Cartez Augustus

My name is Cartez Augustus! I'm a black blogger from Houston, Texas focusing on content marketing strategies and tech gadget reviews. Through this blog, I love helping people with their digital marketing and blogging issues. In my free time, you'll probably find me on Twitter talking about TV or video games!
Step-by-Step SEO Guide for SEMrush

Step-By-Step Video Guide Using SEMrush 2019

SEMrush has created a huge library of incredible SEO management tools for professionals and agencies. Check out this step-by-step video guide to see why...
The Best SEO Management Tool is SEMrush

Best SEM & SEO Management Tool – SEMrush Review 2019

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the system that focuses on generating traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search...
Best Tech Deals in September

Best Deals on Tech September 2019

This is our best September tech deals article for all those back to school and Labor day tech shoppers looking to get a great...
Best Tech Deals in August

Best Deals on Tech August 2019

This is our best deals on tech for shoppers looking for specific deals under certain prices. We have listed the best tech deals of...
Best Audiobooks of All Time

24 Best Audiobooks 2019

Some of us only care about the best audiobooks these days. Are you a follower of great authors? Or a book lover who never wants...
Best Tech Deals in July

Best Tech Deals in July 2019

This is our list of the best tech deals in July because we all want to save $$$ around here. We have updated our list...
Another Design Pickle Review for Content Creators

Design Pickle 2019 Review for Content Creators

We are still using Design Pickle in 2019 to get graphics created for our business projects. If you're a small business owner or graphic...
A List of the Best Computer Accessories

Best Computer Accessories in 2019

The best computer accessories list has been updated for 2019 to continue helping users with their computer accessory buying experience! We have done the hard...


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