Dressed in Data Wearables, IoT and Privacy Concerns

Wearables such as the Apple Watch

Wearable technology is gaining in popularity for many different uses and just like any other type of technology being adopted massively, wearables present privacy and security concerns. Advantages aside, businesses should take a step back when it comes to privacy and security issues that inevitably arise when innovations are introduced. The following is an overview of these concerns and how businesses should handle them.

Popularity vs. Security

It’s a common story with new tech devices – the more popular they get, the more effort is put into finding vulnerabilities and gaining illicit access. This means that popularity and security will forever be intertwined in hip new tech devices, whatever form they take.

The more people use devices, the more of their data is out there for thieves to take as well. Of course, different types of devices will have different security concerns.

For example, any device that actively uses Bluetooth, such as smartwatches or Bluetooth headphones, shares similar security concerns. Aside from that, there are significant health concerns to using them, which can provide users more reason to turn them off.

Businesses will need to be careful moving forward to gather important data while still respecting the privacy of their employees and customers.

Wearables and new iPads

Employee Privacy

Employees do not like to be monitored constantly while on the job. This is understandable, and too much employee monitoring, which wearables facilitate more of, can be counterproductive. While it is important for managers to monitor employee performance, it is equally as important to treat employees like adults and not be constantly watching over their shoulders.

This can make introducing and using wearable tech at a company difficult – employees may push back against it. Using it to monitor employees too much can decrease morale and ultimately harm retention as employees leave to seek other employers who will treat them differently.

Employers must find a good balance between the two extremes by effectively and reasonably monitoring their employees’ performance without being too overbearing.

Special Data Privacy Concerns Surrounding Wearable Tech And Healthcare

Companies in the healthcare field have strict, particular data security standards they must adhere to. This is not only due to choice but because it is legally mandated. The sensitive nature of personal health information can make the implementation of wearable tech in this industry tricky in spite of how it is the industry seeing the greatest benefits from the use of this technology.

Personal medical data can be recorded and sent by wearing technology. This includes information about blood pressure, activity levels, blood sugar, diet and more. These aren’t always optional devices such as Fitbits but sometimes devices people literally need to survive, such as pacemakers that doctors gather valuable data from.

This information helps doctors more closely monitor their patients’ vitals and activity and gives them the ability to provide much better care. However, healthcare professionals must be certain they have the proper permission to collect this data as well as the proper security measures in place so the data is not compromised.

Challenging Consumer Views On Data Privacy

Wearable tech is making consumers more acutely aware of data privacy concerns than ever before. This is likely because they are wearing it and thus consistently reminded of the amounts and kinds of data being collected and transmitted wirelessly.

These devices, even more than smartphones, may remind users of how much their data is shared. As more people, businesses, devices, and even animals become part of the Internet of things, these data privacy issues will become more noticeable to everyday people.

Smart Speaker and Wearables

More Data Wearables Means More Privacy Concerns

As more and more devices have the ability to link up to the Internet, there are more ways for data to be breached and privacy to be violated. At one point, it was just computers that connected to the Internet. Now a myriad of devices including smartphones, refrigerators, thermostats and basically all wearable devices can present potential privacy concerns for their users.

The sheer amount of available, useful devices means that people and businesses do not just have one localized source that connects wirelessly to a wider network. Instead, they slowly add more and more of these devices into their lives and business operations until there are tens or even hundreds of ways data from all aspects of their work and personal lives could be at risk.

The solution, of course, is not to stop using these devices completely but rather to understand what kind of information is being collected by them and where it is being sent. Alternate solutions can then be sought, such as increased data security or usage only for certain purposes.

Anyone can leverage their right to opt out of certain types of data collection if they are concerned about their privacy.

What Does The Future Hold For Wearables And Data Collection?

No one is quite sure what exactly the future will hold when it comes to wearables and data privacy. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that companies will continue to collect and rely on data in order to make important decisions about products, hiring, marketing, and other central business operations.

Technology will continue to get smaller, more compact and more convenient for its users to access. All of these signs point to an increase in the use of wearable technology as time marches forward, especially when it comes to implants and wearable tech clothing.

Consumers and companies alike need to pay special attention to cybersecurity and their rights when it comes to data collection going forward.

It is undeniable that the use of wearable tech presents significant privacy and data security concerns. Companies and individuals need to take these risks into special consideration and come up with effective strategies to mitigate these issues when adopting these technologies.

