What is the Best Touchscreen Laptop?

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If you are okay with using the Windows operating system then the newest Microsoft Surface Laptop is the best touchscreen laptop on the market. This beautiful device has everything going for it, a powerful laptop that is extremely lightweight. Great speakers, fast processor, decent amount of ports, and cheap accessories to make it even better. Besides heavy 4K video editing, this device can handle everything you plan to throw at it. Should you buy a touchscreen laptop? Yes, if you plan to actually use the touchscreen functionality to at least write or draw.

And if you want something smaller, look at the Surface Pro. Similar to the Surface Laptop but in a tablet form. The Microsoft Surface Pro is designed for people that love that smaller tablet style. However, there are dozens of accessories available for the Surface Pro that can make this device function like a laptop and iPad all in one. The best two accessories are the Surface Keyboard and the Surface Pen (great writing accessory for artists and taking notes). And with both Microsoft devices, you can easily connect it to an HD monitor to get dual screen functionality.

💻 Basically, if you are looking for a durable touchscreen Windows laptop then look no further. The Surface devices below are loved by customers and come with speedy i5 processors and 128GB of space. 💻

Microsoft Surface Laptop


Microsoft Surface Pro

We are Apple fans but Microsoft made us love touchscreen laptops. We are fans of the Surface Pro because it’s a bit more portable. We are able to play Overwatch as well as load up Adobe Illustrator while on the go.

Should I Buy a Touchscreen Laptop

One of the cool features that many new laptops have is the touchscreen. It’ll give you a whole new way to interact with the computer. So instead of clicking on a trackpad, you can just use your fingers. Touchscreen laptops come in various forms these days. For example, the majority of them have a 360-degree pivot that can be used in order to change the laptop into a tablet (some users love pivots). Others are genuine hybrid devices that have the connectable keyboard. So you will get two distinct devices in one.

Despite the fact that the best touchscreen laptop may look perfect, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before getting a touchscreen laptop. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of touchscreen laptops.

Why Touchscreen Laptops Are Good

  • These of these touchscreen laptops are usually lightweight and portable.
  • Many touchscreens laptops are fast with responsive screens. Interacting with a computer via touchscreen can increase functionality if you learn how to use all of the added features such as touch gestures and swipes.
  • The best touchscreen laptops will have smooth handwriting functionality.
  • Most touchscreen laptops can support Photoshop and other creative programs for artists to do their work.
  • Many touchscreen laptops have multi-touch gestures to zoom in and out, great for anyone that need to occasionally review things.

Why Touchscreen Laptops Are Bad

  • More accessories to buy such as touchscreen pens or screen wipes.
  • Touchscreen laptops will constantly have annoying smears.
  • Even though these laptops are portable, the increased thickness for the touchscreen functionality may not allow you to get that awesome case.
  • The biggest flaw of a touchscreen laptop is the battery life. You may only get 5-6 hours of usage instead of the 8 hours that regular laptops are averaging these days.


In the end, it’s most important that you like your choice. Yes Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, and about 10 more companies are making touchscreen laptops but in our opinion, only Microsoft has the best touchscreen laptops. So if you are searching for a device that will provide you with the best experience, check out the Surface Laptop or Surface Pro. Writing, video streaming, and gaming are awesome on these devices.

Best Touchscreen Laptop for Under $1000

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