25 Best Gifts for Women Who Love Tech 2019

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These are the best gifts for women who love tech and gadgets.

It’s finally your special one’s birthday, your anniversary, or any other important event!

And you want to make an effort to give her a gift she would have never expected from you and would be amazed and happy at the gift.

Best Tech Gifts for Women

She may be your lover, your friend or sister, or even the boss at the office that you want to impress. This list has some insanely popular gifts for women who love tech.

When we think about gifts for women, we want to make a great impression. We want to think of the best gifts without going broke.

Best Gifts for Women Who Love Tech Under $200

The tricky thing about gifting is that you may spend a thousand dollars on an item, and the person you are gifting it to, may not appreciate it. To make your tech gifting experience an enjoyable one, our best gifts for women list is for people looking for gifts less than $200.

For your pleasure, we have made a list featuring tech products with high ratings. And this time around, none of these gifts for women will leave your bank account in the red!

Fitbit Smart Device

Is your girlfriend a fitness enthusiast, getting her quality Fitbit smart device can be bought for under $200 is the right way to go. She can track her fitness journey using the Fitbit app. This is one of the best gifts for women who love tech and fitness.

The obvious alternative for her is the $400 Apple Watch.

Smart Jewelry Health Tracker

Many fitness trackers are cute but miss the mark on fashion. This company is trying to change that by creating smart jewelry. This is their successful attempt at mixing technology, health tracking, and fashion. Their Smart Jewelry can be worn around as a necklace or clipped on your clothing.

For less than $150, you can get this smart jewelry tech on Amazon.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker

For a woman in love with music, this is a great Bluetooth speaker for her. It is portable and can fit in a purse. It can be used in presentations or meetings. If your woman has been complaining of not having a powerful speaker, then this Bose Bluetooth speaker can be found on Amazon for less than $150.

Best Gifts for Women Who Love Tech Under $50

Lightning Charging Cables 

Every device owner gets angry when their charging cables are faulty and charge at a slow pace. Anker offers the best charging cables that can double as a technology present. The cable charges at a lightning speed safe for your phone. There are different cables for both Android and iPhone users. This can be gifted to her especially when she has been complaining a lot about her charging cables.

For less than $10, you can get these lightning charging cables on Amazon.

Screen Protectors

Repairing phones can be annoying to anyone, especially when caused by a cracked screen. Screen protectors are light and are known to prevent the screen from shattering. You may think this seems dumb, but given that your girlfriend is prone to dropping her phone on the ground, it will save her visits to the phone repairs shop. It is a technological gift that will leave her smiling.

The top selling screen protectors can be bought for less than $15.


All women love to look stylish and fashionable while doing anything if your woman happens to be one who jogs and you are wondering what you can gift her that wouldn’t be too expensive and at the same time not take away from her all-around fashion look, take a look at the armband. She loves jogging, then getting her the armband will a great gift. It would add style to her exercise outfit while being able to hold her keys, phone, and other essentials while she exercises. For less than $15, the Trianium Armband will do her good.

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Cloths? Are you kidding me? You are asking yourself now. Calm down!

These $20 Microfiber Cleaning Clothes can be used to wipe the germs and filth off devices. What better way to keep her safe from dirt than gifting her this. It is cute and comes with a cuter poop emoji.

Pack Of Styluses

It comes as a 12-pack of styluses, and it is below $15 on Amazon. It comes in numerous colors and can be used on any touchscreen device. It is not selective. Gifting this technology present to your special one will include classiness to the way she operates her touchscreen device. It is created by Universal Stylus Pen Bundle and comes in 12 pack.

Phone Grip And Stand

Like the one listed above, this can also be found on Amazon, created by PopSockets, and sold below $15.

This grip and stand can give your loved one a special grip to their phone while adding design and color to their gadget. PopSockets grip and stand come in different designs and colors.

Earbud Holder

One thing that annoys a lot of people is their headphones having tangled wires.

These earbud holders are under $20 and will leave your special woman happy that her days of tangled wires are gone. This is good if the person you are giving the gift to is a music freak. These earbud holders were created by the brand, Bluelounge Cableyoyo.

Tablet Sleeves

Your woman has been complaining about keeping her tablet safe while on the bus or traveling. This tech gift comes with an extra pocket that she can stuff her essential items into. It can be bought below $20 from Amazon. It is a 10-inch MoKo Sleeve Bag.

