Best Blogging Tips for BeginnersThere are many old articles out there with some dated blogging tips. This article will go over some relevant blogging tips that will work for fashion blogs, beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, etc.

1. Best Blogging Tips for Finding Your Niche

Knowing your niche is important. The internet is crowded so finding a good solid niche would be great to do before you spend too much time on your project. When you have a niche, especially a niche in an uncrowded space, you have a higher chance of getting solid traffic by ranking organically in the search engines. There are so many niches that you can base your blog on, these niches include:

  • Technology (yes, Blackandise is a technology-focused blog!)
  • Lifestyle
  • Traveling
  • Personal Finance
  • Stocks
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Politics
  • Gamers

Now if you want to dive deeper into the niches by going the sub-niche route, you can get more specific. Using sub-niches is recommended as it’ll allow you to write for a specific group, which is easier than trying to write for a diverse group. A few examples of sub-niches include:

  • Smartphone technology
  • Boat traveling
  • Budgeting personal finance
  • Blue chip stocks
  • Low carb food
  • Nigerian fashion
  • Women Gamers

If you want to get more specific, you can keep going the sub-niche route. Some additional sub-niches includes:

  • Luxury speedboat traveling
  • Technology blue chip stocks
  • Nigerian fashion for men
  • Women PS4 gamers

This is a time-consuming process but once you know what you want to focus on, you can start writing high-quality content for that niche.

2. Best Blogging Tips for Picking a Blog Platform

WordPress is great and is somewhat of a standard in the blogging community but there are other options out there. I know some bloggers like to use other software as they feel WordPress is too bloated and loads slower each update (most likely they are using bad plugins or their web host sucks). I recommend you try WordPress first and see how it is for you, if you like it, then definitely keep using it. If you dislike WordPress, there are other options out there (although the support will never compare to the awesome WordPress community).

Although I think WordPress is the best option, a few alternatives to WordPress include:

If you decide to stick with WordPress then please check out my steps so you can Learn How To Start A Blog on WordPress

3. Best Blogging Tips for Choosing a Web Host

You need a good web host. Like I said previously, most WordPress blog issues are due to plugins (either from an outdated plugin, bad plugin, etc.) and the other issues are due to the web hosting provider. Choosing a reliable hosting service is important if you want to keep your website online and loading fast.

There are many different types of web hosts available, so you’ll need to decide which one you prefer, through research. However, the web hosting rate should be around $3-7 per month for basic hosting. You DO NOT need any of the advanced web hosting services that cost $20 or more per month.

I recommend using Bluehost for your web hosting, Bluehost has reliable web hosting and great customer service.

There are alternatives to Bluehost if you aren’t a fan. There is HostGator, GoDaddy, 1and1, NameCheap, and a dozen of other good web hosts out there. Just make sure to do some research or ask me if you have any questions.

4. Build an Email List, Successful Blogging Tips

Every blogger wants to have an email list! Every successful blogger will say that having and growing an email list is important. After you have an email list, you can promote your content directly to your audience. This will make blog growth increase exponentially as you won’t have to fight on your website so much on social media.

5. Stay Consistent, Successful Blogging Tips

Set a schedule and stick to this schedule. One of the best blogging tips you’ll hear is that blogging is all about consistency, something that many of us lack if our goal is money. Also, it’ll be difficult to grow if you aren’t consistent with your blog. People subscribe to bloggers that post regularly so you don’t want to miss out on a subscriber because you like to blog every 5-15 weeks. The audience will lose interest if you can’t keep them engaged.

6. Be Patient, Successful Blogging Tips

Success will not happen overnight with blogging. This job will take time, so stay strong and don’t give up. Consistency is the key here. Hell, it took some of those successful bloggers almost a decade to make it in the blogging industry. Your time will come, you just want to keep writing so that you don’t miss your moment.

7. Create Quality Easy to Read Content, Successful Blogging Tips

Write for the average reader. People will not read your blog if they don’t understand your big words. Now the length of your blog articles are important, the minimum word count for search engines is around 500 words. However, if you want more opportunities to rank your articles then you’ll want to write 2,000 words or more. DO NOT write long articles just to fill it with fluff, Google is smart these days. If you can’t write long articles about one subject then look into combining similar topics into one long article.

Make sure to use nice images, bold headings, call-to-action boxes, and header tags to make it easy for your audience to read.

8. Unique Voice, Successful Blogging Tips

Your blog is your voice so if you like to type using slang or emphasizing SPECIFIC WORDS, then do it. Your blog, your style. Don’t try to write like another blogger as that will get annoying after some time. And if you don’t see results after faking your voice, then you’ll probably quit.

9. Use Social Media, Successful Blogging Tips

Social media works. You probably found this site thanks to social media. Social media is one of the best blogging tools that we have at our disposal so please use it. Some bloggers believe that using every social media platform is the answer but that’s a fast way to burn out. You should create social media accounts using your blog name (you’ll get a few followers) but I suggest only focusing on one or two platforms first to find your audience. As of now, both Pinterest and Twitter are great and simple for most bloggers… Instagram and Facebook work as well but requires more strategy.

If your blog is picture heavy then Pinterest and Instagram may be your best combination starting off.

10. Be Original, Successful Blogging Tips

Original content is what matters. Blatantly copying other bloggers work is disrespectful and a waste of time… also Google will never rank you higher than the original content. You can be inspired by others work but just don’t copy it.

11. Check Your Links, Successful Blogging Tips

Broken links are annoying! Readers hate to find a great article with links that don’t work anymore. Always go back and check your links as time goes on because a broken link from your older posts may prevent people from subscribing. A great WordPress plugin to use for managing some of those links/affiliate links is Pretty Links. Basically, with Pretty Links, you can create custom links using your domain to keep things organized. Example: You can turn to so that it’s easy to remember and won’t scare people away.

These blogging tips are here to help you get started. This list will be updated as the industry change. These are some really important points to consider if you be a successful blogger. Good luck!

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