Doing this will help ensure both people and their data are kept safe and remain at their most productive. With these concerns in mind and a solid plan to address them, individuals and corporations are free to enjoy all the advantages wearable technology has to offer.

Heather Redding is a part-time assistant manager, solopreneur and a writer based in Aurora, Illinois. She is also an avid reader and a tech enthusiast. When Heather is not working or writing, she enjoys her Kindle library and a hot coffee. Reach out to her on Twitter.


Finding Lifestyle Topics to Discuss

Often, when people decide to start blogging, they feel overwhelmed: “What should I post about? Will, anybody read this? Does anyone even care?”

I think you’ll find that if you just pick a certain lifestyle topic or an area of focus and stick with it, things will become much easier and less stressful.

Having a true focus will give you the answers to your other questions.

Lifestyle Topics to Discuss

Now if you know what you’ll be writing about, you know who to target, why they might be interested, and what to do to keep them engaged. To get you started, here are some broad lifestyle blog topic umbrellas to choose from. Maybe one of these will speak to you, and before you know it you’ll be off and away, a pro blogger in no time!

Personal Blog Post Ideas

Possibly the most obvious of lifestyle blog topics is talking about yourself and your life. You might wonder whether anyone would even care, but you’d be surprised how many people are surfing the internet looking for connections and people they can feel close to.

This is especially the case if they’re shy, in which case they might prefer to just be able to read about your life and feel like your friend without feeling the pressure of keeping up their side of a friendship. Furthermore, having a blog about your own life lends itself well to storytelling, something that humans instinctively love and latch onto.

Possible personal blog ideas include:

  • Personal stories (an embarrassing moment, a triumphant moment, a breakup, a memory from your childhood, or an epic failure)
  • Your current lifestyle (your morning/evening routine, why you chose a certain diet, or a day in the life of you)
  • Advice (how to succeed in a job interview, how to navigate college, relationship advice, or managing finances)
  • Random tidbits

Inspirational Blog Post Ideas

It might sound strange to advise you to write about something you haven’t done as a lifestyle blog topic, but if it’s something you want to do and are passionate about, that passion will shine through and attract readers.

People love hearing stories of struggle or achievement or even failure, and these types of stories often have more passion and energy behind them than telling a story of what you’ve done in the past. Readers will get caught up in your excitement and will want to be with you throughout the journey, wherever it leads.

Possible inspirational blog ideas include:

  • Bucket lists (things you want to do before you die, places you want to travel to, experiences you want to have, movies you want to watch, or people you want to meet)
  • Resolutions (fitness, dating, dietary, spiritual, or financial)
  • Monthly/yearly goals
  • Participation in a challenge.

Roundup Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Everybody loves these roundup lifestyle topics because it means you’ve done all the hard work for them already! They no longer have to trawl through hundreds of Google search results to find the best rice cooker or movie night movie because you’ve given it to them right there on your blog. They might even find that you post “top” lists of things they didn’t even realize they needed. Sticking with a list of favorites as your lifestyle blog topic will give you unlimited blog post ideas.

Possible roundup lifestyle blog ideas include:

  • New media (from books, movies, podcasts, magazines, or music)
  • Must-haves (from stuff in your life, kitchen appliances, makeup, or workout gear)
  • Event ideas (from birthday parties, holidays, weddings, or group hangouts)
  • Recipes
  • People (from social media, authors, bloggers, or YouTubers)
  • Smartphone apps

Money Making Blog Post Ideas

These are the money making lifestyle topics to discuss. These are the lifestyle blog topics that people seem to enjoy reading!

Basically, if you can show people how to do something they couldn’t before, find another use for something they were going to chuck or give them information that might change their outlook on and approach to life, you’ll have devoted, lifelong followers. These are blog topic tips for those wanting to focus strictly on making money on day one.

Possible money making blog ideas include:

  • Tutorials (cooking, home improvement, gardening, crafting, tech, social media, or productivity)
  • Hacks (upcycling, multiple uses for an object, improving upon pre-existing items, how to travel more efficiently/painlessly, anything that saves time, or money)
  • Life lessons

Simple Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Finally, these last lifestyle blog post ideas are simple ways a content creator can help readers improve their day. They will come to this blog for beautiful or creative posts, posts that show them how to be their best selves and posts that make them feel just a little bit better about the world.

