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Cartez Augustus is an experienced creative, living in Houston, that designs, develops, consults and writes about things that he loves.
The 49 Popular Types of Blog Posts

49 Popular Types of Blog Posts for Bloggers

This is something I wanted to know myself so after doing some research, I decided to combine all my notes and create a list...
Learn How To Start A Blog on Bluehost

Learn How to Start a Blog About Anything

Besides the usual tech questions, I get asked about blogging, people are curious about WordPress, Blogger, and Medium. All of the these are great...
Homemade Christmas Gifts Rock

These Homemade Christmas Gifts Rock

This guest post is by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus. I remember all of the homemade Christmas gifts I made and received, as a child...
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. What Is Bitcoin or BTC?

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

This guest post is by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus. Bitcoin has been a buzzword going on 8 years now, but many people still don’t...
The First Apple Phone, iPhone History

First Apple Phone a Summary of iPhone History

On January 9, 2007, at the Macworld convention, the iPhone was announced by the legendary Steve Jobs. Since 2007, the iPhone has gone through many...
Best Camera New Photographers

Great Sony Cameras for New Photographers

These are some great Sony cameras for new photographers that simply cannot decide what to buy. There are so many great cameras available these...
Several Weird Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Weird Tech Gift Ideas Friends Will Love

A list of many weird tech gift ideas for that good friend looking for something strange to purchase. Most of these weird gifts are...
Best Podcast Microphone

Best Podcast Microphone for New Podcasters

So you want to start your own podcast... well everybody wants to start a podcast these days because podcasts are awesome. Podcasting is a...