How to Create a Simple Blogging Business Plan?

Creating a Blogging Business Plan
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No business can thrive without adequate planning, including blogging.

Whatever the nature of your blogging niche, having a business plan for your blog is essential.

Your Blogging Business Plan

A good business plan indicates the present status of business while offering guidance for future forecasting. 


You should set your mission clearly – what you set out to achieve and the resources required to achieve such. For blogging, the simple goal is to make profits or earn some income. And to achieve this, knowing your vision is crucial. Who are your readers? What interests them? What is their nature? While success is not outrightly guaranteed at the first attempt, and failure can be discouraging, not trying at all is even worse.

Brand Name

The most important step in your blogging business plan is branding. Excellent branding is required to stand you out of the crowd while providing your readers with an easy avenue to reference you and your works. You must take the time to think about the best brand name for your blog as uniqueness and simplicity are key.

Goals and Objectives

Yes, the goal is to make as many profits as possible, while getting your brand name popular and established. While that appears quite simple on paper, it might be impossible if you don’t have your goal divided into objectives. Several platforms assist in promoting your blog; find and utilize them. Ensure that your time is well divided among the objectives that lead to your goal.  For instance, set aside time for correction, promotion, posting, and others. Resource allocation is quite important too – for example, it helps to determine the best platform for your first blog promotion, among other things.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is another crucial step in a business plan.

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats, and as a blogger, it is important to highlight all these points as they relate to your blog. 

  • Strength – involves identifying your biggest ability and maximizing it. When this is done correctly, you can get your brand well-established and trusted in your field or niche.
  • Weakness – those areas you are not good at; identify them and work on overcoming them.  Doing this will offer you additional confidence and improved expertise, alongside other benefits.
  • Opportunities – you must stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities in your field. As a blogger, be on the lookout for free domain or hosting, articles, advertisement packages, and other helpful opportunities that will improve your business.  If there are also possible ways of improving your business, which you can explore, identify and explore them.
  • Threat – there is no business without threats – competitors; the need to strive and stay relevant. If you feel starting a blog on a certain topic will attract threats to you and your blog, then avoid that. Before taking any step, identify all the possible threats, weigh them, and make a decision.

Financial Plan

Finance is key to starting and promoting your business. When developing your business plan as a blogger, you must consider the strength of your budget. Starting with a reliable web hosting package may appear a good deal, but it will not be good for your blog in the long run. Using a reliable web hosting platform – like Bluehost – offers you several benefits. You can only make these decisions when your budget is high enough, and you have the cash to finance all these rather expensive but high-quality services for your blog.  It is important to get your budget right during your business plan while having it in mind that your blog stands to gain more and do better with a high budget. 


If you continue to dwell on the past, your blogging business might not thrive or reach the heights you projected. You can only get your business working by considering and planning for the future. And the best way to plan an effective future for your blogging business is to put together an excellent business plan.

Good luck!