Possible simple lifestyle blog ideas include:

  • Daily photo
  • Weekly artwork (samples of your work, behind the scenes moments of your work, pieces in progress, or participation in a challenge)
  • Inspirational quotes/stories/interviews
  • Things that make you happy
  • Advice from successful people


Now that you have an idea of what to write about, check out our post on tips for lifestyle blogs to make an even better product and gain even more followers!

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Best New Tips for Blogging

It looks like you’re interested in starting a lifestyle blog.

Since you’ve already hammered out what it is you want to write about, here are some tips to really make your lifestyle blog stand out and shine!

New Tips for Blogging

When you’re writing blog posts, try to really lay your emotions bare and put them in your posts. Readers respond to real emotion, whether it’s something you’re excited about or something you’re upset about. But even if you choose not to write a blog all about your life, or even if you want a little more privacy, try to write about something you’re passionate about.

This will not only make your writing job much easier, but it will grab readers and show them why they should be passionate about that topic as well.

Introduction to Blogging

Create several social media accounts that are linked to your lifestyle blog niche and be sure to consistently post updates and engagement with your growing audience. You might find that some potential readers will be drawn in by your Instagram feed way before they’re interested in reading your blog. But enough solid, high-quality posts on your Instagram will win them over and turn them into devoted readers.

Another way to increase visibility is to befriend other bloggers. It’s a supportive and engaging community, and if you feature someone’s blog or post, you may find that they’ll return the favor, introducing you to a whole new set of readers.

Be Transparent

Don’t try to trick readers or pull a fast one on them. If you are being sponsored to write a post, it’s much better, in the long run, to be honest, and upfront about it. If you’re worried readers won’t respond well to a sponsored post, you could write about why you decided to accept sponsorship.

It would also be in your best interests to make sure that it is a quality post, sponsored or not so that readers will take value out of it even if they’re not interested in the product. If you try to trick readers and they find out later, their sense of betrayal will be strong enough to completely ditch your blog without a second thought. Blogging communities are based on trust, and you need to be careful to cultivate and maintain that.

Best Days to Blog

Readers like to know what to expect, and they won’t know what to expect if you just blog whenever you feel like it! Chances are there will be some occasions where you just don’t feel like blogging, but consistency is key.

Usually, the best days to blog will depend on your niche. The usual good times are between 6 – 9 pm. So read your data and make a schedule (even if it’s just “twice a week,” any two days of the week) and keep to it so that readers know when they will receive new content and know they can depend on you.

Blog Design Matters

Your lifestyle blog is an online representation of you and your brand, and it’s important that you represent yourself well. Even if your writing is stellar, if your website design and layout and your photos aren’t up to snuff, it will reflect poorly on you.

Also, people like things that are aesthetically pleasing and are much more likely to read your blog (and to trust you) if it all looks good.

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Friendly Blogging

I know I said to write what you’re passionate about and that sometimes you’re passionately angry about something, but stop and take stock for a moment before posting it on your blog.

If, after your head clears, it seems like a productive thing to write about and bring attention to (a company mistreating workers, a social cause you care about that’s being threatened), write about it in a measured and balanced way. If it’s not in line with what you usually write about, however, keep in mind that your readers might have different stances than you on these topics, and speaking up might lose you some followers.

People come to your blog for lifestyle tips, not politics. And absolutely never say something negative about another person or blog. That will just start a beef that will spin out of control, bring negativity to your blog, and drive readers away. Stay positive and at the very least, polite, about other people.


If you want to really succeed with your lifestyle blog, you have to know what works and what doesn’t work. To do this, pay attention to how readers respond to certain posts. If they like certain posts, do more of that. If there’s less response (or worse, a negative response) to another post, try to figure out what about it isn’t working so you can avoid that in the future.

Another way to gain more insight is to read other people’s blogs, especially really popular ones. See what they do different or better than you, and figure out how you can learn from that, internalize it, and make it your own.

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Web Hosting

5 Best Affordable Web Hosting Service for Blogs

Finding good and affordable web hosting companies for a blog can be difficult for beginners. There are so many options out there with some competitive prices. You have to be careful with your web hosting company though… trust me, if you make a bad choice, you will end up regretting. A very good example of one is a slow and unresponsive website. A slow loading website will not only scare away the visitors that come your way it can severely affect your search engine rankings and growing audience. Well, this is why we decided to carry out our own tests to find out the most affordable WordPress hosting service providers now on the market.

