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Cartez Augustus is a blogger living in Houston. He loves to write about tech, crypto, and graphic design.
Buy WTC - What Is Waltonchain

What is Waltonchain & How to Buy WTC Coin?

Shilled on the forums and now you want to buy Waltonchain! Well, you may have made a great decision. The Waltonchain team is looking...
What Is NEO Blockchain

What is NEO & How to Buy NEO Coin?

Lately, all I see on Reddit is to buy NEO, buy Ethereum, buy NeoGAS... and I think I will buy! NEO has a goal...
How to buy the POE token?

What is Po.et & How to Buy POE Token?

Most creators will want to buy POE. Po.et has a tool to crowdsource digital rights. A way to use the blockchain to help creators...
How To Buy Tron (TRX Cryptocurrency)

What is TRON & How to Buy TRX?

Before you try to buy TRON, learn about TRON. TRON (TRX) has a goal of creating an entertainment system around the world that will...
Hire A Design Pickle Graphic Designers

Design Pickle Has Quality Graphic Designers

How has your graphic design outsourcing experience been lately? I've spent thousands of dollars dealing with freelancers on websites that offer graphic design services,...
Best Website Hosting Company - A few great web hosting companies for your blog

6+ Best Website Hosting Companies for WordPress Blogs

One of the important aspects of starting your brand new WordPress blog is deciding which web hosting company to use for your blog. A website...
Tutorial on using the Yoast SEO Plugin

Tutorial on Using Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

If you have recently started a WordPress website and you’re looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress then you will come across the...
Finding the best WordPress SEO Plugin

What Should You Look For in a WordPress SEO Plugin?

Looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin can be quite difficult especially if there are many options to choose from. As a blogger with...