Cartez Augustus

Cartez Augustus is an experienced creative, living in Houston. At the moment, Cartez is focused on blogging and digital marketing.
Best WordPress Plugins for Most WordPress Users

What is the Best WordPress Plugin?

We will list the best WordPress plugin for several different purposes. As you know, there are tens of thousand different WordPress plugins available to...

Why Buy a Chromebook?

Ever heard of the Chromebook? Not certain? You really must have, yeah, at some point. But then let's run through its basics, I'm sure...
Best Touchscreen Laptop for Under $1000

What is the Best Touchscreen Laptop?

If you are okay with using the Windows operating system then the newest Microsoft Surface Laptop is the best touchscreen laptop on the market....
Best URL Shorteners

What is the Best URL Shortener for WordPress?

✅ Pretty Link Pro is the best URL shortener management plugin for WordPress! As a digital marketing specialist, I often have to switch between different...
Must Have Laptop Accessories List

Must Have Laptop Accessories List

Now that you have that cool new laptop that you bought last week, now is the time to look for ways to make it...
Learn How Start a Fashion Blog

Learn How to Start a Fashion Blog

This article will go through the process of how to start a fashion blog. It doesn't matter if you are creating a fashion blog...
Best Tech Gifts for Mom

31 Best Tech Gifts for Mom

Our list is for everyone with a focus on those special tech-loving moms or mom-like figures in our lives. This is a list of...
Technology Presents for Her

23 Best Technology Presents For Her

Getting a technology present can be a problem for many of us, for we are expected to think, research, observe the person we are...
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