Best Blogging Tools for SEO Keywords

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Are you new in the world of blogging? Do you have a dream to become a successful leading blogger in your niche, within a couple of months? Do desire for your blog to gain relevance in the of world bloggers with countless viewers and a good Google/Bing ranking? You’ve just found your path to success and a key to unlock your dreams to reality!

Here is a list of the world’s best and most used blogging tools by high ranking bloggers for SEO keywords searches and on-site organic optimization to generate traffic (Google Search) and rapidly grow your blog to fame.

Moz Pro SEO Tools

Moz Pro is the number one keyword generator and SEO toolset that makes the wave for your search engine visibility and a quick boost for your blog ranking. The Moz Pro deciphers data for your blog, find SEO keywords which give you an actionable foresight, eliminate every website errors, and gives you an optimized search experience by conducting competitive research before generating keywords for your blog.

Moz Pro uses one of the most leading SEO metric systems, so you’re sure to expect nothing but high-quality data (keywords/phrase matches) to assist you in writing unique articles to entertain blog visitors.

The Moz Pro is rated top amongst other SEO keyword tools because its operation is not time-consuming, very easy to use, and offers maximum efficiency for a streamlined workflow.


SEMrush is a high tech tool designed to enable marketers to unveil competitors ranking keywords displayed from organic or paid optimization. It is a must own tool for every blogger! This tool allows you to search for competitors blogs with a comprehensive overview of traffics on their blog, blog’s selling keywords, and many more.

SEMrush is created to help bloggers analyze, compare, and find selling keywords from competitors blog to keep up in the game. Click here to get a 14-day trial of SEMrush today.

SEO Site Tool

I call this tool the bloggers secret! SEO Site Tool is a chrome extension that grants you access on any blog’s core SEO tag; it gives you an insight into essential elements to help boost your blog’s Google ranking. These essential elements include; image ALT tags, Meta descriptions, title tag, and Meta keywords.

The tool is designed primarily to assist bloggers to have a better understanding of the key elements they need for their blogs and how to go about using the tools in achieving results.

KW Finder

The KW Finder does the trick, said one of the experts I consulted. The tool performs a long tail keyword research using an excellent interface. It gives you a detailed breakdown of your search volume, trend, percentage difficulty in results, and CPC.

KW Finder analyses search per keyword. If you click on an individual keyword, it shows the difficulty degree (from 1 to 100) and Google search statistics for that keyword. These Google statistics give you an insight into the domain targeting for individual keyword traffics, social shares, and backlinks.

And with KW Finder, you can conduct research for local keywords so you can optimize your keyword search to suit your country, state, or city.

Blogging Tools for SEO Keywords