3 Best Wireless Headsets That Are Cheap

Based on the reviews from, these are the 3 best wireless headsets that are cheap. These headsets are great for kids and college students on a budget.

LG Electronics Tone

LG usually create quality tech products. With over 4,000 positive reviews, the LG Electronics Tone Pro wireless headset is a great product at a reasonable price. The LG Electronics Tone Pro Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset comes in black, has a 3D neck-behind design. These headsets will give you about 15 hours of talk time or music time per charge and is aptX compatible. The aptX feature helps increase overall audio quality for music. An added feature to these wireless headsets is the Google Voice Actions Integration.

Senso Wireless Sports

Senso has created many reliable cheap wireless headsets. These Senso Wireless Sports Headset must have been engineered by the best in the industry because it has over 13,000 positive reviews on Amazon. They provide an amazing sound quality during phone calls and when listening to music. This headset is waterproof. The battery lasts around 8-9 hours per charge. The headsets deliver a crisp digital sound that will bring you the best clarity and depth of the music that you enjoy the most.


MPOW is a newer brand with some cool gadgets. Their MPOW Jaws wireless headset has over 4,500 positive reviews on Amazon. Their MPOW Jaws has a comfortable neck-behind design and a built-in magnet that holds the earplugs. These headphones provide great sound and allow auto switching between phone calls and music. The rechargeable batteries last about 13 hours per charge.

I’m currently using the LG Electronics Tone wireless headset. They are a great pair of headsets, especially for the price. One issue that I have with this headset is that sometimes I’ll get some static if I have my cell phone in my pocket. Not a big deal but thought I’d mention it.


What are the Best Laptops for Seniors & Kids?

Chromebooks are the best laptops for seniors & kids. Chromebooks will allow seniors to watch Netflix, handle video chat, and look at all of those shared Google Photos. Additionally, Chrome OS is a simple and powerful operating system that has many apps for the tech-savvy seniors. You won’t be able to install anything made for Windows or Mac but there are ways of dealing with that. If you’re interested in alternative devices then check out our best mini laptops for adults article. All of these Chromebooks are touchscreen, connects to the Internet via wi-fi and does NOT have a CD/DVD drive, sorry.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

This ASUS Chromebook Flip has a flexible degree hinge and a 12.5-inch full HD touchscreen. This Chromebook will let your kid work in laptop or tablet mode. Seniors will love this Chromebook for its lightweight and usability. They’ll have the option of watching streaming shows in the kitchen or playing games on the recliner. One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a built-in stylus, is extremely light and has a sleek aluminum metal body. It starts up in seconds and the battery will last about 10+ hours when fully charged. The Chromebook Flip has 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage which will allow kids to save lots of homework files and photos. With this product, you will enjoy your favorite entertainment and games on the go thanks to the Chrome Web Store.

Samsung Chromebook Plus

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is probably the best of the 3 best Chromebooks for kids because of the Google Play Store. It has access to Chrome extensions and Google Play apps so your kid will have access to thousands of useful apps. And taking notes will be easy thanks to the built-in stylus. The battery life is around 10+ hours when fully charged. This Chromebook Plus will allow kids to easily get homework done or surf the web, thanks to the 12.3-inch touchscreen display. With 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, it’s good enough for kids to get stuff done.

Acer Chromebook 14

ACER knows how to make great Chromebooks. Their Chromebook 14 comes 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The 14-inch Touchscreen display has more resolution so they’ll be able to fit more onto the screen at once. The battery life is around 12+ hours of usage when fully charged. It doesn’t allow access to the Google Play store but has access to the Chrome store.

The motivation for this Best Laptop for Seniors & Kids article comes from always helping the family with this question. Most people seem to only care about games, space, and streaming their shows – never about resolution, webcams or cool extra features. Anything more is usually a waste of money.

I’m in love with my ACER Chromebook 14. I use it to write while I’m on the bus or at Starbucks. I rather use a Chromebook when on the go instead of an expensive laptop. Chromebooks may be lacking for certain professionals but for kids and their homework, it’s the perfect laptop.


4 Best Over-Ear Headphones

We have listed 4 of the best over-ear headphones available on Amazon. These reliable headphones range from the affordable MPOW to the premium Bose Soundlink.