Affordable Web Hosting

However, the most important thing is not just getting affordable web hosting but finding web hosting that balances between affordable pricing and excellent hosting services. Some hosting service providers don’t give you what you pay for, so don’t just go for a cheap one but also a good one at an affordable price. This article will simply recommend the best of the best affordable web hosting companies out there.

All of our recommended web hosting companies below have good customer service, security, and mostly positive reviews (compared to other companies). Here are the 5 best web hosting service providers from our research:


Although the Namecheap Hosting is the same price as the Bluehost, I personally vouch that InMotion Hosting is the best. I recommend Namecheap because their service and support are exceptional. Also, their renewal rates are decidedly lower compared to others. Unlike others, you can host three websites on the basic plan. If you don’t like their service, you can ask for a full refund in 30 days. Another excellent reason I recommend InMotion is that they have an educative database where you can access tutorials, blog posts, and guides for every step.

Click here to learn more about Namecheap.


Bluehost is very popular and known for its cheap web hosting; it’s also another good choice for long term. Although their basic plan is a little less expensive or pretty much the same as InMotion hosting, their web servers are slow compared to InMotionHosting.

Click here to learn more about Bluehost.


HostGator is an excellent choice especially for cheap WordPress hosting, and their servers are speedy. Although their basic plans have renewal rates that are double the price of their initial signup rate, HostGator services make up for the price. HostGator is also ideal for startups and modest business that need to host a single website for their company.

Click here to learn more about HostGator.


WPEngine is probably the one of the best web hosting companies out there but it comes at a premium price. WPEngine offers superior customer service, server speed, reliability, and great performance. Their hosting plans start around $35/month which is pricey for most users but you’ll get everything you ever need. The data proves that WPEngine provides reliable and high performance hosting solutions and electric fast hosting experience.

Click here to learn more about WPEngine.


The company that has web hosting that is 20x faster than the other budget web hosting companies. A2Hosting uses the latest technologies including SSL, SSD, and PHP. And of course this company also has affordable pricing, their basic plan starts at $3.92/month and its perfect for creating a single website that provides unlimited storage. Their most popular plan, the SWIFT plan starts at $4.90/month and allows for unlimited websites. And finally, their best plan is the $9.31/month TURBO plan.  Yes… their prices are weird.

Click here to learn more about A2Hosting.

Affordable Web Hosting Companies


Best Blogging Tools for SEO Keywords

Are you new in the world of blogging? Do you have a dream to become a successful leading blogger in your niche, within a couple of months? Do desire for your blog to gain relevance in the of world bloggers with countless viewers and a good Google/Bing ranking? You’ve just found your path to success and a key to unlock your dreams to reality!

Here is a list of the world’s best and most used blogging tools by high ranking bloggers for SEO keywords searches and on-site organic optimization to generate traffic (Google Search) and rapidly grow your blog to fame.

Moz Pro SEO Tools

Moz Pro is the number one keyword generator and SEO toolset that makes the wave for your search engine visibility and a quick boost for your blog ranking. The Moz Pro deciphers data for your blog, find SEO keywords which give you an actionable foresight, eliminate every website errors, and gives you an optimized search experience by conducting competitive research before generating keywords for your blog.

Moz Pro uses one of the most leading SEO metric systems, so you’re sure to expect nothing but high-quality data (keywords/phrase matches) to assist you in writing unique articles to entertain blog visitors.

The Moz Pro is rated top amongst other SEO keyword tools because its operation is not time-consuming, very easy to use, and offers maximum efficiency for a streamlined workflow.


SEMrush is a high tech tool designed to enable marketers to unveil competitors ranking keywords displayed from organic or paid optimization. It is a must own tool for every blogger! This tool allows you to search for competitors blogs with a comprehensive overview of traffics on their blog, blog’s selling keywords, and many more.

SEMrush is created to help bloggers analyze, compare, and find selling keywords from competitors blog to keep up in the game. Click here to get a 14-day trial of SEMrush today.

SEO Site Tool

I call this tool the bloggers secret! SEO Site Tool is a chrome extension that grants you access on any blog’s core SEO tag; it gives you an insight into essential elements to help boost your blog’s Google ranking. These essential elements include; image ALT tags, Meta descriptions, title tag, and Meta keywords.

The tool is designed primarily to assist bloggers to have a better understanding of the key elements they need for their blogs and how to go about using the tools in achieving results.

