Are Smart TVs Worth It?

Are Smart TVs Worth It
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The basic definition of a smart TV is that it is a television set with integrated Internet capabilities. The latest smart TVs offer enhanced computing capabilities and connectivity than a traditional television set. This means that a smart TV can provide internet TV online interactive media, on-demand streaming media as well as home networking in addition to broadcasting services.

Smart TVs Pros

The operating system and software application can be preloaded, updated or installed in the device through an app store comparable to how apps work in smartphones. There are services that remind the owner of preferred programs such as sports just as smart TVs makes organizing various programs simple by bringing together information from the Internet with content from TV providers.

Some device features additional interactive natural user interface technologies for navigation control and other human interaction with a smart TV such as second screen companion devices, spatial gestures inputs, and speech recognition for a natural language user interface.

Smart TVs Cons

There has been an indication that the security concerns linked to smart TVs are real. It is known that it is quite easy to gain access to these TVs’ cameras and microphones. Some smart TVs are known to be vulnerable to hackers who are able to remotely turn on cameras to spy on people and microphones to listen in on private conversations. To add to that, they can also have access to files in the system and install and open apps at their wills. Other security risks such as malware also exist with some smart TVs.

The idea of a smart TV sounds great until you realize that everything that it has to offer, you can get it on the go with your mobile devices. Services such as surfing the internet and listening to online music are part of the difference between a traditional TV and a smart TV but people rarely use these services with a TV. Streaming services are available on mobile devices which are carried around and smart TV is just an addition to the bill for services that are seldom used.

App providers for smart TVs rarely upgrade their apps. There are cases where an app does not support older versions of smart TVs with new updates, an example is Netflix. Years ago, there were reports from The Guardian that some Samsung Smart TV owners complained about the lack of support for older smart TVs. It was reported that after a software upgrade their devices stopped working for days.


The selling point of smart TVs is that they can use internet services unlike the traditional TV sets, some TV networks, and Internet providers have made that difficult. Internet providers can adjust the contents to be received by each TV platform or even block access altogether. Hell back in 2010, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Hulu blocked Google TV-enabled devices from accessing their content.

The best advice is to never get a cheap smart TV or else you’ll have many issues.

Are Smart TVs Worth It

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