of fantasy and focuses on the historical figures and difficulties of being black.

Yes, the past sucks but it’s so weird to read these types of books to children for storytime or bedtime. And no doubt, books about black historical figures are important, but black children picture book authors should be able to write about other aspects of their culture besides the stereotypical narratives.

Diverse Picture Books

The popular black children’s books should not be limited to these stories focused on history. There are amazing children’s books that all kids can love and want to read from new black authors.

Many of the children’s diverse books seem to appeal to the parents more than the children.

Many of these stories are written for the parents who believe it’s important for their toddlers to learn about history at such a young age. Yes… it is important for children to learn about black history, but we should be able to do this while keeping it fun for the children.

Best Books for Preschoolers

I’m currently focusing on picture books with diversity. I want to recommend and support children’s books that can successfully talk about race and culture in an organic way.

Race and culture should not be the driving factor of any of the stories.

As a professional digital marketer and now a children picture book author… I want to help others with their diverse books.

Diverse Picture Books

At the end of the day, I want to support good diverse picture books, no matter who the main characters are and so should you.

Your children will thank you for it later in life. Book publishers asking for black authors need to do better to help the often ignored picture book authors and book illustrators of color. We have more to offer the industry than the same sad stories.

Here is a list of children’s books with diverse characters focused on creativity and imagination without any themes focused on race.


15 Bestselling Books by Famous Black Authors

These are popular fiction and nonfiction books by famous black authors.

These books are now bestsellers in their categories. Additionally, this list only features books published by famous black authors from the new generation.

Bestselling Books from Famous Black Authors

The books listed below have hundreds of positive reviews with mostly positive feedback. You’ll find great books from Samantha Irby, Jessica B. Harris, James Baldwin, and more.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life

Samantha Irby’s We Are Never Meeting In Real Life is like a dramatic comedy in written form as she talks about her frustrating childhood to her current adulting hardships. This black book covers her funny sexual encounters, evolving friendships, and her expectancy of unavoidable truths. Overall this will be a fun read as Irby is definitely one of the most popular famous black authors for our generation as she perfectly blends comedy and literature.

This Is Just My Face

Gabourey Sidibe has always been a favorite of mines, ever since she shared the big screen with Monique in that sad movie years ago. Gabourey’s This Is Just My Face is another one of those great black books, Gabourey talks about growing up in Harlem with her gifted mom and polygamous dad. This book starts with her first job as a phone sex operator all the way to the start of her international fame. She may not be on the best African American writers list yet… but if she keeps it up she will make the cut. Ever since the movie Precious, Gabourey has been a favorite of ours so we can’t wait for her next book.

Awkward Thoughts

We had to get W. Kamau Bell on this list filled with African American writers. This book is great for everyone especially new dads. Mr. Bell talks about many serious issues in his Awkward Thoughts book. He goes has opinions on the joys of fatherhood, law enforcement, and politics. The lighter side of this book discusses comedians, superheroes, and his interracial marriage. This read will be a great look from a black nerd.

The Color of Law

The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein talks housing policy history of the American metropolis. This book discusses prejudices, income differences and the rise of the private institutions. The Color of Law makes it clear that segregation is influenced by the law.

My Soul Looks Back

My Soul Looks Back is a memoir from Jessica B. Harris fascinating life of growing up in Manhattan in the 70s. She talks about being part of a creative circle with James Baldwin to traveling to many countries to being called a bitch by Nina Simone. This book was recommended by a friend on Facebook.

An American Marriage

African American writers that make it to Oprah’s Book Club list usually sell out within hours. Tayari Jones’s An American Marriage tackles racial injustice, death, failure, and expectations. Based on the reviews, this book will have you begging for a follow-up book as well as a TV series.


