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Cartez Augustus is a blogger living in Houston. He loves to write about tech, crypto, and graphic design.
Create Passive Income

How to Create Passive Income with Design Pickle

Are you feeling burned out and wanting to have a change in career while still trying to pursue your love of design and the...
Free Amazon Gift Cards

10 Easy Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Are you a fan of using Amazon gift cards on a regular basis?  If you really want to figure out how to get your...
Digital Products

10 Best Products to Create Using Design Pickle

You have seen advertisements for Design Pickle. You might be wondering what they are and what you can do with it. Well, Design Pickle is an...
Hire A Graphic Designer

Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Your Business

Congratulations! You have launched a new business, and you are working on getting yourself all situated on social media and getting your website designed...
Create Digital Products

Create Digital Products With Design Pickle

Last time I wrote about how I've been using Design Pickle for over a year now. This time I am writing to talk about...
Learn How To Start A Blog on Bluehost

Learn How to Start a Blog in 2018

Besides the usual tech questions, I get asked about blogging, people are curious about WordPress, Blogger, and Medium. All of the these are great...
12+ Cool WordPress Themes and Templates

12+ Cool WordPress Themes and Templates (Best Themes of 2018)

The joy of sifting through hundreds of WordPress themes and templates for your new blog. Every company is different, a reflection of your personality and...
Buy OMG - What Is OmiseGO

What is OmiseGO & How to Buy OMG Token?

  Interested in OmiseGO and the OMG token as well? Well, great because OmiseGO is one of the technologies that will be in the top...