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Are you searching for a small business web hosting company based in Texas? Blackandise is based in Texas and loves working with a local web hosting company.

We have decided to check out WP Engine, an Austin-based web hosting company perfect for small business owners with a solid plan of action. This informative article will guide you through all you need to know about WP Engine before signing up.

Business Web Hosting

Website hosting services are primarily responsible for putting your business on the internet by providing you a space on the web. They launch your website and keep it running for your clients and prospective customers when they search your URL on the internet.

Your choice of a small business website hosting services depends on the nature of your business. However, the services offered by web hosting providers range from the primary website hosting to creating your entire site. Whatever choice you make should depend on the need of your business.

Basic Hosting Questions

When shopping for a reliable small business web hosting company, it’s imperative you go for the best service provider, as the face of your business depends on your provider.

There are lots of small business web hosts, and it’s difficult to pick out the right fit for your business. To help you out with this uphill task, here is a simple review of WP Engine, answering the top basic hosting questions.

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a reliable small business hosting provider that offers a wide range of internet solutions to businesses looking to establish themselves on the web.

This award-winning web company uses the latest technology to deploy a wide range of online services like content hubs, e-commerce extensions, and general campaign sites.


What are WP Engine Plans?

Bandwidth is a crucial factor you should consider when looking out for a web hosting company. Different businesses require different disk space and bandwidth size. For companies with the need for a significant amount of traffic, plenty of pages and graphics, a large bandwidth size will do the trick.

If however, you don’t have plans for generating massive traffic and you want something simple, such as HostGator and their Baby Plans.

Is WP Engine Reliable?

The first thing that should come to your mind when picking a web host provider is their availability. A reliable web host provider should have an optimum availability rate of 98%. Anything short of that is below par and cannot be trusted. It’s safe to say that WP Engine is a trusted small business web hosting provider.


How is WP Engine Security?

WP Engine has the right security protocols in place to protect your data. The company uses integrated firewall systems to protect your website from cyber-attacks. Other security measures like regular backups, in-house user authentication, and activity notifications are in place to protect your site.


If you’re looking for a great small business focused web host or a great web host based in Austin, check out WP Engine. There are many amazing features that WP Engine has to offer.

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