Are All in One Computers Any Good?

Are Al In One Computers Any Good?
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Are all in one computers really worth it?

All in one computers are the new rage in the computer market. If you thought you had seen all there was to see in the hardware section of computers apart from the regular annual increments in graphics, storage, and processing power, think again. If you are looking for a powerful computer that doesn’t take up much space then you are in luck. These computers are perfect for most people.

Power All In One Small Package

AIO computers are compact and very affordable. If you worship tiny gadgets or love oddly shaped toys then a lightweight AIO computer could be just right for you. All in one computers wrap up all the goodness and processing powers of desktop computers without the added deadweight. All in one computers come in ultra-slim packages that will have you saying goodbye forever to that bulky desktop of yours, no more annoying cables getting tangled! So are all on one computer any good? The answer is yes and the most popular all in one computer is currently the Apple iMac series.

Branded All in One Computers Are Popular

Whether it’s ASUS, Dell, Lenovo or Microsoft, the all in one computer market is heating up thanks to top manufacturers in the industry. Big companies are pushing out better all in one budget computers in an attempt to win the low and mid-range all in one computer market. At the moment, the high-end all in one computer market is dominated by Apple. So as the big companies battle, you can say goodbye to setting up bulky desktops that take up too much space. With an all in one computer, installation is as easy as a plug and play device!

So Are All in One Computers Any Good?

There is no doubt that an all in one computer is a great investment, paired with high processing power and great resolution. But are they the right fit for your needs?

That will depend on what you value the most as a computer user. AIO computers take up less space than regular desktop computers and some laptops. These computers come with more than enough processing power for most users. With a new AIO computer, you’ll be able to do light video editing, casual gaming, writing, watching, etc. However, if you want a system that can become the ultimate gaming computer then an AIO computer may not be right for you. You can’t simply go out and buy an upgrade part and replace the old parts like you can with a regular desktop computer. This includes major computer parts such as the GPU, RAM, motherboard, and soundcards.

The hardware in most AIO computers aren’t easy to upgrade so most likely you’ll have to order a new all in one computer if things are beginning to move slow. And if you’re heavy in video editing (since many people are getting into YouTube editing), you’re better off getting a desktop computer that you can upgrade over time. Having said that, most computer manufacturers will push out an all in one computer that is able to survive through several upgrade cycles so you won’t regret the purchase.

These powerful tiny machines aren’t for everyone but are more than enough for the average computer user.

Are All In One Computers Any Good?