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Cartez Augustus is a blogger living in Houston. He loves to write about tech, crypto, and graphic design.
Picture of The iPhone X by Apple

Comparing the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X

The big Apple Event of 2017 has passed and we were introduced to three new iPhones this time. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus...
6 Best Wifi Security Cameras

6 Best Wi-Fi Security Cameras for Home

NetGear Arlo Pro VIEW ON AMAZON This is the best wi-fi security camera system on the list but it comes at a premium price. The one...
Samsung Smart Devices

Samsung SmartThings & 3 Compatible Smart Devices

This article was inspired by a frustrating house hunt. After finding a decent house and wondering about house security, I saw the Samsung SmartThings....
Best NAS Device for a Personal Cloud

5 Best NAS Devices for Personal Cloud

What is a NAS, network-attached storage, device? A NAS device can be used for wireless backups. These devices can store massive amounts of data,...
Best Micro SD Cards

7 Best Micro SD Cards for Cameras & Gadgets

These micro SD cards are awesome little memory storage cards that are cheap and durable. Finding the perfect micro SD card usually comes down...
Geeks Love Cool Cheap Gadgets

Geeks Love Cool Cheap Gadgets

Now is the time to talk about something other than tablets, cameras, and smart speakers. This article is about some of the other cool...
6 Best External Hard Drive For Home

6 Best External Hard Drive for Home Offices

These are a few of the best external hard drive for home storage because you may not want to rely on the cloud 100%...
Best Book Black Woman Should Read

7 Best Books Every Black Woman Should Read

These are 7 of the best books that every black woman should read. A few old classics and newer books fill this list. These...