This is an amazing novel that was written concerning the black female protagonist. It brings out the accurate picture of the era of slavery. It is designed from a white society with the male population dominating alongside science and speculative fiction.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

This is a book that speaks about disappearing and having a feeling that you lost but then again wanting so much to be seen and to be understood. The writer is a New York Times bestseller. She identifies deeply buried emotions that are drawn from past experiences. Through this book, the author gets an avenue through which she makes her truth known.

The Fire Next Time

This is a text that deposes two essays one being a letter addressed to his teenage nephew encouraging him not to succumb to racist ideas that say that being black makes him less of a human being. The second essay titled Down at the Cross is an exploration of Baldwin’s life as a child where there was poverty, struggle with religious mandates and his strenuous relationship with his dad.

Between the World and Me

This was a book inspired by James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time and is an essay addressing the author’s teenage son concerning being black in America. This book cautions him about the danger and difficulty due to the challenge of white supremacy.

Invisible Man

This defines a black man’s search for identity and moves on to be a struggle encountered by many others. The protagonist named Invisible Man does not feel seen by society due to racism. In his experiences, he goes through fortunate as well as unfortunate situations that are driven by the desire to find his place in society.

Bestselling Novels by Famous Black Authors

There are so many great books from black authors. And we haven’t been able to read many of the latest books, however, we have had many recommendations come into our inbox.

Here are a few of the books with extremely high user ratings that were recommended.


These now-famous black authors were able to get their inspiration from the living conditions that were surrounding them at that time. The true stories connected with so many and this formed the basis of many of them being award winners in their individual rights. You’ll enjoy these great books from these famous black authors.

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Best Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners

Finding a good machine learning and artificial intelligence book is the best way to learn about this new technology.

These new concepts have been introduced to us thanks to the amazing technological advancements over the years.

Must-Read Books on Machine Learning and AI

These books focus on the new development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as this new tech has a goal of making life better for mankind. This is why there are so many grants from the government available for projects in this growing industry.

These must-read artificial intelligence and machine learning books are here to help beginners get ahead of the curve when it comes to this awesome new technology.

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

This is written by Oliver Theobald. It is a machine learning book designed to help the learner know how best to build artificial intelligence systems. This is achieved through its efforts to influence your decisions during the organization of projects involving machines.

Programming Collective Intelligence

This is commonly referred to as PCI and stands as the best book for beginners in this field. It is highly recommended especially by re-known data scientists. It was written prior to the advent of the present day material but the contents maintain their esteemed relevance even until this day.

Machine Learning for Hackers

Drew Conway and John Miles Whites’ Machine Learning for hackers is a book that finds its basis in data analysis in R. For this reason, it would serve best beginners who have some basic understanding of R. It tells about the use of the advanced version of R as explored in data wrangling. Through this book, readers will definitely appreciate the relevance of machine learning algorithms and applications.

Machine Learning

Tom M. Mitchell has created one of the best introductory books to machine learning as a concept, skill, and application. Through it, you will get a very informative overview concerning ML theorems together with pseudo code summaries defining their algorithms. What is catchier is the use of examples to enhance the readers understanding of the algorithms.

The Elements of Statistical Learning

The Elements of Statistical Learning is a popular book written by Trevor Hastie. It explores diverse ML algorithms in a mathematical sense but from a statistical standpoint. This book brings out the world as a perfect place owing to machine learning and statistics by association.

Learning from Data

This is also another interesting book that prepares the reader and introduces them to fathom even the complex aspects regarding machine learning. Learning from Data was written by college professors, Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa and Malik Magdon-Ismail. This book was designed similar to a short college course, so the structured chapters will help you retain the information.


Our list of books will assist in your journey to learning about the technology that will improve all of our computational systems. Machine learning and artificial learning are concepts that are preparing the world for the future. They have a lot of benefits in the lives of mankind but just as much, pose a possible threat to the job security of mankind.

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What are the Best Computer Programming Books?

These are some of the best computer programming books available.

The topics of these programming books range from traditional programming to learning algorithms.

All the books mentioned in this article are popular with the programming community for providing in-depth documentation for beginners and intermediate programmers.

