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Cartez Augustus is an experienced creative, living in Houston, that designs, develops, consults and writes about things that he loves.

Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin (BTC)

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days. People want to know if they should invest in Bitcoin. A simple answer to that question is......
Avoid Bitcoin Transfer Fees

Avoid Those High Bitcoin Transfer Fees

I wasn't prepared... Coinbase gave us access to Bitcoin Cash/BCH trading around 6:00 p.m. on December 19th. I was so happy to see the...
Digital Camera Vs Smartphone Camera Comparison

Smartphone Camera Comparison – Goodbye Digital Camera

This is a guest post by Zoe Cohen and Cartez Augustus. Just 10 years ago, digital cameras were the tech to have, especially for teenagers...
How Do Bloggers Really Make Money

How Do Bloggers Really Make Money

Going by the search data provided by Google, the most asked blogging questions still are: How do bloggers make money? How to make money...
Free To Use Open Source Images for Blogs

12 Sites With Free to Use Open Source Images for Blogs

Finding open source images has always been a difficult task. There are so many free to use images online but copyright restrictions can complicate...
Learn How Bloggers Drive Traffic To Blogs

How Do New Bloggers Drive Traffic to Blogs

Your current blog has excellent content but no traffic. You really want people to see your high-quality content. Let's speed up this process and...
Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

There are many old articles out there with some dated blogging tips. This article will go over some relevant blogging tips that will work...
These are 7 Real Reasons To Start a Blog

7 Reasons To Start A Blog About Anything

I enjoy blogging as well as reading other blogs out there. It's nice to read other people's point of view. My favorite type of...