Cartez Augustus

My name is Cartez Augustus! I'm a black blogger from Houston, Texas focusing on content marketing strategies and tech gadget reviews. Through this blog, I love helping people with their digital marketing and blogging issues. In my free time, you'll probably find me on Twitter talking about TV or video games!
Content Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Content Marketing Tips for Bloggers

These content marketing tips are here to help you in this extremely competitive business environment. Blogging has become a potential marketing tool that helps...
How Long Should a Blog Post Be

How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2019?

How long should a blog post be is one of those funny questions...  We ask this question often because the answer changes every year. The truth...
Best Social Media Growth Tips

Best Social Media Growth Tips for Organic Growth

These social media growth tips are the key to success in business, whether you're selling a product or selling yourself. There are so many...
Best SEO Tips for Organic Growth

Best SEO Tips for Organic Growth

Following our easy to read SEO tips is needed for steady organic growth. If you are really interested in the latest in the world of...
Best PPC Strategies for Content Marketing

Best PPC Strategies for Content Marketing Growth

PPC strategies are important for growth these days. However, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing are the things that normally come to...
A Design Pickle Review

Design Pickle Review – Cheap Unlimited Designs

This is our simple design pickle review. Graphic design means a designer who is capable of designing the arts of illustration, typography, and photography....
Famous Black Authors

11 Bestselling Books by Famous Black Authors

These are popular fiction and nonfiction books by famous black authors. These books are now bestsellers in their categories. Additionally, this list only features books...
Creating a Blogging Business Plan

How to Create a Simple Blogging Business Plan?

No business can thrive without adequate planning, including blogging. Whatever the nature of your blogging niche, having a business plan for your blog is essential. Your...
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