Car Chargers

Charging in a car can be a problem especially when two or more persons want to charge their phones at the same time.

Gifting her with these $15 Anker’s two USB ports will solve a simple problem.

Two-in-One Cables

There is a high chance that your girlfriend is using two or more devices and they all need to be charged. She is left with no option but to carry many charging cables around. CableCreations on Amazon offers her the chance of using a single cable to charge her numerous devices at a safe and lightning speed. This is one tech gift that you too can benefit from.

The CableCreation 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB cable can be bought below $10 on Amazon.

Selfie Sticks

This is a woman-centric gift because many women are crazy about selfies. They want to take the best selfies from different angles and the selfie stick offers them that opportunity. This is a tech gift that will leave your face filled with kisses from the gifted.

The Anker Selfie Stick can be bought for below $15 on Amazon.

Wired Earbuds

Is she a music freak or in love with earbuds? These earbuds will probably let her know that you have good taste. These earbuds have earned thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Another great gift idea for less than $20! You’ll love these Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds on Amazon.

Dual-Port Wall Charger

Anker is here again with two USB ports wall charger. This is a tech gift for your girlfriend or sister that will benefit you too. It would prevent unnecessary squabbles about phone charging. It is a tech gift that can be bought for below $15 on Amazon.

Travel Adapter

This adapter is one of the most reliable technology presents for traveling women. It can be bought for below $15 on Amazon. It is one of the best tech gifts that can be used in England, Europe, Australia, and the US because it is compatible with the plugs. You can charge a lot of tech devices at once. Like the tech gifts listed above, this one will benefit you too.

Space-Saving Power Strip

Your sister may have a lot of gadgets. Calling her a gadget freak may be the right description for her. How then do you help her?

You can gift her a cube-shaped space-saving power strip that she can charge her devices on. This will benefit you, especially if you quarrel with her on what devices she shouldn’t charge to allow you to change yours.

This PowerCube Original can charge up to five devices at once, and they can be bought for less than $15 on Amazon.

Google Cardboard

This may not be the best high-tech VR headset in the market, but this is a fun gift idea for women who love tech. It can be used to watch movies and others at a high def. This Cardboard VR Headset is $15 on Amazon.

Gadget Cleaning Kit

Are you dating a germaphobe or you have a sister, who is one? It can be bought for below $20. It can wipe off dirt, and can be seen on Amazon with the brand name, Whoosh!

Wireless Charging Stand

Gone are those days when we can charge only with charging cables. TechMatte offers a wireless charging stand that can be used on your Android or iPhone. It can be bought on Amazon for under $20. It can be used on devices that charge wirelessly.

Laptop Sleeve

Earlier a tablet sleeve was discussed, let’s look at the next one, a laptop sleeve. This laptop sleeve will keep your woman’s laptop safe from falling, and other necessities can be stored there too. It can be bought for less than $30 on Amazon, and it comes in the brand, Tomtoc Drop-Proof Laptop Sleeve.

MacBook Pro Charging Accessory

A charger for your MacBook is important, and gifting your gifted that tech gift that would allow it to sit on the wall without stress would leave her smiling.

It can be bought for below $20 on Amazon, with the brand name of Blockhead Side-Facing Plug.

HDTV Antenna

This antenna is a tech gift for a mother or any loved one that is tired of their cable. It can save them money because, with the HDTV antenna, they can watch FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC shows without having to pay for cable. They will love you for this and can be bought below $25. It is the 1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna.


For your lover or sister that is used to losing items and want to easily track them, the Tile mate tracking device will make a great tech gift.

Those keys that are most easily can be tracked with it by clipping it on the key. It can be slipped into anything. You can then use the Tile app to find its location. It can be bought on Amazon.

Xiaomi Fitness Tracker

This company has been creating quality technology gadgets and gifts for years. These fitness trackers may be used to track the fitness journey, but it is a cute device that can be worn on the wrist. It’s a reliable fitness tracker under $50 and is another one of our recommended technology presents for her.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can be bought on Amazon for about $38.

Conclusion – Gifts Ideas for Women

Hopefully, you’re able to find something for that special woman of yours. Looking back at our technology presents for women suggestions, you can never go wrong with a health tracker gift or music related gift.

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