The Audio category features audio related posts. The audio and sound related posts include information about headphones, speakers, and surround sound systems. We want to educate the audience on all things audio.

Are Soundbars Worth It?

Are Soundbars Worth It?

In recent times, TV sound quality has taken a downturn in productivity. As TVs have gotten slimmer in size, so did the space available....
Types of Headphones Great for Work

3 Best Types of Headphones for Work in 2018

This guest post is by Zoe Cohen. Working life can be tedious and boring without a bit of distraction, stimulation, and entertainment. That’s why many...
Best Podcast Microphone

3 Best Podcast Microphone for New Podcasters in 2018

So you want to start your own podcast... well everybody wants to start a podcast these days because podcasts are awesome. Podcasting is a...
4 Best Bluetooth Speakers

4 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Home & Office

These are the best Bluetooth speakers for home and office with a rating of at least 90% positive. The Bluetooth speakers below can be...
Smartomi - Best Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirPods Alternative Are The Best Wireless Earbuds

As of July, 27th seems like these SMARTOMI Q5 True Wireless Earbuds are the best wireless earbuds available. These are the closest Apple AirPods...
3 Best Floor Speakers

4 Best Floor Speakers For Home & Office

These awesome home floor speakers all have more than a 95% positive rating on Amazon. Polk 60 Series II BUY ON AMAZON Most people just want floor...
4 Best Smart Speakers for Home - Best Smart Speakers

4 Best Smart Speakers for Home & Office

These are the best smart speakers available with mostly positive reviews. Although these smart speakers have an internal speaker, connecting it to a bigger...
3 Best Wireless Headsets Under $50

3 Best Wireless Headsets That Are Cheap

Based on the reviews from, these are the 3 best wireless headsets that are cheap. These headsets are great for kids and college...
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