Why Computer Programming Books

Computer programming is how programmers are able to teach computers how to do things. Programming is the way of creating a set of instructions or rules for computers applications to follow. These instructions are often referred to as code; so when programmers are coding, they are creating solutions for the tasks or problems that the computer application was designed to solve.

Computer programmers are the reason we have so many cool tech-related gadgets in the world today. Many of them are self-taught geniuses that simply picked up a programming book and started creating.

Below are a few of the books that helped many programmers get started. Look at our pick of highly-rated computer programming books to see why they are recommended.



Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science

This computer science book takes the reader through introductory topics in mathematics used for analysis of algorithms and advanced computer programming. The famous author of this book aims to give the reader a solid foundation in mathematics for solving complex equations, evaluation of massive data, and the detection of elusive trends in the big data. In fact, the authors also make reference to this book in their professional endeavors. This book is a valuable resource for computer scientists and any discipline that makes use of mathematical methods.


Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

CODE presents a user with creative ways of using language and opens a new frontier in the way we communicate with one another. CODE is the work of geniuses who make use of cutting-edge technology to create inventions that cater to the natural needs of humans to communicate.

The author makes use of the objects and language systems we are already familiar with such as Braille and Morse code to create this informative narrative. This computer science book delves into the in-depth explanations of the secrets and workings of computers and other smart devices used for communication in the 21st century.


Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

The first release of CODE COMPLETE by Steve McConnell has been helpful for application developers who create useful software since its release over a decade ago. The latest version of this book contains essential revisions and updates regarding the leading-edge practices for application development. The reader can access hundreds of new code samples that explain the entire procedures of application development. This computer science book is a repository of knowledge base from research, academia, and the world of commercial software development.

Steve McConnell explains effective techniques and critical programming principles in a practical guide, using easy to understand language. This book will elevate your programming skills, stimulate your thinking, and allow you to write quality codes irrespective of your experience level or application development platform. You will discover various programming techniques that help you to achieve the following:

  • Increase your creativity and minimize the complexity of your codes,
  • Leverage collaborative development techniques in your development projects, and
  • Make use of defensive programming techniques that proactively eliminate bugs from your codes.


Introduction to Algorithms

This book starts by helping the user develop the mathematical foundation required for the analysis of algorithms, and applies the skills in solving various problems throughout the book. The user can leverage the tools designed in the early chapters to perform multiple tasks such as data sorting, data structuring, graphs, string algorithms, computational geometry, Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT), parallel models for computations, and many more.

The reader will find the extensive encyclopedic range, down-to-earth exposition, and many important analyses in the book invaluable for elevating programming skills. One of the best resources within this computer science book is the Pseudo-code explanation of algorithms and the proofs of their accuracy. The user gains insight into necessary tools useful for the evaluation of the performance of algorithms.


The Design of Everyday Things

Have you ever wondered how excellent, usable designs are made? The Design of Everyday Things shows you how to go about creating great designs. The author explains the simple principles of making great designs such as intelligent constraints, using natural relationships, and the use of functions and control. The end result is to guide the user to take the appropriate action, at the right time, using the proper control.

Taking inference from this enlightening book, the author explained that the fault is often not with the user but with the product design that neither factor the needs of the user nor the principles of cognitive psychology into the design. Many of the problems include hidden controls, and inconsistent relationships between the controls and functions, the absence of feedback mechanisms, and unreasonable demands for the user to memorize functions.


Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools

When it comes to compiler designs, no other computer science book gives a practical introduction as The Compiler Principles Techniques by Alfred Aho. The reader can gain insights into fine state machines, context-free grammars, and syntax-directed translation.


C Programming Language

This computer science book provides an in-depth guide to the ANSI standard C language programming. The latest edition is a complete rewrite with many additional examples and problem sets used to explain how to implement various language construct. Over the years, K&R has helped C programmers develop well-structured and efficient programs. Developers working with ANSI compilers can take advantage of this same guide also. This book covers the details of the C language and the official C language reference manual. The user can get instant help with ANSI changes, syntax, declarations, scope rules, and many more.


