What are the Best JavaScript Books to Buy?

Best JavaScript Books
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JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is an advanced level, interpreted programming language. It is conceptualized as a dynamic, prototype-based and multi-paradigm language.

JavaScript is the third component of the triad that makes up a web page, with HTML and CSS being the other two. JavaScript is used to add a dynamic component to the web page as it makes most elements on the page programmable. With JavaScript, you can do anything that a regular language like Java does including declaring variables, storing and retrieving values, writing events handlers, and much more. JavaScript can run on virtually any operating system and almost all web browsers.

Best JavaScript Books

There are so many JavaScript programming books out there and only a handful of them are truly amazing. One has to be really careful when buying a JavaScript book these days because there has been a major update to the JavaScript language in ES6, the present JavaScript syntax and style looks quite different from the ES3-ES5. So, the best JavaScript books to buy includes:

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript
by Mark Myers

This is an updated JavaScript learning book that is mostly project based. It assumes a basic expository form and doesn’t require any prior knowledge base. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript is extremely practical with easy to understand examples. This is a great JavaScript book we can recommend any day. and based on the positive reviews,  it is definitely one of the best JavaScript books to buy.

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development
by Jon Duckett

Every JavaScript book list must include this book, it is one of the best JavaScript books to buy for all beginners. JavaScript and JQuery employ a technique that provides a good build up from one concept to the next in a logical way. The book is a great asset for beginners.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
by David Flanagan

This book is an excellent reference guide for people at the intermediate stage of learning. It gives more information than is required for learning just the JavaScript language. The Definitive Guide will take you to an intermediate level within several months.

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY
by Ivelin Demirov

This is also one of the best JavaScript books to buy for visual learners. Learn JavaScript VISUALLY takes a totally visual approach of teaching JavaScript programming to beginners.

JavaScript for Kids
by Nick Morgan

JavaScript for Kids is a beginners’ tool for introducing people to the JavaScript programming language. This is another great book for beginners. If you have any programming experience, you should skip this book. JavaScript for Kids explains the essential parts of JavaScript using interactive and funny illustrations. It’ll help you learn how to build some interactivity using jQuery. The upside to the book is that it promotes good programming concepts like data types and control structures.

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways
by David Herman

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript is an excellent book on JavaScript. Effective JavaScript helps strengthen your understanding of the JavaScript language. Additionally, this book has validated approaches for writing better JavaScript, you’ll learn how to make better choices with your programming styles. You’ll also work better with every facet of the JavaScript programming. Effective JavaScript is without a doubt one of the best JavaScript books to buy.

Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture
by Eric Elliott

Most JavaScript books try to answer the question, “How Do I Use JavaScript?” Based on the hundreds of positive reviews, Programming JavaScript Applications is the book that answers that question. This book has the best content on JavaScript application development and application scaling. Additionally, Programming JavaScript Applications goes over the basics of Node, RESTful APIs, authentication and authorization, feature toggle systems, and other important skills for building web applications.


In the list above are the best JavaScript books to buy. Anyone with the intention of learning the JavaScript programming language should have them. Basically, once you learn more about JavaScript, you will have many opportunities in your programming career.

Best JavaScript Books

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