Cartez Augustus

Cartez Augustus is an experienced creative, living in Houston. At the moment, Cartez is focused on blogging and digital marketing.
Best Tech Gifts for Mom

31 Best Tech Gifts for Mom

Our list is for everyone with a focus on those special tech-loving moms or mom-like figures in our lives. This is a list of...
Technology Presents for Her

23 Best Technology Presents For Her

Getting a technology present can be a problem for many of us, for we are expected to think, research, observe the person we are...
Popular Blog Post Ideas

What are the Best Popular Blog Post Ideas?

Blog post ideas are easy to find once you take time to figure out what you enjoy. Pick a blog topic to focus on...
Essential iPhone Accessories

What are the Essential iPhone Accessories Under $90?

Do you have an iPhone in good condition? ✅ Are you looking for essential iPhone accessories under $89.99? ✅ If your answer is yes then this is the...
Best Computer Peripherals

What are the Best Computer Peripherals?

Have you noticed how most of the work that you do on your computer is always dependent on the best computer peripherals? Maybe it's...
Are Al In One Computers Any Good?

Are All in One Computers Any Good?

Are all in one computers really worth it? All in one computers are the new rage in the computer market. If you thought you had...
Best Women Books from African American Authors

7 Best Positive Books for Black Women

These are a few popular books for black women to read this year. This list contains mostly new books from popular black women authors....
Where to Blog - Try Blogging

What are the Best Blogging Platforms?

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus. New year, new goal – you're ready to try blogging but you don't know...
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