Best Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners

Best Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Books
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Finding a good machine learning and artificial intelligence book is the best way to learn about this new technology.

These new concepts have been introduced to us thanks to the amazing technological advancements over the years.

Must-Read Books on Machine Learning and AI

These books focus on the new development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as this new tech has a goal of making life better for mankind. This is why there are so many grants from the government available for projects in this growing industry.

These must-read artificial intelligence and machine learning books are here to help beginners get ahead of the curve when it comes to this awesome new technology.

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

This is written by Oliver Theobald. It is a machine learning book designed to help the learner know how best to build artificial intelligence systems. This is achieved through its efforts to influence your decisions during the organization of projects involving machines.

Programming Collective Intelligence

This is commonly referred to as PCI and stands as the best book for beginners in this field. It is highly recommended especially by re-known data scientists. It was written prior to the advent of the present day material but the contents maintain their esteemed relevance even until this day.

Machine Learning for Hackers

Drew Conway and John Miles Whites’ Machine Learning for hackers is a book that finds its basis in data analysis in R. For this reason, it would serve best beginners who have some basic understanding of R. It tells about the use of the advanced version of R as explored in data wrangling. Through this book, readers will definitely appreciate the relevance of machine learning algorithms and applications.

Machine Learning

Tom M. Mitchell has created one of the best introductory books to machine learning as a concept, skill, and application. Through it, you will get a very informative overview concerning ML theorems together with pseudo code summaries defining their algorithms. What is catchier is the use of examples to enhance the readers understanding of the algorithms.

The Elements of Statistical Learning

The Elements of Statistical Learning is a popular book written by Trevor Hastie. It explores diverse ML algorithms in a mathematical sense but from a statistical standpoint. This book brings out the world as a perfect place owing to machine learning and statistics by association.

Learning from Data

This is also another interesting book that prepares the reader and introduces them to fathom even the complex aspects regarding machine learning. Learning from Data was written by college professors, Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa and Malik Magdon-Ismail. This book was designed similar to a short college course, so the structured chapters will help you retain the information.



Our list of books will assist in your journey to learning about the technology that will improve all of our computational systems. Machine learning and artificial learning are concepts that are preparing the world for the future. They have a lot of benefits in the lives of mankind but just as much, pose a possible threat to the job security of mankind.

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