Essentials of Programming Languages

This book gives the student deep insight into the fundamental concepts of programming languages. Most of the necessary information in this book relates to the meaning of programming elements, and the use of interpreters to explain various language elements and the way they work practically. The approach of this book teaches the theory and gives the reader the privilege to practice coding also. The practical approach allows the user to views programming languages from various levels of abstraction while maintaining a connection between the high-level and low-level views.

The MIT Press website contains the complete Scheme codes for all interpreters and analyzers in this computer science book. Moreover, every chapter in this latest edition has been revised, and many additional exercises have been added. This new edition contains extensive revisions which include additional chapters on modules and continuation-passing style. This book is useful for both graduate and undergraduate courses and is also valuable for self-learning to enhance programming skills.


These programming books are the best investment for most programming students. We hope our best computer programming books list will help guide you on your future computer programming career.

Good luck!

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What are the Best Computer Networking Books to Buy?

Computer Networking refers to a connection of various computers connected to each other either through wired (LAN) or wireless means, for the purpose of communication. Computer Networking has been in existence for over 50 years.

Types of Computer Networks

Computer networks come in different typologies. A couple of which includes:

  • Personal Area Network (PAN) – this computer network is used by computer devices used typically by just one person. It works over a few meters.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) – the most used computer network covering a small area, such as a home, or business workspace.
  • Campus Area Network (CAN) – a collection of networks used to create a much wider coverage. It covers a limited geographical area usually academic areas.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) – this computer network covers a broad area, such as regional or national boundaries.
  • Interconnected Network – this involves the connection of two or more different computer networks, such as the Internet, extranets, and intranets.

Best Computer Networking Books

Different computer networking books and learning materials could be used in enhancing one’s knowledge base in the field of computer networking. The list below features the best computer networking books to buy; they are very informative, useful, and excellent for everyone looking for thorough computer networking guides.

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach
by James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross

The book by Kurose and Ross is my first choice, any day, anytime. It guides you through networks beginning with the components of the Internet that are more easily visible from a novice’s view, and then gets you further, one step at a time. It comes in handy for beginners, no prior knowledge required. It is definitely one of the best computer networking books to buy for anyone who is interested in networking.

Networking for Dummies
by Doug Lowe

There are a lot of books on general networking and computer networking setup. One of the best computer networking books to buy is Networking for Dummies. It is a perfect startup book for beginners, it fully dissects the rudiments and basics of computer networking, no list about computer networking books will be complete without including networking for dummies.

Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Practice
by Textbook Equity

When talking about the best computer networking books to buy, that won’t just teach you networking theoretically but also put you through it practically; go for this book. It helps fill the knowledge base gap between implementation and the open-source network specifications by providing a detailed description of the keynote specificities and application tips to computer networking. Reading this book is the beginning of the journey towards unprecedented knowledge of computer networking.

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols
by Richard Stevens

This book is great for understanding the protocols of computers and their working scenarios as they communicate over the internet. It is written by one of the world leading networking gurus. The book is great with clear explanations, clear illustrated diagrams, and thorough demonstration of TCP/IP with references from real diagnostic programs.

Though complex, the Internet operates on simple concepts that anyone can understand. Life itself is a network involving networked applications. Therefore, Understanding how these technologies work is invaluable. The book makes computer networking accessible to everyone and no prior technical knowledge is required to understand it. Definitely one of the best computer networking books to buy.

Network Fundamentals: CCNA Exploration Companion
by Mark A. Dye, Rick McDonald, Antoon Rufi

This is one of the best computer networking books to buy for those who have a little bit knowledge of OSI and turning to TCP/IP. Though it is mainly focused on TCP, it also discusses OSI comparatively. It’s better suited for those with prior knowledge of networking, beginners might find it hard to fully understand the terms and the message it’s trying to pass across.