KW Finder

The KW Finder does the trick, said one of the experts I consulted. The tool performs a long tail keyword research using an excellent interface. It gives you a detailed breakdown of your search volume, trend, percentage difficulty in results, and CPC.

KW Finder analyses search per keyword. If you click on an individual keyword, it shows the difficulty degree (from 1 to 100) and Google search statistics for that keyword. These Google statistics give you an insight into the domain targeting for individual keyword traffics, social shares, and backlinks.

And with KW Finder, you can conduct research for local keywords so you can optimize your keyword search to suit your country, state, or city.

Blogging Tools for SEO Keywords


Best Alternative Keyword Suggestion Tools

After creating your website you’ll need a good keyword research tool, which is why you’re here. We are sure that you’re going to do many hours of research on keyword tools, so we will present you with a different kind of list. These are the top alternative keyword research tools available online.

Google Search Console

This is how you get keyword research straight from the source. Google Search Console is most used measure your website’s performance and traffic. This tool will do show you all of the information necessary to have a successful website. There are many tools and reports here to keep your website in good standing with Google Search. Once your content has been indexed, Google will show you how people find your website. Once you see the long tail keywords in the Search Console, all you have to do is focus on those keywords and create better content.

Moz Rank Tracker

The Moz Rank Tracker stands out amongst the other keyword research tools for its simplicity. This tool will retrieve all of the search engine rankings data for a web page, along with the keywords. All of this information is stored for you to review later. Additionally, this information is updated daily for you. It’s a good tool for spying on specific websites and their keywords.

Google’s Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer is a Google’s Interactive apparatus, which targets a worldwide group of onlookers’ factual trademark and online customer’s purchasing inclinations. This alternative research tools will thoroughly analyze your website. You’ll see digital trends over time, see more data about your audience segments, and get a better understanding of how people are using the internet.

Search Latte

It is easy to confirm how your international traffic affects your website ranking. International traffic can be weird for many of us in America, this is why Search Latte is one of the best alternative keyword research tools. When utilizing Search Latte, you can analyze your international traffic. When analyzing this traffic, you’ll understand more about their dialect and origins. When you have a better understanding of your traffic, you can change up your writing style or work with content creators that can better connect with your international fans.

Keyword Finder

Mangools Keyword Finder is another great tool to use. You can try it out for here for free. If you create a basic account, you’ll get 5 searches a day. This tool is what we used to get started with our keyword research. The keyword research tool is extremely simple. Type in your keyword and you’ll get alternative long tail keyword suggestions, search trends, search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC (great data if you want to ignore SEO and do PPC).


One of the best alternative keyword suggestion tools in the industry is SEMrush. Many people will either use the pricey AHREFs or unreliable free tools. SEMrush was made to provide quality keywords without costing too much. SEMrush is a keyword research tool with a catchphrase feature. With this tool, you can monitor every alternative keyword applicable to your pursuit. It is the best in SEO conversions and traffic generation. SEMrush is a valuable tool for content creators looking to distinguish themselves from the rivals in this long SEO journey.

Take advantage of the 14-day trial. Sign up for SEMrush here


As you can see there are many alternative keyword research tools available. We love of strategy of using Google Search Console (and sometimes Keywords Everywhere) with SEMrush.


Best Keyword Suggestion Tools

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Step by Step Guide on Converting MTS Software Demo Video for Mobile

Have you just prepared a software demo for the latest program from your company? A winning software demo will be much needed when you will be launching the software in the market for your customers. Is it an HD video? That’s great! And, you must have chosen the MTS format which is best for storing HD videos on Blu-ray and AVCHD discs. However, there is a catch. MTS videos are too big for mobile phones. It’s a “smart” world today where your potential customers are always glued to their mobile phones.  Thus, when you are looking target them, you have to send a mobile-friendly demo video.

So, how to do that? Well, in this case, you will have to convert your MTS video into a mobile-friendly version. And you will need a video converter program here. Movavi Video Converter is a highly recommended suggestion. The software is compatible with almost any video format and is a breeze to use. You can go through for more information.

This post here will show you how to convert your MTS video with the help of a video converter program.

Download & install

It all starts with download and installation of the converter software in your system. You will get installation instructions with the software.

Add your MTS video

The next step is to add your MTS file to the video converter program. Find the button that enables users to add media. It would be easily accessible from the converter program window. When you find,  click on it. It will further open up a list where you will see an option to add video. Just click on it to reach and bring your MTS file to the converter program window.

