This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen.

Often, when people decide to start blogging, they feel overwhelmed: “What should I post about? Will anybody read this? Does anyone even care?”

Your Lifestyle Blog Topic

I think you’ll find that if you just pick a topic or an area of focus and stick with it, things will become much easier and less stressful. Having a true focus will give you the answers to your other questions. If you know what you’ll be writing about, you know who to target, why they might be interested, and what to do to keep them engaged. To get you started, here are some broad lifestyle blog topic umbrellas to choose from. Maybe one of these will speak to you, and before you know it you’ll be off and away, a pro blogger in no time!

Being Personal

Possibly the most obvious of lifestyle blog topics is talking about yourself and your life. You might wonder whether anyone would even care, but you’d be surprised how many people are surfing the internet looking for connections and people they can feel close to. This is especially the case if they’re shy, in which case they might prefer to just be able to read about your life and feel like your friend without feeling the pressure of keeping up their side of a friendship. Furthermore, having a blog about your own life lends itself well to storytelling, something that humans instinctively love and latch onto.

Possible post ideas include: Personal stories (an embarrassing moment, a triumphant moment, a breakup, a memory from your childhood, your most epic failures and how you dealt with them), your lifestyle (your morning/evening routine, why you chose a certain spiritual or dietary path, a day in the life of you, what’s in your bag), advice (how to succeed in a job interview, how to navigate college, relationship advice, managing finances), random personal tidbits (your results in various personality quizzes, random trivia people might not know about you, top 5 or bottom 5 anything, pet peeves, pets, playlists).

Always Aspire

It might sound strange to advise you to write about something you haven’t done as a lifestyle blog topic, but if it’s something you want to do and are passionate about, that passion will shine through and attract readers. People love hearing stories of struggle or achievement or even failure, and these types of stories often have more passion and energy behind them than telling a story of what you’ve done in the past. Readers will get caught up in your excitement and will want to be with you throughout the journey, wherever it leads.

Possible post ideas include: Bucket lists (things you want to do before you die, places you want to travel to, experiences you want to have, movies you want to watch, people you want to meet), resolutions (fitness, dating, dietary, spiritual, financial, cleanliness, social), monthly/yearly goals, participation in a challenge.

Sticking With Favorites

Everybody loves a good roundup because it means you’ve done all the hard work for them already! They no longer have to trawl through hundreds of Google search results to find the best rice cooker or movie night movie because you’ve given it to them right there on your blog. They might even find that you post “top” lists of things they didn’t even realize they needed. Sticking with a list of favorites as your lifestyle blog topic will give you unlimited blog post ideas.

Possible post ideas include: Media (books, movies, podcasts, magazines, music), can’t-live-without (in all areas of your life – kitchen appliances, makeup, workout gear, travel), event ideas (dates, birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings, group hangouts), recipes, people (to follow on social media, who’ve written books, other bloggers, YouTubers), apps.

Simple Instructions

This is another lifestyle blog topic that people seem to really enjoy! Basically, if you can show people how to do something they couldn’t before, find another use for something they were going to chuck or give them information that might change their outlook on and approach to life, you’ll have devoted, lifelong followers.

Possible post ideas include tutorials (cooking, home improvement, gardening, crafting, tech, social media, productivity), hacks (upcycling, multiple uses for an object, improving upon pre-existing items, how to travel more efficiently/painlessly, anything that saves time and/or money), life lessons.

Inspirational or Artistic

Finally, this last lifestyle blog topic is just one that can help readers improve their day. They will come to this blog for beautiful or creative posts, posts that show them how to be their best selves and posts that make them feel just a little bit better about the world.

Possible post ideas include: A photo a day, your art (samples of your work, behind the scenes moments of your work, pieces in progress, participation in a “draw something every day” challenge), inspirational quotes/stories/interviews, things that make you happy, habits/advice from successful people, “happy news” stories.

Now that you have an idea of what to write about, check out our post on tips for lifestyle blogs to make an even better product and gain even more followers!

Finding Your Lifestyle Blog Topic

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