7 Best Web Hosting for Students

Best Web Hosting for Students
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This is our list of the best web hosting for students.

As you may know, web hosting is a digital concept that operates as a service permitting businesses as well as individual persons to post a website or even a web page onto the internet.

The service provider is a technology and therefore service provider serving to mediate the uploading of the named content over the internet. When looking for web hosting for students, billing is an important consideration and therefore finding hosts who offer discounts is a major criterion.

Best Web Hosts for Students

These web hosts for students offer either free or extremely cheap web hosting services. You’ll see that these web hosts have an extremely high customer service rating and will allow you to test out their services with either money back or prorated refunds.


This web host is famous for giving good discounts and sometimes free services to students. They also offer full-time customer support, constant back up that operates on a daily basis. Another distinctive factor of this service provider is the upgraded performance which is achieved by means of a content delivery network.

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NameCheap is a web host that accommodates both veterans and beginners in the website owning arena. It offers the very best of hosting services together with an incredible list of extras which ranks them among the most ideal web hosts. They have unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

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This is an affordable web host, ideal for students and stands as a firm and highly recognized service provider. They give students very good deals. The catch is that they offer top-notch supremacy at low costs in a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting is great for most websites.

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This is a web leading site developer service standing as the most affordable because they have made starting out completely free and simple. Beginners will love Wix because their process allows complete computer noobies to create a beautiful website.

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Weebly is a name that is highly appreciated in the cheap shared hosting space. This does not credit however to matters to do with competition in terms of prices but due to the fact that most of the website’s leading low-cost hosting providers prefer to use it an as free software for user convenience.


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This web host provider is famous for providing a year of free web hosting. However, the company expects users to return in kind by much social media follows and a video going for a couple of seconds.

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Requires users to return in kind by much social media follows and a video going for a couple of seconds. The difference, however, is that this one does not offer free student hosting.

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These are the best web hosts for students because of their low costs and user-friendliness. These user-friendly web hosts are ideal service providers for students as they give consideration to the financial limitation that students have. At the same time, they provide an opportunity for them to actually engage themselves in this field.


And if you are in need of a more powerful web host for bigger projects then you may want to look into the best small business web host, WPEngine.