Cartez Augustus

My name is Cartez Augustus! I'm a black blogger from Houston, Texas focusing on content marketing strategies and tech gadget reviews. Through this blog, I love helping people with their digital marketing and blogging issues. In my free time, you'll probably find me on Twitter talking about TV or video games!
Ultimate List of Black Bloggers to Support

Ultimate List of Black Bloggers to Support

Although blogging is a fun and long journey, blogging while black can be difficult. Besides being difficult, the journey is also lonely at times....
Famous Black Authors

15 Bestselling Books by Famous Black Authors

These are popular fiction and nonfiction books by famous black authors. These books are now bestsellers in their categories. Additionally, this list only features books...
The Best SEO Management Tool is SEMrush

Best SEM & SEO Management Tool – SEMrush Review 2019

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the system that focuses on generating traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search...
Creative Social Media Content Strategies

Creative Social Media Content Strategies

Social media marketing is more than simply creating a Facebook page. It's about having a solid social media content strategy. If you are managing social...
Email Marketing Best Practices - Man on Laptop

Email Marketing Best Practices for Beginners

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build an online business. A potential consumer will not be ready to purchase from...
Content Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy and Plan?

The purpose of a content marketing strategy is to drive traffic to your website in order to increase sales using your content. A solid...
Social Media Marketing Examples

Social Media Marketing Examples and Tips

Social media marketing is the process of getting attention and web traffic through social networking sites. During this process, creative content must be made with...
Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

These email marketing tips will remind you how to play it safe before you start emailing your lists. Hopefully, you've found a great email marketing...

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