Best Alternative Keyword Suggestion Tools

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After creating your website you’ll need a good keyword research tool, which is why you’re here. We are sure that you’re going to do many hours of research on keyword tools, so we will present you with a different kind of list. These are the top alternative keyword research tools available online.

Google Search Console

This is how you get keyword research straight from the source. Google Search Console is most used measure your website’s performance and traffic. This tool will do show you all of the information necessary to have a successful website. There are many tools and reports here to keep your website in good standing with Google Search. Once your content has been indexed, Google will show you how people find your website. Once you see the long tail keywords in the Search Console, all you have to do is focus on those keywords and create better content.

Moz Rank Tracker

The Moz Rank Tracker stands out amongst the other keyword research tools for its simplicity. This tool will retrieve all of the search engine rankings data for a web page, along with the keywords. All of this information is stored for you to review later. Additionally, this information is updated daily for you. It’s a good tool for spying on specific websites and their keywords.

Google’s Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer is a Google’s Interactive apparatus, which targets a worldwide group of onlookers’ factual trademark and online customer’s purchasing inclinations. This alternative research tools will thoroughly analyze your website. You’ll see digital trends over time, see more data about your audience segments, and get a better understanding of how people are using the internet.

Search Latte

It is easy to confirm how your international traffic affects your website ranking. International traffic can be weird for many of us in America, this is why Search Latte is one of the best alternative keyword research tools. When utilizing Search Latte, you can analyze your international traffic. When analyzing this traffic, you’ll understand more about their dialect and origins. When you have a better understanding of your traffic, you can change up your writing style or work with content creators that can better connect with your international fans.

Keyword Finder

Mangools Keyword Finder is another great tool to use. You can try it out for here for free. If you create a basic account, you’ll get 5 searches a day. This tool is what we used to get started with our keyword research. The keyword research tool is extremely simple. Type in your keyword and you’ll get alternative long tail keyword suggestions, search trends, search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC (great data if you want to ignore SEO and do PPC).


One of the best alternative keyword suggestion tools in the industry is SEMrush. Many people will either use the pricey AHREFs or unreliable free tools. SEMrush was made to provide quality keywords without costing too much. SEMrush is a keyword research tool with a catchphrase feature. With this tool, you can monitor every alternative keyword applicable to your pursuit. It is the best in SEO conversions and traffic generation. SEMrush is a valuable tool for content creators looking to distinguish themselves from the rivals in this long SEO journey.

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As you can see there are many alternative keyword research tools available. We love of strategy of using Google Search Console (and sometimes Keywords Everywhere) with SEMrush.


Best Keyword Suggestion Tools

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