FX-Victoria Headphone

These headphones are available in several colors and beautiful designs. The FX-Victoria Over-Ear Headphone has a with-in built microphone and volume control, which is convenient when you’re listening to music and you need to pick up an incoming call. The convenient earcup controls will allow you to easily switch between calls and music on your smartphone. It has an ergonomic design and retractable headband and a padded soft cushion. You can play music, watch videos or chat with your friends for hours thanks to its built-in high capacity rechargeable battery. And if the battery dies, there is a headphone jack for wired play.

MPOW Headphone

The MPOW Headphones Over-Ear Headphones are the best, not only because they are passive noise isolating, they have a memory protein ear cushion simulate human skin texture and a stainless steel slider and softly padded headband but also because it has a wireless mode but also a wired mode depending on your preference and needs. It also has a microphone that only works in the wireless mode, and it will provide you with a quick and stable connection to other Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet. The foldable headband will allow you not only for carrying in its provided bag but also it will save some space on your desk.

Beats Studio Wireless

The Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone comes in a matte black color which is a beautiful and elegant color but also has some amazing features like a dual-mode adaptive noise canceling, rechargeable 12-hour battery, 30 Bluetooth range, pair and play with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. And yes, you’ll be able to take calls thanks to a built-in microphone.

Bose SoundLink

These Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones are available in black. Various buyers agree that the sound quality of the Bose Soundlink headphone is excellent. The microphone on these headphones allows for crystal clear calls. And with the rechargeable battery, you’ll get up to 15 hours of play time.

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3 Best On-Ear Headphones

I think these are some of the 3 best on-ear headphones available. As usual, these on-ear headphones have mostly positive reviews.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

If you’re looking for one of the best Bluetooth on-ear headphones then your best choice is the Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light, these on-ear headphones have ear cushions to ensure hours of comfort. This headset was made with a light weight material that will increase mobility but also minimize bulk, you can charge the Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth headset via USB and it’ll work for Mac and PC users. Also, it has a one tap bass enhancement that will add punch to your music and it has an extended Bluetooth playback for more than 12 hours of wireless studio streaming.

Beats Mixr

The Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone is featured in one size and it comes in different colors like black, pink, red and green. They were specially made for DJs rotating ear cups swivel back behind and then rotate back for total isolation, also, to withstand the rigors of DJ life, the Beat Mixr were built to do it because they are flexible but tough enough at the same time so you can be sure they won’t break. If you want to share what you are listening, they have dual input and daisy chain connectors. It also has an industrial strength sound which makes them perfect to be heard over parties.

Ausdom AH2S

The Ausdom AH2S Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Microphone are just perfect. They featured a smart design because they have memory sponge ear muffs, they have a lightweight that will allow you to carry in your bag, and also it has an excellent battery life with 18 hours of music and talking time. It can be used via Bluetooth or audio cable. They contain 50 mm headphone speaker drivers and were made with the latest copper carbon material. And last but not least, they have a built-in microphone with controls for music and phone calls.


4 Best Tablets for Everyday Users & Some Power Users

The 4 best tablets available are from Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The four giants of the tablet industry. After reading hundreds of user reviews online, I agree with these users that believe the tablets below are the best tablets available.

Microsoft Surface Pro

If you need something powerful in a small form then the new Surface Pro is probably the best tablet for you as it has Windows, just like a desktop. The Surface Pro is able to do everything the other tablets can do and more. If you need an app for a very specific task, then it’s highly likely that there is a program that can be downloaded to get the job done. The base Surface Pro can be purchased for reasonable price.

Apple iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is the best tablet for iOS users. This iPad Pro is a powerful computing beast. It currently outperforms the latest MacBook Pro and has a battery that lasts all day. There are millions of useful apps available for this tablet. And with more developers creating iPad Pro specific apps, this tablet now feels more a regular Mac with every major update. The base 12.9-inch iPad Pro seems to be more popular than the 10.5-inch version.

Google Pixel C

The Google Pixel C is the best tablet for anyone wanting a fast, powerful and reliable Android tablet. The Pixel C battery lasts all day and it has all of the features you’ll need to be creative, productive and stream your favorite online shows.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a great tablet that is cheap, powerful but often ignored. The lack of great apps is usually a turn off for most people, followed by Amazon’s 1st party apps like Prime Video and Music aren’t Kindle exclusive. The price of the Kindle is unbeatable.

Please note that at the time of this opinion article, the 4 best tablets for regular and power users were the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation, Google Pixel C 1st Generation, and Amazon Kindle 7th Generation. It’s best to check the official sites if you’re after the latest because these companies are updating hardware faster than ever these days.