Best Payroll Software for Small Business

Best Payroll Software for Small Business Owners
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Running a small business comes with big responsibilities and one of these is none other than payroll processing.

Payroll processing can be a very tedious and confusing task. Good thing that there are now plenty of payroll software programs out there that can help speed up this rather cumbersome process.

Best Payroll Software

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for simple or more advanced payroll software, this list should help you find what you need. We have listed the great options out there for you.

Here are the best payroll software options on the market right now.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks is one of the top choices that small business owners can try. If you are already keeping track of the finances of your business using QuickBooks accounting software like most business owners, QuickBooks can make payroll automation so much easier. If you are currently using QuickBooks, it only takes one click of a button to turn on the payroll software in your accounting software.

Gusto Payroll

Gusto Payroll gets a spot on this list mainly because it offers a complete package at a very reasonable price. Gusto is a benefit, HR, and payroll platform that small businesses can use with a starting price of less than $50 a month. You can also get their Core plan at a discounted price of just $19 base cost every month during the initial 6-month period for a limited time offer. Gusto Accountants

Gusto and FreshBooks sync together to make managing your books even easier. No more manual entries! When you run payroll in Gusto, your payroll transactions will automatically be in sync with FreshBooks. The sync will show categorized expenses.



If you are serious about using the best payroll software for small businesses, Payroll4Fee is definitely your best option. If your payroll has 25 employees or less, you will be able to access all of the software’s basic features for free.

Patriot Payroll

One more option that made it into this list is none other than Patriot Software Payroll. There are two versions of Patriot Payroll software that can both cater to small businesses really well according to their
specific preferences and needs. You can also choose to add two more features, HR software and attendance and time tracking for small fees every month.

OnPay Payroll

If you are only paying contract and hourly workers, OnPay Payroll is definitely a great choice you should consider as your payroll provider. OnPay makes its costs readily available for its users and there is only
one payroll service that they provide so you don’t need to sort through several plans.

The price of the service is less than $40 a month with an extra $4 monthly for every person you pay whether they are apart-
time employee, a full-time employee, or a contractor.

ADP Payroll

ADP or Advanced Data Processing Payroll is one of the most popular names in the world of payroll software. They provide the so-called ADP Run for small businesses to use. You can choose from four
different plans at ADP Run, namely HR Pro, Complete, Enhanced, and Essential plans.

The prices for the plans are not available online so you need to request a quote from ADP.


This is just a shortlist of the best payroll software for small businesses that you can try. Now is the perfect time for you to decide which of these options best suits the payroll preferences and needs of your small

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