Computer Networks
by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, David Wetherall

This is an excellent book for academics. It contains thorough topics with detailed expositions. It’s authors: Andrew Tanenbaum and Davis Wetherall describe the inner layers of the network, exploring their functionalities from everything hardware to software applications. For learning purposes, this is one of the best computer networking books to buy. After reading this book, you can check out the Unix Network Protocol Implementation or you can read up on any Cisco or Juniper Associate level certification books for a more hands-on approach.


All the books listed above are a great company on the journey through unraveling the details, know-how, and peculiarities of computer networking. They are a good investment for networking students. We hope our best computer networking books is able to help guide you on your computer networking career!

Best Computer Networking Books

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What are the Best JavaScript Books to Buy?

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is an advanced level, interpreted programming language. It is conceptualized as a dynamic, prototype-based and multi-paradigm language.

JavaScript is the third component of the triad that makes up a web page, with HTML and CSS being the other two. JavaScript is used to add a dynamic component to the web page as it makes most elements on the page programmable. With JavaScript, you can do anything that a regular language like Java does including declaring variables, storing and retrieving values, writing events handlers, and much more. JavaScript can run on virtually any operating system and almost all web browsers.

Best JavaScript Books

There are so many JavaScript programming books out there and only a handful of them are truly amazing. One has to be really careful when buying a JavaScript book these days because there has been a major update to the JavaScript language in ES6, the present JavaScript syntax and style looks quite different from the ES3-ES5. So, the best JavaScript books to buy includes:

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript
by Mark Myers

This is an updated JavaScript learning book that is mostly project based. It assumes a basic expository form and doesn’t require any prior knowledge base. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript is extremely practical with easy to understand examples. This is a great JavaScript book we can recommend any day. and based on the positive reviews,  it is definitely one of the best JavaScript books to buy.

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development
by Jon Duckett

Every JavaScript book list must include this book, it is one of the best JavaScript books to buy for all beginners. JavaScript and JQuery employ a technique that provides a good build up from one concept to the next in a logical way. The book is a great asset for beginners.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
by David Flanagan

This book is an excellent reference guide for people at the intermediate stage of learning. It gives more information than is required for learning just the JavaScript language. The Definitive Guide will take you to an intermediate level within several months.

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY
by Ivelin Demirov

This is also one of the best JavaScript books to buy for visual learners. Learn JavaScript VISUALLY takes a totally visual approach of teaching JavaScript programming to beginners.

JavaScript for Kids
by Nick Morgan

JavaScript for Kids is a beginners’ tool for introducing people to the JavaScript programming language. This is another great book for beginners. If you have any programming experience, you should skip this book. JavaScript for Kids explains the essential parts of JavaScript using interactive and funny illustrations. It’ll help you learn how to build some interactivity using jQuery. The upside to the book is that it promotes good programming concepts like data types and control structures.

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways
by David Herman

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript is an excellent book on JavaScript. Effective JavaScript helps strengthen your understanding of the JavaScript language. Additionally, this book has validated approaches for writing better JavaScript, you’ll learn how to make better choices with your programming styles. You’ll also work better with every facet of the JavaScript programming. Effective JavaScript is without a doubt one of the best JavaScript books to buy.

Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture
by Eric Elliott

Most JavaScript books try to answer the question, “How Do I Use JavaScript?” Based on the hundreds of positive reviews, Programming JavaScript Applications is the book that answers that question. This book has the best content on JavaScript application development and application scaling. Additionally, Programming JavaScript Applications goes over the basics of Node, RESTful APIs, authentication and authorization, feature toggle systems, and other important skills for building web applications.


In the list above are the best JavaScript books to buy. Anyone with the intention of learning the JavaScript programming language should have them. Basically, once you learn more about JavaScript, you will have many opportunities in your programming career.

