These are 7 Real Reasons To Start a BlogI enjoy blogging as well as reading other blogs out there. It’s nice to read other people’s point of view. My favorite type of blogs to read are those darn financial blogs (financial advice is so hard to ignore). Do you have a blog? Make sure to comment below and I’ll check it out.

To Start A Blog

My blog is still quite new but I come from a history of serial blogging (having multiple blogs at once and then stopping after feeling overwhelmed). I finally decided to stick with one platform after realizing how much free advice I had given people on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Pages and pages of information across these social media sites all for nothing as these sites usually don’t get indexed like your own site does. After that, I promised myself I would put my answers or research on the blog because I feel like someone else may want to read it. And I had nothing to lose if someone didn’t like my article.

My goal with this blog is to use it to replace my income from t-shirt sales as I’m getting tired of the process of chasing trends online & offline, researching for trademarks, creating designs, and advertising the designs. It’s great to have people order custom t-shirt designs or have people love your original t-shirt designs but it feels like I’m always working.

So with this blog, I have a goal of paying off my student loans before 2020… all $110,000 of it. This first generation graduate (now with an MBA) was kind of a big dummy trying to rush through graduate school. So if you’re interested in starting a blog then you should look at my Learning How To Start a Blog article.

If you are interested in starting a blog, you’ll need hosting so check out Bluehost through my link to get a good deal on web hosting. By signing up for the 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month plans you’ll get a free domain name.

Here are 7 simple reasons why you should start a blog.

1. Blogging is Fun

One reason I decided to start a blog is that it’s fun. Blogging is a fun hobby to have, regardless of the topic being discussed. I’m choosing to blog about something I like which is technology and money. I realized that if I can waste time on social media then I can waste time on my blog.

2. Bloggers & Business Opportunities

Your blog can be used as a tool or channel to promote yourself. Your blog can be used as a platform to show others that you are an expert in your niche. Over time people will respect you and your opinions. Eventually, there will be businesses opportunities such as collaborations, sponsorships, etc.

3. Blogging Can Help Others

I have learned a lot about blogging, finances, cooking, and a lot of other stuff. If other bloggers never shared their information then I would not know anything about Pat Flynn, mutual funds, or low carb cookies recipes (lol very random I know). Hopefully, my blog posts can help and motivate others just like other blogs helped me. Additionally, I hope blogging can help me by creating another income stream.

4. Bloggers Meet New People

After you start a blog, you’ll most likely want to build an audience. This is when you’ll meet interesting readers and fellow bloggers. It feels good to talk to other bloggers. I’ve made a few blogger friends thanks to Twitter but I hear that long-term blogging can lead to some great friendships and community building.

5. Blogging Improves Writing

Research shows that blogging enhancing writing skills. Blogging has had a big impact on my writing skills. It’s far from perfect, however, I know that I will improve. I have more confidence in my writing than I’ve ever had before

6. Blogging Can Help Grow Business

Potential clients can read your stories, posts, ideas, and anything you want to share about your business. This is an important factor when it comes to brand recognition. Why did you start your blog? Comment below! And if you haven’t started a blog then read my article titled Learn How To Start A Blog About Anything.

7. Bloggers Set Their Own Schedule

The last reason I decided to start a blog, being able to set my own schedule and schedule blog posts in advance. Being able to set your own schedule is part of that financial freedom that we hear about from the big bloggers. You can post every day, weekly, or monthly. Whatever you decide to do…. stay consistent!

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