Select file format

This is where you will have to select the format in which you wish to convert your MTS file. As you want to convert the video into a mobile-friendly version, MP4 will be a great option. If you want the conversion for a specific mobile device, just click on the “Devices” tab. It will allow you to choose the mobile device model for your video.

Convert your file

Now, we have reached the final stage of our conversion process. This is where you will have to send the video for conversion. But before that, you should select the output folder for the converted file. When you will convert the file, it will be automatically saved in the library of the converter software. But if you choose the output folder beforehand, the file will be sent to that folder after conversion. To do that, go to the Folder tab and click on it to specify the output folder.

Then, you will send the file for conversion. Look for the “Convert” tab. As you find it, click on it. Immediately, the converter program will convert the file into your chosen format. Wait for a short while. After conversion, the file will open up in your selected output folder.

Converting MTS Software

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Best Blogging Tips for Starting a Beauty Blog

So you’re really into makeup and skin care, and you think, “I know! I’ll create a beauty blog!” But where to begin?

Rather than just jumping in, it’s important to carefully think through and plan out your approach: what your blog will focus on, who the audience will be, how much time you want to dedicate to it, etc. Though they may look effortless, all the best beauty blogs are actually a product of tons of time, effort, and work.

This isn’t to dissuade you from starting the beauty blog of your dreams, but rather to caution you to be smart about it.

Below is a list of some of the things you need to think about and hammer out before starting your blog. By doing the hard planning work now, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, effort, and grief down the road, so it’s worth it to think about this now!

Start a Beauty Makeup Blog

Let’s face it – everyone who sets out to create the next best beauty blog wants to gain millions of followers, earn tons in ad/affiliate revenue, and be showered with free samples. But if fame, fortune, and free beauty samples are your driving force, you’ll soon burn out and lose interest.

As we’ve said above, these blogs are a lot of work, and if you want to be successful, you have to be in it for the right reasons. Your driving force should be your passion for cosmetics or skin care or style. This will ensure that your passion will stay lit throughout the long road to becoming a successful beauty blogger. Furthermore, your passion will come through in your writing and posting, something that readers notice, appreciate and latch onto. If you can convey your joy and interest in something to readers, that’s half the battle!

Know Your Beauty Blog Niche

Now that you know you’re in it for the right reasons, the next step to create the best beauty blog is to find your niche. If you’re too broad, beauty blog or fashion blog, you’ll never stand out from the ranks of already-successful beauty bloggers. You have to find something that sets you apart, either that other bloggers don’t provide or just that you do best.

Maybe your mission is to find the best cruelty-free cosmetics, craft the perfect skin routine for sensitive-skinned readers, or find the best makeup for $10 or less. Maybe you’re targeting older readers, drag queens, people with certain skin types (freckles, rosacea, etc.), or people who prefer a “natural” look. Maybe you specialize in brows, nails, eyes, contouring, or imitating iconic makeup styles. Whatever your specialty is, it needs to stand out because that is what will ultimately draw in readers and persuade them to recommend your blog to others.

Makeup Blogging Aesthetics

At the end of the day, you’re creating a beauty makeup blog. Though this point is applicable to any blog you might want to start, beauty bloggers should pay extra attention to the way their website, photos, and graphics look. If people are coming to your website for aesthetic advice and guidance, one look at a poorly-designed website will send them elsewhere. Having a carefully-cultivated website and brand adds to your image as amongst the best of the best beauty blogs and beauty authority. Plus, good photos make whatever look you’re showing off look even better.

Take time to think about exactly how your website should look, how your photos and videos will look, and what you’re going to name your blog. All of these aspects of your website make an immediate, if subconscious, impression on potential readers.

Beauty Blog Names

Have you taken the time to find a good name for your blog?

Online success is all about networking these days. Do you have your makeup blog linked to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat? Even though you’re doing makeup blogging, you probably didn’t think about utilizing all of these platforms. The more accounts you have, the likelier you are to gain readership because you have so many more areas to pull readers in from.

Furthermore, each social media account features something different. Use that to your advantage to make your readers want to follow you on each separate account. And please remember to do thorough keyword research. You’ll want to find keywords related to popular things related to your beauty makeup niche. At Blackandise, we use SEMrush to find targeted keywords. You can test out their services for 7-days for free here. This can only help you on your journey with creating a successful beauty makeup blog!


Here are more beauty makeup blogging tips to read if you’re still interested in creating a beauty blog.