Best JavaScript Books

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7 Best Positive Books for Black Women

These are a few popular books for black women to read this year. This list contains mostly new books from popular black women authors. In this list, I only mention books above a 90% customer rating. These books for black women have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. Additionally, these books are also highly recommended on GoodReads (a popular website for avid readers).

I hope you enjoy at least two of the books on this list!

The Sisters Are Alright

The most amazing thing about reading this book is that it will take you back in time and allow you to understand and reveal the origins of the Mammy, Sapphire and Jezebel stereotypes. Tamara Winfrey Harris goes into important aspects of life ranging from sex and marriage to beauty and strength. This is a book that interviews women of all backgrounds while making sure that you will enjoy every single page. This is definitely one of the books that every black woman in America should read. It has humor, thrills, drama and can be enjoyed by many demographics.

The Personal Touch

This is a book that teaches you about the things you need to do if you want to be able to succeed in the modern world. Terrie Williams is going to take you on a journey that allowed her to represent some of the most popular and famous actors including the likes of Eddie Murphy. The book gives you a lot of insight on the struggles, the hard work and the process of achieving success, but most of all, it shows you that you need to be consistent and passionate about your work.


This is a book that is dedicated to the process of prayer, but it deals with the subject in a very creative and clever way. This is the kind of reading that really captures your attention because of the fresh approach that it offers. You will love it and you will be recommending it to your friends without a doubt. This is a must-read for anyone who is okay with the subject of prayer being discussed in such an open way.

Year of Yes

This is all about learning to become comfortable with things that often make you uncomfortable. Shona Rhimes has an unconventional but luring writing style. The book itself will make you feel that awkwardness and discomfort as she dives deeper into the subjects. Then suddenly you will be glued to each page of her book. This is a brilliant ride by Shonda and you will want to recommend it to your friends. Year of Yes is an excellent book to gift a black woman that needs her spirits lifted.

The Little Black Book of Success

Do you want to have a successful mentor in your pocket? According to Elaine Meryl Brown, Rhonda Joy McLean, and Marsha Haygood, their book will serve as the ultimate guide for you to achieve that. The truth is that they are not bluffing because they are all highly successful black women who are going to teach you important lessons on how to achieve success in every area of your life. Think of this book as a GPS system that will help you navigate through the most difficult moments.

All the Joy You Can Stand

There are all kinds of challenges in life and being able to achieve financial success is hard, but being happy and feeling joy is an even harder task. Debrena Jackson Gandy will show you the way of finding both happiness and success in a way that is going to make you glad that you decided to read this book. You won’t be able to put her book down until you are completely done with it.

You are a Badass

Another book that the black woman in your life should read. Jen Sincero brings us a book that is unlike anything you have ever read before. Not because the content is unique in terms of the topic, but because of the way she masterfully talks about it, you will laugh and relax during this read. This book will show you how to identify when you are having imposter syndrome. You will learn how to love yourself fully and give yourself the chance to really create the life that you envisioned.

Feel Free

For the first time ever, essayist Zadie Smith has gathered her nonfiction pieces of work together for us. Enjoy these five essays that offer a perspective on important events in politics and culture.



We notice that we enjoy adding to this best book for black women to read list. These books below follow the theme of positivity, however, there is a more serious tone. Instead of simple struggles, these books may have more real-world grittiness as well as some dark comedy. And as always, these books will have some focus on real issues within our community. These black writers are finding interesting ways to talk about police violence, mass incarceration, and racism using literature as a medium to keep many of people engaged.

Don’t Call Us Dead

From Danez Smith comes a collection of poems that offers unique perspectives of the world. One poem follows the life of a black, queer, HIV positive individual and allows the reader to experience life through their perspective. Another poem takes the reader to a paradise for young black boys murdered by the police. With this read, you’ll experience a range of emotion from joy to sadness to rage as a result of this spectacular collection.

The Hate U Give

Follow the story of Starr, a 16-year-old girl trying to figure out life while attending a predominantly white high school. Angie Thomas created a strong protagonist in this coming to age story. During this read, Starr has internal struggles from abandonment as well as fighting corruption and increased police violence in her predominantly black neighborhood. Everything changes for Starr after being the sole witness to a shooting involving a police officer and an unarmed black teen.


If you like these books for black women, you may like these popular books from black authors.

Best Women Books from African American Authors


Best Books By Successful Bloggers

Blogging is a hard road, so reading about successful bloggers have been keeping me motivated.

It’s funny since most blogs involve a fair amount of writing, you’d think more successful bloggers would naturally make the transition to writing books. But you might be surprised to hear that writing blog posts don’t always translate to full-length books as well as you might expect.

Many Successful Bloggers are Authors

That being said, bloggers are writers at the end of the day, and some of them manage to turn their successful blogs into bestsellers! We’re here to separate the wheat from the chaff for you so you know exactly which books are written by successful bloggers.

This blog post features three successful bloggers that I’ve followed for years.

Tim Ferriss

Okay, I admit, this may be cheating a little because although he’s so ubiquitous he’s nearly a household name. Even other successful bloggers look up to Tim! So, I don’t necessarily have just one book to recommend from the author, blogger, investor, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur Tim Ferriss.

You may have heard of him from his podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show,” which as of last year had over 80 million downloads. Or maybe you’ve caught episodes of his short-lived tv show The Tim Ferriss Experiment. However you may know him, you know that he is a serial self-experimenter and relentless pursuer of productivity and results at all costs.

While some may view these (sometimes) reckless and extreme experiments as dangerous or a waste of time, Ferriss views them as opportunities to try out something that might actually work and learn from the results. Through years of self-experimentation, he has discovered which practices are actually useful and which are just common misconceptions. Luckily for the less adventurous and less dedicated reader, he has distilled his findings into short, digestible, to-the-point books that have taken the world by storm.

His first book The 4-Hour Workweek helps readers to break out of the traditional 9-5, grueling work lifestyle and teaches them how to get by working only 4 hours each week. This was the start of a theme with him as he proceeded to publish The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef, both books further helping readers to “hack” their lives and reach their goals with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Though he has gone on to produce more books, these initial three are what he is known for and have garnered him wide acclaim and readership.

As for which to start with, I would recommend thinking about what area of your life you’re most looking to improve and start there. The corresponding book will speak to you more since it will be directly addressing your concerns.

Jenny Lawson

On the other end of the “books written by successful bloggers” spectrum lies Jenny Lawson, the self-proclaimed “Bloggess.” Far from being instructional, her book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is pure-and-simple (somewhat embellished) memoir – nothing more, nothing less. A journalist, blogger, and author from Wall, Texas, Lawson has an irreverent and darkly humorous style that easily wins over readers and has made her blog (which attracts over half-a-million page views every month) the subject of much praise and acclaim.

Hailed by many as mind-bending funny, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened dips into the treasure trove that is her experiences growing up in rural Texas with an eccentric taxidermist father while plagued with a plethora of psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Poignant and tender, but also decisively hilarious, this book is a great read to take you through the full spectrum of emotions.

Darren Rowse

The last of my short list of successful bloggers.

My favorite blogger and entrepreneur from Australia, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. Darren Rowse is a blogger, consultant, and entrepreneur. Darren is the founder of several blogs and blog networks, including b5media. I’ve been a big fan of his podcast for years and listening to his episodes gave me the confidence to make a move.

Now that I’ve decided to treat blogging as a serious project, I wanted to check out his book. Although I’m only halfway through ProBlogger, I’m enjoying the book. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income is an easy read but there are many gems in the book. New bloggers can get some guidance and inspiration from reading this book from Darren Rowse.


The most important lesson learned from these books is to focus and not to do every single thing, which is why Blackandise has been focusing on content marketing strategies instead of all things tech-related. If you have time, you should check out these books as you’ll learn a lot from these successful bloggers.

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